Give Peace A Chance



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    More political update *hidden flavor*:
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    Edited version of my previous card (twice XD), someone realised that it didn't work with the crewing ability, but now it does! Also made a second card.

    Also had to edit Nomadic Droids countless times but from tons of help from @Tomigon
    Thanks so much for the advice!

    1st, 2nd and 3rd Entry:


    Safety Regulation Centre gives you a big artifact blocker while also preventing an enemy creature from being a nuisance when it's crewed!
    Contortionist Druid lets you generate mana while also preventing an enemy creature from doing much.
    Nomadic Droids prevents creatures from attacking you while also hopefully swapping your 1/1 with a bigger creature an opponent had. I like this card tons so thanks for making this contest so I thought of it!
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    A couple more entries. While I don't play commander too often (it's only fun with close friends in a power-regulated environment or else everyone is just trying to combo off as quickly as possible), I do have a pretty good idea of how the format works. I thought that this peacekeeping challenge would be a good chance to make some politically oriented cards.

    First up, Security Council!
    I thought a card that stops players from attacking with huge armies would be a good way to regulate games. Players attacking with armies of giant monsters are now slowed down a bit. This card doesn't target because it makes no sense that the something akin to the U.N. Security Council can't stop a Slippery Bogle.

    This card doesn't just turn off decks that want to go tall with their commander, but I don't think those decks need to be punished too much.

    Finally, Keiran ambassador!

    Very few magic cards care about the difference between owner and controller, and I thought it would be cool to make a card that does. While the ambassador would be nightmarish in a 1v1 game, I don't think this card is costed aggressively enough to better than cards like Ghostly Prison.

    Thanks to @modnation675 for the wording suggestion on the Ambassador.

    Thanks @Tomigon for this wonderful contest.
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    3rd entry.

  • @sanjaya666 don't you think that's a bit OP? I've seen similar cards that go for 4 mana, at the least 3, and they don't even prevent the damage
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    @Swegboss12 Ok, gonna give a benefit for the enemy denn.
  • 2nd Entry

    This challenge caused me to create this "legacy" type of enchantment, and I think I might keep on making these even after the contest is over!
  • @KrampisZman

    If you mix it in with a blue deck, this would be an immediate unbeatable combo. The opponent can do literally nothing while the blue deck drains him of his library. It is a blue player's dream but a red/green player's nightmare.

    Because I like mostly Blue-Black, me likey
  • my 2nd entry:
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    You're missing a couple of important things here:
    First, Keiran Ambassador is a card that would be printed in either a commander product or a conspiracy set, casual, multiplayer products. This means that it would never have a run through standard or modern, the only two formats that could break this easily. That leaves Vintage, Legacy, Commander, and Kitchen table play. This is obviously a commander specific card, designed for optimal play with more than 1 opponent. This won't be anything other than a fun political card that format.

    This just isn't good enough for the Vintage or Legacy. A sorcery speed five drop with no ETB triggers or additional effects just isn't good in a format of that power level. You can't cast this on curve because otherwise it will either die to removal or get countered. On top of that, there is not a single non-creature deck in either of those formats that would want this. It costs too much for storm, Oops, no lands, doesn't have the room for this, and a creature-less burn deck would win the game before you can even cast this.

    The only place I can possibly see this being an issue is in low-power casual 1v1 play, and as long as you have removal, you're fine. Remember, this costs 5 mana to begin with, and to protect it, you will probably need at least an additional 2-4 mana. Remember, if a deck with this isn't trying to win with creatures, this very well might be the only creature in the deck. In which case, your opponent might have a hand full of removal and just kill this on sight. A Red-Green deck can easily just double bolt this or use a fight spell on it. Heck, even Roast kills this.

    I can't see any world where this is just an "I win" card.
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    final entry:
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  • @ tomigon I’ll redo it!
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    My second entry:
    See below
  • @Phelgming pretty nice, if not a tiny bit OP but a very strong theme of defence!
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    @Swegboss12 Thank you! That's the exact feeling I wanted to come through (well, minus the OP part). Admittedly I was unsure about his power level and waffled between making him cost 5 or 6 mana.

    Edit: If anyone has anything to say, please go ahead and comment on the card page. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  • @KrampisZman I think you misunderstood me. I meant this as a purely hypothetical case that is obviously never going to happen, and I was half-joking, honestly.
  • 3rd Entry

    This might deviate from the contest's theme a tiny bit, but I just couldn't resist
  • @Beeswax
    Sorry, cards created before this contest aren't allowed.
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    @Tomigon I updated Keiran Ambassador. Card is mechanically the same, I just fixed a wording error pointed out to me by @Suicidal_Deity. The previous link has been updated to send you to the card.
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    I ended up deleting the last one. I made a couple errors on it and I unfortunately couldn't find a way to properly edit planeswalker cards.

    Anyway, here's the new version with the errors corrected. I apologize for the hassle.
  • It's ok. You can edit as many times as you want. Nice work!
  • Was a while since i joined a contest now.
    1st entry:

  • image

    Based around the idea of winning not through violence and battle but through peaceful protests. Not sure if it counts, though, as it doesn't really prevent your opponent's creatures from dealing damage (they can still damage you).
    A disclaimer: Although the quote used is often misattributed to Gandhi, he never said it. I used it nonetheless because it perfectly encapsulates the concept of satyagraha, regardless of who said it.
  • This challenge ends tomorrow!
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    Hopefully im not too late. Heres my take on it.
    (i know this creature can exile itself and thus come back ... but thats the whole point. you get rid of it with removal)
    (EDIT credits to Wylie Beckert, credits werent given where i found this art. thx to faiths_guide for crediting her)

  • You found amazing art from Wylie Beckert; you should credit her.
  • More of her amazing art (and an entry):
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