Old Time Favorite Cards

We all have those cards from when we first started playing Magic, or when we first started playing for real, that both defined us as players and and made us fall in love with the game. Long ago I had a deck that revolved around Distorting Lens and the Northern and Southern Paladins that would just blast my opponents to pieces. It wasn't the best deck, but everyone knew it, and it was fun to play. I took that deck apart later, wanting to "improve" it. But I missed it, and so even though I probably downgraded the deck I put it back together today. And it feels good. So show me some cards that bring back memories, and make me a reprint to honor it that is worthy of the memory. Mine probably falls short, but here goes.



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    I made a lot of deck with this bird:)
  • @Tomigon
    Wow what a great rendition of that card. I had to look it up but that's actually what a Magpie looks like too XD
  • @nsm91
    Yes it's like a real card! I just realized your Southern Paladin has new flavor text.. And it's very cool:D

  • This creature blew my mind at the time. I had played dotp a LOT before ever playing physical magic and was used to burning away opponents as quickly as I could, as is red's initial, rookie-newbie style. Then I found this doggo in a pack I bought, and was like "huh. Red can do that?" And then I found another of him in a second pack, and....discovered the first creature I ever tried to build around.

    Of course he is probably pretty weak and all. But I like him anyway.

    Hellfire Mongrel
  • @saveria201
    I actually have a red black burn/discard deck, and this would be pretty cool for late game. Those cards that make you want to explore combos and build decks people would never normally think of are the best!
  • When I saw this card, I knew I needed to make a deck out of it...


    I still have the deck too... although no one will let me use it anymore.

  • @Corwinnn
    Yea, I could see how that would be annoying to play against haha. It's also like a mini Telepathy. That's the kind of card that changes the meta among your friends to "4 Naturalize/Disenchant in every deck"
  • Also Corwinnn blocks with his face!
  • I do! It's a well known fact!
  • That's why he has a permanently smug expression XD
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