Card Editing Question

I just bought a subscription so I can edit my cards, but I deleted all the old images a while ago. Is there a way to edit the text of a card without having to provide the image?


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    Not normally, they're considering it but aren't certain due to additional storage requirements. I'll send mtgcardsmith a message later to see if they can make it possible for cards people make while as a premium user. (Although, it would be a double standard and not a quick fix!)

    But if you provide a list of the cards, I can do a manual reverse search for the image sources/artists. I'd also recommend afterwards for future artwork, to save them via a Google, DeviantArt and/or ArtStation account.

    Edit: Posting links to the sources in your card's comments is also useful for backing up large amounts of artwork. But it isn't a perfect solution as the comments have been wiped before in regards to the change from HTTP to HTTPS encryption on Disqus.
  • I'll start saving my images and looking for the deleted ones. No need to inconvenience yourself, I was just wondering if there was a way to around it.
  • Thanks for the help
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