Attention! I was hit by a virus (on the site)!

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I really hate to create any paranoia, but this is important. Just a moment ago I was hit by a virus attack while using MTG Cardsmith. While my PC is okay, I just wanted to see if anyone else has gotten this, and if there's anything the site mods can do about it.


Note: This got triggered by me uploading an image.


  • @Tommia
    Did you access this website prior to uploading the image?

    Your aid would also be helpful.
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    I was on the site for about 10 minutes prior, and have used it to make cards since without further troubles.

    Also, I used it yesterday.

    Lastly, here's the URL of the attacking site, with / replaced with ~
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    Please break the link for security sake.

    Edit: Thank you for doing so.
  • I replaced the / with ~. Didn't think to do that, sorry!
  • Thanks, just making sure.
  • Yeah... don't want to be responsible for the maulings of any poor computers with weak or no antivirus
  • Aww man that's scary @Tommia!
  • @mtgcardsmith will want to take a look at this as well.
  • Something similar happened around a year ago when I uploaded an actually appropriate piece of angel art. A big pop-up window appeared declaring that I had downloaded the horrible 'Tapsnake' virus, and it pressured me to click the button to purge my computer of the virus. Fortunately, I declined.
  • If there is a specific url that is repeatedly throwing this script please send it directly in a message. Otherwise I recommend checking/removing any installed browser plugins and your computer for malware.
    We have Cloudflare ( in place to prevent and deny any XSS attacks that might cause something like this.
    If you need to check your local computer, we recommend using free utility.
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