Revising Cards

Hello, I was just wondering if there was a way to revise cards that didn't require you to upload the image again every time. I have premium, so I can revise, not just make anew, and while the data it keeps is great, hunting through my folder for the single image again is... grating. So, is there a way to do it where the image is kept along with the text? Thanks


  • Unfortunately, no. Sorry!
  • @RayearthIX, @Corwinnn, @mtgcardsmith
    They're considering it. However for the time being their data storage solutions can't handle it due to the amount of spam or non-content uploads on the site.

    The only solution that I can come up with is as follows. If a card is uploaded while that user has premium, it stores a copy of the cropped image. Although, this would mean that you couldn't do so on cards uploaded prior to attaining premium. At least, until after you make another revision by re-uploading the image.

    Although this would require a lot of changes to the editor and require awkward double standards.
  • @RayearthIX
    A "simple" solution, moving forward might be to save a copy of used art with the name of the card in a folder of only the art you've used. (I do this and it often saves time. Prior to Editing, we remade cards over and over, and had to come up with solutions on the fly)
  • I use the Bear ios app (or other apps like Evernote work the same) and tag images there with the name of the card. Then I can quickly search for the correct image to reupload when I inevitably need to revise my cards.
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