Phoenix contest

In magic there are a lot of creature types that get support and new members almost every year.
Many or all of these are very popular by the masses of mtg players.
There are however some very popular creature types that doesn't get so much love.
One of these are the Phoenixes.
The phoenix is very rarely printed and when they are, they are rarely powerful or even playable outside of limited or casual.
There are for the moment a humble amount of only 15 Phoenixes in all of magic, something i believe does not give justice to the interesting nature of the phoenix. It dies and from the ashes it rises again.


- Create a phoenix creature OR something that support phoenixes.
- The card needs some kind of Revival effect or ability that brings the phoenix back to the battlefield, hand or similar.

- No cards older than October this year.
- Max 3 entries per contester.
- General rules that is used by the forum and cardsmith (Keep it child-friendly.)
- Credit the artist OR provide a link with the source of the art.

First place: 5 Favorites of your choice and a follow
Second place: 3 favorites of your choice and a follow
Third place: 3 favorites of your choice OR a follow

Honorable mentions: 1 favorite of my choice.

The contest ends 22 October

Good luck and have fun!



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