Fruit Dragons

So I made some fruit themed dragon cards as jokes
and it caught on. Post your fruit dragons here guys. I'll fave all of these babies! Lemme see the frooooooootssssss


  • @East2West
    I'd love to, but it seems hard to find that artwork.

    Is it a trend? If so, it'll be easier.
  • Someone needs to do something about these things. There are a lot of subpar cards hitting the front page and they're all from the same group of creators and all have the same people favoriting them and they're all fruit dragons. Seems like they're taking advantage of the system.
  • @Phelgming I think the simplest answer is to just favorite some other cards.

    Hey, at least its not Knuckles, God of Da Wae!
  • Well at least Knuckles is a little creative, something i can't really say about all the Trump cards that dominated the site some time ago.
  • Blackcurrant Hellkite? Nicol Bananas? Coconut, the Evening Star?
  • @KalamMekhar
    Thanks for all the bad puns. They made my day!!!! : )
  • @Tigersol: all in a day's work.
  • Hey @Phelgming it's all supposed to be about having fun right? I agree with @KrampisZman. Additionally, it just sounds like you are trying to single out cardsmiths in your comment. There are several people on here that make cards and are friends with each other on here. Get over it and stop hating on people just trying to have fun, if you can't have fun (even when the cards are serious) then whats the point of cardsmithing?
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    Nicol Bananas would throw up this fruit dragon's so cute... lol:
    ps i'd like to point out it should say 'remove' instead of 'sacrifice' on the card. I literally was at 2 minutes pumping this card out at a public library and the computers have a time limit, so I was rushing to get it done and published.
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    @sorinjace I don't like defending @Phelgming, but he does have a bit of a point. I think some of the fruit dragon cards are pretty cool. Others are poorly formatted and don't look all that much like real cards. I think @Phelgming feels that it's not entirely fair that all of these fruit dragons are taking over the front page, even the ones that are not that great.

    I think the biggest problem in this instance is that most of the popular Cardsmiths didn't make anything over the weekend, so there wasn't anything to challenge the dragons for space. That's not a bad thing, it just means that were gonna have a fruit dragon domination for a day or two.

    It's just too bad that they're not squirrels and Bidoofs... These things took over the front page for like a week.
  • Hi @KrampisZman! I haven't made any squirrels, usually when I think of squirrels on this site I let that honor go to @Corwinnn, but i'll make one if it will help break up the domination of fruit dragons just so we can see more cards other than fruit dragons. I like Phelgming's constructive criticism do not get me wrong and I do understand where he is coming from, but how can you keep the interest of new cardsmiths on the site if you can't have fun once in awhile? It's like when you have new young players playing in a contest, they won't want to keep playing if they keep losing, so it don't hurt to let them have some fun once in awhile. That's all I meant.
  • Am I behated here or something? Serious question.

    I'm not against "fun" or unserious cards. If I were, I would speak up against squirrels and, lately, porgs (or whatever the meme of the month might happen to be at any given time).

    My concern here was it looked like three or four of the same people were all liking the same types of cards. I was genuinely concerned someone had formed an alliance to take take over the front page my using the system (which is very easy to manipulate if you have more than two people involved). If they were all good cards, I could see it being genuine and could abide by it. That most were subpar made me suspicious (especially since I didn't recognize all the names even though the same ones kept popping up on each dragon).

    We already have a problem with people cheating with bots; I just didn't want things to evolve to people cheating by having guaranteed favorites in their pockets due to friends or alliances.
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    Sorry @East2West I know this isn't a squirrel discussion, but it relates to the subject that cropped up here.
    I made this for you @KrampisZman :) I know its not the best but it's a fun card.
  • I'll admit that I had the same concern as @Phelgming. While it's great that we've got more active cardsmiths, the idea of friends doing guaranteed liking of each others' cards makes me a bit uneasy. I have a couple friends who use this site and I rarely like their cards unless I think it's a legitimately good creation.
  • Im married to a cardsmith on here and even i dont favorite all of there cards. Its not that the cards are bad its just im picky about cards. Now i did however like every Fruit Dragon but thats my own reason why and i dont feel like talking about it.
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    heres my dragon btw
  • @Phelgming no behating here, sorry for the confusion. Believe we when I say this, I was surprised just as much as everyone else that the fruit dragons was on the front page. I had fun making mine, and I don't believe it needs to be on the front page. The other card that I made though, I am glad it's there that took a lot more thought and work, and when I get premium I plan on editing the card to the correct cmc of WB. You know your cardsmithing, and I respect you for that, I always look to see what you have to say constructive criticism wise on my cards when you do drop by to check them out(and I do appreciate it!)
    @Lujikul I don't favor every card my friends make as well, just the ones I understand or actually enjoy or really feel are deserving of the favorite.
  • I will post here eventually
  • @East2West your dragons have helped me be happy in a time where i needed it im going through allot and i have bad mental health issues your dragons helped me see the best fruits in life
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    @sorinjace I'm not saying people shouldn't have fun, I'm just saying that our fun should be more than just 1 thing at any given time.

    @Phelgming Leave my Wholesome Porgnography out of this.
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    ok @KrampisZman I definitely can agree with that. squirrels, bidoofs (pokemon), porgs, fruit dragons, whats next?
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    So I made 2 obscure fruit dragons...couldn't find anything that looked like fruit dragons so I went with the color scheme:
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    Kumquat is a fruit too, look it up:
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    For the record, I hate coconut lol but it does fit the discussion:
    Destructor Dragon and @KalamMekhar influenced this cards existence.
  • @Phelgming
    It's not that anyone is cheating the system, it's just that people love something fun and lighthearted such a fruit dragons, porgs, and squirrels.
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