The Custom Card Concept Community Notebook!

Heya! Now I know that there has been a time where once in our cardsmithing lives, we hade this idea for a card but just can't find art for this interesting and unique concept for a card! Or maybe, we have this interesting idea for a card but don't know what to do with it!

So, in case you might have these ideas that you can't put out into the real world, just comment down below some interesting concepts for cards that you want to make!

Then, you come back in the future and just ponder at the concept cards you have for inspiration!

However, I urge that if you would copy, word for word or not, any of the cards that were concepted here, It'd be wise to credit the creator of the comment :)

This little notebook is open for all to use! So just type away at your leisure!


  • Sweet thanks!
  • I have an idea of half-immortal creature that has modular and undying.

    Modular N (This enters the battlefield with N +1/+1 counters on it. When it dies, you may put its +1/+1 counters on target artifact creature.)

    Undying (When this creature dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it.)

    Maybe zombie cyborg or something.
  • A card that would actually turn you into a Lich needs both a way to make you indestructible (this has been solved) and a way to increase your magic output (usually ignored). Maybe something like this? Is this sane? What would the cost be?

    You don't lose the game for having 0 or less life.

    Whenever you are dealt damage, draw that many cards.

    Whenever you cast a spell, that spell deals X damage to target creature or player equal to its cmc.

  • Wait what very cobfused
  • For the life total thing platinum angel
  • that is really op drawing cards off of damage is really good and the way that seems to be heading it might be red and u could pijg yourself to draw cards
  • There should be several downsides
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    I see the card draw thing as downside actually, as your opponent should be doing around 10 - 20 damage a turn at this point (assuming a high mana cost) and you have to discard most of the cards. So it essentially becomes a self-mill card. And this is with just one opponent. The card itself puts a huge target on your head in multiplayer.
  • With that many cards you could draw jntk answers and if it is red most will be fairly cheap so h can get most out of hand
  • Depending if that is the main theme you would probs have a no max hand card out
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    Here's an idea for an un-set card!

    --- Dead Man's Hand 2UB ---


    Each player discards all cards from his or her hand. Then, each player draws seven cards from the library of an opponent that would start their turn after that player would end their turn.

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    I have an unfinished idea:

    A creature with exert that gains vigilance after completing an objective.
    The exert ability would have an upside and a downside so you wouldn't use it every time (even with vigilance).

    Renown 1

    As long as CARDNAME is renowned, it has flying and vigilance.

    You may exert CARDNAME as it attacks. When you do, it gets +2/+0 and loses flying until end of turn.
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    Here's another interesting idea for a guild in another un-set world! This card will be representing the Cuckoo-Clocker Craftsmen! A guild that cares about when the game is being played! Their main colors will be UW, with a secondary color scheme of possibly RB.

    --- Earl of the Early Risers UW ---

    Creature - Human Advisor

    Creatures you control get +1/+1 and have vigilance from midnight (12:00 A.M.) until noon (12:00 P.M.).



    --- Berrrrrrr U ---


    Tap target creature. If it's currently September, October, November, or December, that creature doesn't untap during it's controller's next untap step.

    Draw a card.


    --- Spring Leap 1W ---


    Exile target creature, then return it to the battlefield under it's owner's control. If it's currently March, April, or May, you may exile another target creature, then return it to the battlefield under it's owner's control. If it's currently a leap year, exile a third target creature, then return it to the battlefield under it's owner's control.


    --- It's Raining Cats and Dogs 1WU ---


    Create two 2/2 white Cat creature tokens.

    As long as it's raining outdoors, It's Raining Cats and Dogs has storm.

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    Got this idea from listening to some tunes and from the music competitions that modnation likes to post! Of course, it's another idea for one of my unsets!

    The following cards will be representing the Decrescendo Devotees! A group of musicians with most of them just having the aim of being popular in their ranks! Their main color scheme will be BR, with a secondary tone of W.

    --- Devoted Fanatics 1BR ---

    Creature - Human Cleric

    When Devoted Fanatics enters the battlefield, name a musician.

    As long as a song or theme is being played, and if that song or theme was preformed by the chosen musician, creatures you control get +1/+1 and have haste.


    --- Set Fire to the Pained 2R ---


    Set Fire to the Pained deals 1 damage to each creature. If "Set Fire To The Rain" by Adele is currently playing, Set Fire to the Rain deals 2 damage to each creature your opponents control instead.

    --- Earworm 1B ---

    Creature - Worm

    Only one song can be played at a time.



    --- Mambo Inferno 2BR ---


    When Mambo Inferno enters the battlefield, play "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega. When that song ends, sacrifice Mambo Inferno.

    Sing Along - Whenever the lyrics of "Mambo No. 5" mentions "Monica", "Erica", "Rita", "Tina", "Sandra", "Mary", "Jessica", "Angela" or "Pamela" during a player's turn, Mambo Inferno deals 1 damage to each creature that player controls.

  • "Change target spell's text by replacing all instances of 'coin' with 'table'."

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    @Tomigon, as you wish:

  • I've been thinking up Trump-themed MtG cards for the last month. But then I had a baby, so I haven't Cardsmithed them - I've just made all the stats for 50+ cards and counting.

    Here's a contemporary one, on the man who killed Net Neutrality:

    Future Cardsmithed Trump cards will go in my Set, here:

    Here's my Google Doc with 50+ more (commenting is enabled):
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