Menace + Triple strike

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Just wanted to ask how would Menace and Triple Strike work in game since i was unable to find a card that has both abilities.
Does it goes like: 3/4 menace + ts fights with first announced def 2/4 and then with second announced def 1/6. First he deals two strikes to 2/4 to kill it and then uses last strike on that 1/6?

Asking for friend that is not on mtgcardsmith yet.
Thanks in advance


  • Yes, that should be how it works. I see no reason why it would work differently from double-strike.
    This is the only card in Magic with triple strike (it's from Unstable), and judging by its reminder text ("This creature deals first-strike, regular, and last-strike combat damage"), the encounter would play out like this:

    (3/4 menace and triple strike is Card A, 2/4 is Card B, and 1/6 is Card C)

    1. Card A deals first strike combat damage to Card B (It could be either, but let's go with this), leaving it with 1 point of toughness.

    2. Card A deals regular combat damage to Card B, which kills it.

    3. Card A takes regular damage from Card B (2 damage) and Card C (1 damage).

    4. Card A deals last strike damage to Card C, then combat ends.

    So in a nutshell, "yes." XD
  • Just to be clear you mean if this creature is blocked by another creature, or you are causing them to fight with a spell or ability? When creatures fight, they just do damage equal to their power to each other. Double Strike or First Strike doesn't change what happens. (Lifelink and death touch still trigger though.)

    If a creature with Menace attacks, it needs be block by two or more creatures. So if you have triple strike, you can assign damage till there's nothing left to take.(or the creature dies before the final strikes.) If your opponent blocks with two 3/3 creatures, you would have both of them dead by time the last strike happened, and the damage just would have no target. If your opponent say had a two 4/4 creatures and one of them had first strike, it would could kill your triple striker before the normal damge would be assigned, and it would only deal first strike damage.

    Thankfully Triple strike is a rare ability, so we won't have too much crazy combat math to keep track of.
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