Cardsmith Duels: Season Two!



  • Here we go! Round Four!
    This round is going to be a little different, as I'm sure you remember from last season. I'm going to give ONE challenge for all of you to complete in a three-way battle. One of you will be eliminated at the end of the round, and then the final two will go head-to-head in Round Five. The winner of Round Five will take first place, and then have a duel with the previous season's winner: @nsm91 (unless he wins again XD) to determine who is the Grandest of Grand Cardsmith Champions!!!!
    The challenges for the coming rounds will be much harder than those of previous rounds. This round's challenge is......
    Invent a creature type or subtype and make 5 cards that show how that type or subtype works flavor-wise and mechanically. No custom mechanics yet; just show me how they work together and have some tribal synergy. Make sure to check the Gatherer to see if your type/subtype exists already.


    Good luck! There is no time limit for this challenge, but please keep in mind that your fellow competitors are waiting on you.
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    Well, this is the challenge we've been waiting for. :) (Faiths_Guide beat us to it with Performers!)
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    I'm currently having difficulties thinking of a sub-type due to art-block, so I may be unable to complete this challenge soon. (Our current one is too similar to Faiths_Guide's!)

    I'll continue to work on it, but I can't make any guarantees. :(
  • @modnation675, that's fine. I realize that this is a very difficult challenge, so you have no time limit :)
    Wait, wha??? How do you know what @Faiths_Guide is going to do? :)
  • @MagicChess
    Sorcery, of the darker sort.
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    Batraquomancy, perhaps? image
    XD "Toad" is an unused subtype...
  • @Faiths_Guide
    AHA! Performer, eh? @modnation675 's divination prowess and numerous pet frogs has led them to the answer before the esteemed moderator! XD
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    Performer? Stuff and nonsense. Whatever would've brought you to that conclusion!?

    Maybe I should have just done "Mouse" instead :P
    As I've submitted nothing, to my knowledge, I may yet do something radically different then you think.
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    Exactly, who knows? I was originally going to do Acrobat until I saw Performer and decided I'd revise our cards to use that sub-type.

    I'm currently having issues with art block because I'm needing to re-work our study mechanic. But it's difficult keeping it compact. (The mechanic is now fixed!)
  • @Faiths_Guide, ve-e-e-ry clever XD
  • Well, I've got some ideas. But I have to determine the abilities for the last two cards. Otherwise, it's just up to collecting the artwork. (Looking for some clever pieces!)

    But I'm really tempted to make Frogs or Toads! XD
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    In the next two days we should have all our entries posted. For the time being, we'll update this comment to have the new cards as they are finished. When all are finished, we'll post a comment saying such. (Sorry for the numerous delays, we've been offline lately!)

    Edit: It's gonna take longer than we suspected due to encountering some art-block.

    Our creature type is Trickster, each trickster will represent something different and behave by different rules that provide strange and impactful effects.

    Card #1: A card designed around supporting aggressive multiplayer decks and acting as a weird meta call. (Major Synergy)
    Card #2: A card designed around expressing the idea of transitioning as it's a personal topic for us. The card being very unique!
    Card #3: A Commander card designed to allow brewers something fun to fiddle with. (Currently re-designing!)
    Card #4: Unposted.
    Card #5: Unposted.

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    Edit: Nerfs have been made so that Jester of the Pale Child can be countered by non-AOE removal.
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    Update: Added Eddy, the Shifty Brewer! :)

    We would love feedback on the card!
  • Bumpitybumpbump
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    Sorry, I've been stumped on cards. But should have some soon.

    At the moment, some of our family came from another province to visit. As such, I'll work on them as soon as possible.
  • @modnation675, @Faiths_Guide, @nsm91, no worries. This is a really hard challenge! You're all doing wonderfully.
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    It seems that I'll have to swap out that third card. Mainly as I have to wait for the following bug to be fixed to finish that one.

    Link: MTGC Editor Card Text Bugs/Issues (Need help!)
  • @MagicChess, @modnation675, @Faiths_Guide

    I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for this, hence the delay. But hopefully this ended up being somewhat interesting.

    Creature type: Gambler. All about flipping coins (1/2 odds) or rolling dice with results greater than 4 (1/3 odds). 4 of these are creatures and one is a tribal sorcery.

    image image image
    image image
  • @nsm91, great job! *whew* I was worried everybody else had forgotten this despite my insistent bumping...
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    @MagicChess Haha no sir, it was just one heck of a challenge
  • @nsm91, no kidding! XD Maybe I should have made this the final round...
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    I guess I'll submit, I've no time to make the changes I wanted to :(

    image imageimage image image
  • @Faiths_Guide, @nsm91
    @modnation675 is unfortunately leaving the Forums and will be unable to participate further in the contest. You have both won immunity for this round, and will go head to head in the final round soon.
  • @Faiths_Guide, @nsm91
    Congratulations on making it to the final challenge of Cardsmith Duels: Season Two!
    The winner of this round will claim First Place, then battle the Season One winner (unless he wins again XD) to prove who is the true Grand Cardsmith Duelist.

    The traditional contest for the final round: Make a mechanic!
    You can make up to 5 cards to showcase your mechanic in unique and interesting ways.
    Good luck! You have no time limit, once again. Please comment here or PM me with any questions.

    Let Round Five commence!
  • @MagicChess, @Faiths_Guide
    For this challenge I was inspired by the mechanic bestow and the general idea of a spell having a second casting option depending on the situation.

    Introducing Enshrine {x}{y}{z} - (You may cast this card for its enshrine cost. If you do, it loses all types and becomes an enchantment. Replace all instances of "until end of turn" for "until this enchantment leaves the battlefield" in the text of its triggered abilities.)

    I wanted to create some cards where the benefit to enshrine was either negligible or very powerful based on the cost and situation. The first few cards are ones were the benefit would be situational at best, and the last two, I feel, people would want to enshrine every time unless dire circumstances required their immediate use. Hopefully this is interesting and decently balanced. Thanks again for the great competition, it was an honor to even make it this far a second time.

    image image image
    image image
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