Karma Contest!

Karma is refered to an action that will bring upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation dependable on your own actions.

Magic has used Karma during some occasions.
The first time Karma was used in magic it was printed as the name of card in alpha that dealt damage to you once per turn for each swamp you control. This is not really in pair with the definition of karma above.

Some later printings have much better connection to the defintion of karma. two of these cards are:
image image

I want you to create a card that uses this kind of mechanic. That is whenever someone do a bad action to you, you deal a bad action to them. Or your own interpretation of Karma.

An old example from my own collection:

- Create a card based on the term Karma
- Keep it "child-friendly" (the general rules)
- Remember to credit the artist or provide a link to the source of the art.

First place: 5 favorites and a follow
Second place: 3 favorites and a follow
Third place: 2 favorite and a follow

Honorable mentions: 1 favorite

The cards will be judged depending on Flavour, Balance and creativity/originality.

The contest ends October 19!
(This might be extended if the number of entries is not higher than 5)

Good luck and have fun!


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    Artist: Micheal Ivan
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    I feel I need to join this contest.
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    A reverse take on karma, referencing the mtg storyline where Rafiq kills a friend that is possessed and never forgives himself
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    sorry guys for responding a little late. I have been quite busy this week so i could not find time.

    I think my explanation of the term "karma" was quite lacking as many of you have created cards that gives you a benefit when your opponent is the one committing the bad action.
    This is not really what karma is about. karma is about punishing the one who commits bad deeds and rewarding those who commits good deeds.

    It is however most likely my fault like i said for a lacking instruction so i will mostly ignore the karma requirement for the judging and keep it for another contest in the future instead when i put more focus on the instructions and examples.
    I will however still judge the card for what most people seems to have understood the instructions as, that is. Consequences of bad actions be it bad for the dealor or good for the reciever.

    You can expect results of the contest in a couple of hours.
  • I have now finished order the cards.
    The winner was quite clear to me but the three following cards was very difficult to validate their ranking as they are great in some areas and weak in other but so different that they are difficult to rank against each other. i did look into their details and could gather a ranking there so here are my rankings.

    Firstly an honored mention (or 4th place)

    @nsm91 - Contrition
    I have a weak spot for lore related cards and with interesting choices when to kill and when to save. However the card is quite complicated mechanical to understand and play with. If i understood it correctly, if a creature would be dealt lethal damage to by multiple creatures the controller could chose to both save and kill the creature which is weird. Some re-formatting of the ability would make the card easier to use, understand and balance but it is still a great idea and i love it.

    3rd place

    @Tomigon - Wall of Cactus

    This card is the entry which have the most direct karma in the mechanic but also a little humour in the flavour. it is simple yet interesting, not too powerful but it can make a very powerful defender if the opponent can't overwhelm it. I could easily see the mechanical part of this card be printed in real mtg some day.

    2nd place

    @Karmadragon - Tihlona, Dusk Crusader

    At first glance i thought Tihlona was a bit overpowered but after some time i realised that it may not be the case as she is quite small and fragile to removal and even combat. Her ability relies on the opponents willingness of attacking you while they have your opportunities in sight. there are powerful knights but If the opponent would be overwhelming you at combat i could not see any of the existing knights being powerful enough to turn the game without supportive help or survival spells.

    Tihlona have some flavour and interesting design but what i think she excells in is fun gameplay and diplomacy in multiplayer games.

    1st place
    @Brainifyer - Keeper of Grudges

    This is what i wanted to see when i created this contest. interesting design and flavour bounded to the term of karma. not direct karma like the examples i gave but indirect karma. Like a reaper or watcher that gathers information of a specific persons actions during his or her life and then at the right moment let him or her pay for the actions.

    An excellent card for diplomacy or simple pillow fort strategy as he punishes those who attack recklessly while he does nothing noticeable towards non-aggressive players, or he can just builds an army that can be sacrificed for other benefits. A path of strategy that hits right at home for me.

    Remember that these rankings are made based on my own perspective and validation so a card that i may consider lackluster may be another persons piece of the holy grail. it is however just a fun contest. Thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the winners and honorable mention.

    for all winners and honorable mention, please list your cards that you want to have liked. (Tomigon, you may choose 3 additional ones as i already follow you.)
  • Nice job winners and host!!
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