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  • @Faiths_Guide ok, next time I'll do that
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    I had a lot of freetime today


  • @DoctorFro the main wording issue I see with all of those cards is the lack of commas in when triggers.
    As for specific card suggestions,

    I would suggest making "Kye, Baron of Law" a may trigger to tap a creature so he doesn't have to tap himself if he is the only creature on the battlefield.

    Otherwise, they look pretty good to me!
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    First card I've made in awhile any thoughts?

    I've been digging deep into the Dark Souls lore lately and thought up a new kind of creature type, Invader. Invader is kind of like legendary, but different. When you summon an Invader, if another player (or you) summons a creature with any worded ability that a current Invader has on the battlefield, that previous Invader is sacrificed. So say another invader has madness and or menace, this one would be sacrificed. So it's basically legendary but with a few more...conditions. Unpredictable conditions.

    I came up with the concept of Invaders as sort of unintentional planeswalkers who aren't as adept or even knowledgable of the multiverse that is magic the gathering and instead just powerful and ridiculous persons of interest who got thrown into a plane foreign to their own just like how Dark Souls multiplayer works. If you want to know how I came up with the name, I just found a dark souls name generator, than put it through Google translate of a random language, than translate it back to English. The point of Invaders would be not as a standing set of their own, but rather an added addition to other formats. Sort of a "always legal" card. So whether it's type 1, type 2, draft, etc... anyone is subject to invasion.
  • Is this Liliana good or not?

  • @sanjaya666 The first ability does not really feel like Liliana.
    Everything else seems good and balanced I would say.

    Has WU gone too far?
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    @Jonteman93 Good point. Although milling is also sometimes in black anyway.

    So, tf is a Sontai?
  • @Jonteman93

    And, that seems pretty reasonable, your card I mean.
  • @sanjaya666 Sorry, I forgot that Liliana Death's Majesty has self milled.

    Sontai is a custom creature type of mine.
    It's a humanoid. Kind of a poorly described hybrid of spirits & moonfolks.
  • Piracy Duals:
    image image image
  • @TenebrisNemo love it!

    Thoughts anyone?
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse I assume this is to regain life lost from shock lands, if so I love the concept and I think the card is great.


    So I'm trying to make a new Gideon for a custom set in progress, and the last portion of the card is how I want to differentiate him from previous Gideons. I know that making him a creature/planeswalker automatically makes him an easier target for removal, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to edit this it would be very appreciated.
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    @SnoopDePoop I believe all other Gideon planeswalkers have either indestructible or prevent all damage that would be dealt to him, so you may want to crank up the mana cost a little bit and then throw one of those abilities on him in the last section of text on the card. What you've done has never been done before—a planeswalker also being (at all times) a creature—so I'm not sure how combat damage would interact with its loyalty counters. I really like the idea, though.

    Here's my card:
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    Is this worded correctly as of before Dominaria?
  • @Undella2 The only thing I can see that needs changing is rewording, "Then, if you control 4 or more..." to "Then, if you control four or more..."
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    I think it shouldn't say "you don't control". Destroying all lands you don't control is almost like saying you win the game. 9 mana feels still cheap for that. Also I think it should be sorcery. Land destruction spells are basically sorcery.

    -Devastator of the Upside Down
    I think 5 drop is too cheap for Annihilator 4.

    That seems really powerful in multiplayer. I can't tell if it's op or not. But I like the idea.

    -Skulker of the Upside Down
    This is a weak rare. In turn 6, you would probably already put out all lands in hand to the battlefield. And that activated ability is a blue ability. I'm not sure it's ok or not if you need to pay {c}.

    -Hidden Sinkhole
    It can be worded like this
    "When a creature an opponent controls dies, if Hidden Sinkhole is a land, it loses all types and abilities and becomes a 3/2 black Elemental creature with defender. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)
    {t}: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."
    Losing a land is painful, but if your deck don't kill creatures, or if your opponent's deck doesn't have creatures, this land would be too good..
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  • @jpastor That sacrifices too many things for a mono white. It seems like a black card. And I think gaining 55 life is a bit too much. It can make cards like Serra Ascendant, Chalice of Life powerful, and Felidar Sovereign can give you insta win.
  • For team draw:
  • @Faiths_Guide - I'm disappointed that it's not a Department Department employee.
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