This thread is a place for cardsmiths to post any art - or even artists - they have found that they really like, to help others and to build up a huge trove of useful artworks. That's right - rather than aimlessly scrolling through artstation, DevianArt or Google, just come over here, sit back and admire all the awesome art suiting magic cards. If all goes to plan, we shall soon have an enormous amount of art just sitting here, ready for cards to be created using it.
I would also appreciate if you could clarify what kind of card you imagine the artwork being on (e.g. "Could fit a bear creature" or "Might suit a bump spell?")

This thread will also be pretty helpful to me, since I;m really terrible at finding art...I often just search ____ fantasy artwork on google... XD

From here, I will organise it in another thread, putting into categories - art that would suit a white card, for example.

Rules for Posting
- Please either credit the artist when you post an artwork, or leave a link to where you found it.
- For everyone's convenience, please use image linking*, so you can immediately see the picture rather than clicking on a link.
- No inappropriate/rude or MTG artworks.
- Make sure there could be MTG cards that could realistically use the art.




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