Twin Nations Contest: Custom Commanders (Closed)

Hello fellow Cardsmiths we're back with another contest in which we would like people to make custom commanders that either create, refine, or focus on a specific deck archetype and/or theme.

Each user can upload up to four cards in total. Up to one being old, whereas the rest must've been created on or after the 10th of March, 2017.

The contest due date is on midnight as of the 31st in March, according to Central Time in MB, Canada. Judging will take up to three days and a minimum of a day. (We will be lenient about the due date as long as we're judging!)

1) Each card must fit into at least one archetype and/or theme.
2) Cards don't have to be Legendary. (Eg. A planeswalker)
3) Card rarity must be Uncommon, Rare, or Mythic Rare.
4) Cards may be edited or switched out with other cards up until the contest due date. (Midnight on the 31st of March, 2017)
5) Cards must have the artist referenced on the card. A link to the artwork on the card page's comments would also be appreciated.

We will release details on prize distribution at the end of the contest!
1st Place: Choice of an honorable mention, 1 month of premium subscription, follow, and six favorites (At request.)
2nd Place: 1 month of premium subscription, follow, and four favorites (At request.)
3rd Place: 1 month of premium subscription, follow, and two favorites (At request.)
Honorable Mention: Two favorites.

1) Cards can be designed for new or existing archetypes.
2) It's possible to have NonLegendary Commanders.
3) Formatting and spelling matter, although we will give a degree of leniency.
4) Look at existing Commanders and Commander cards to get an idea on balancing.
5) Make sure the card's formatting/wording is comparable to the newer cards printed in the format.
6) Collaborating with other users is an excellent idea and may result in additional prizes being given for the contest.
7) Don't tailor your cards to our preferences, as we're deciding the results impartially.

First and foremost, make sure to have fun! Axolotl. :)

Examples: (A to Z)
For a quick guide to image/link posting, look below!
Quick Guide (W/ Visual Aid)


  • @Animist, @Credius, @Death_Methods, @KJMartin, @Latinas, @Rednaxela, @Superman101, @TheFriendlyGeek, @TrippleBoggey3.

    Hello everyone, I thought that I should mention the start of the contest to some Cardsmiths to help kickstart it initially.

    If you're interested, please consider entering! :)
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    Old entry: From Pantheon contest, token spammer and burn commander


    Newest transformer card, works well with any -1/-1 counter themed deck


    Double entry: Myranna, Bloodline hunter w/b/r +1/+1 counters with human synergy and Myranna, Olav Bloodsoaked b/r -1/-1 counters with non-human synergy


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    1st Entry: This is my take on a voltron commander, a creature that rewards you for getting that power up higher and having a way to get rid of blockers.

    And the token:
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    New one:
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    Here is a commander that works well for my Jolhari and ambush cards:
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    As an honorary entry, Gerald joins the fight! XD

    (Not an actual entry.)

  • Fixed the quick guide link at the bottom of the description!
  • image

    Well, it's my entry...

  • Reminder Announcement:
    If at any point you need ideas or inspiration on designing a card, the following website has you covered on popular stuff and shows deck lists if you're interested!

    (EDHREC - Top Commanders)
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  • @modnation675 , Removed Hazaron in favor of Shoras due to the lack of "energy" strength in white and black (have to look at how viable the card is after all irl)
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    No problem, we're very glad to see your entries! :)

    (Just checking over the contest before we go to sleep.)
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    Group Hug Announcement:
    Just wanted to remind everyone to check out the following contests/challenges!

    Just a fun contest that has occasional prizes.
    Cursed Dice Roll: General (Re-Activated)

    Whereas this one is a lore focused challenge that's very satisfying.
    Worldbuilder #3 - Flint, a Colonial City
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    Her functionality was a little too complex for some to grasp, so she didn't win
    "Phase Beta - Operation: Box, Contest Two", but I was told that she placed very close to prizes.


    She'd be functional in 4-color control and she'd love some sac outlets! She'd very much like to have a
    bunch of political cards playing havoc among the opponents, forcing them to make decisions that are
    either good for you or bad for them XD Oh, and, run Telepathy. Just do it.
  • Entry one: image
    Entry two: image

    Can someone give me feedback on my second entry? I had an idea for the card, but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to.
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    Is Boros Turbofog a real deck archetype? Nope! Anyway, aside from the obvious Holy Day/Boros Reckoner blowout, there's some pretty obvious synergy with Pyrohemia and other group-slug effects, and as a bonus you get twice the value out of damage-doublers like Furnace of Rath. Toss in some Sulfuric Vortex effects and a Personal Sanctuary and watch your monstrous creation take shape.


    Jocasta tries to port Legacy Miracles to EDH. It's a control deck that focuses on topdeck manipulation tools (Brainstorm, Sensei's Divining Top, Ponder). It uses Entreat the Angels as a win condition while stalling with Terminus and Counterbalance. Jocasta makes any spell you want into a Miracle, and EDH opens up a slightly less cutthroat set of topdeck manipulation pieces (Scroll Rack, Crystal Ball, Eyes of the Watcher).
  • Jocasta would make my arbiter/lockdown deck so easy to play with xD
  • @Credius
    Yeah, I'll be honest that it is too strong.
  • @modnation675 hence the fact I said my EDH would suddenly be quite easy xD nice card nonetheless though, a bit of tweaking and it could be a nicely balanced powerhouse
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    Jocasta has been modified to work more like Miracle (can trigger on any turn, not just your own) but now locks you out of other spells if you use the ability. The CMC was also increased by 1. The idea was that to take full advantage of the tempo it can generate by repeating discounts, you have to create windows of weakness where you can't use countermagic or other removal.
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    2nd entry.

  • exchanged Arovas in favor of S'selamaneth
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    Here is my entry:
  • @dboe
    You must really like phyrexian mana symbols.
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