Draw Me Some Cards **Circuit Challenge**

Alas, this isn't an artwork challenge.

This is a contest focused on what is arguably the most powerful thing that you can do in a game of Magic, and that is draw cards. So I'd like you to make some cards that let you draw stuff.


Criteria are the usual but I generally prefer simple, clean and realistic designs. A common or uncommon made with large text that still has room for flavour text is probably going to attract me more than mythic word soups but feel free to do whatever you like. All card types, text sizes and power levels are welcome.

New cards only. I'll be judging the card, not the cardsmith. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran or a novice - I'm only interested in the cards.

Maximum of three entries


1st place - 5 faves and one month of premium and 1 Circuit Point
2nd place - 3 faves and 3/4 Circuit Point
3rd place - 1 fave and 1/2 Circuit Point
Any Honorable Mentions will earn 1/4 Circuit Point

Deadline: Thursday 22nd February (two weeks from now)


image image image image image image

Note that I'm specifically looking for card draw. Revealing cards from the top of your library like Dark Confidant, exiling the top card like Act on Impulse or putting cards from your library into your hand like Dig Through Time are all ineligible. There must be a draw even if it's a mere cantrip.

OKAY... GO!!


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