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    I made these cards with the idea that Grix was the eldest of 3 brothers who manipulated and abused his siblings. Zorn was banished from the keep after he interrupted a necromatic experiment that Grix was performing that caused their younger sibling Jor'en to become possessed by a demon that the experiment accidentally summoned. Zorn and Grix imprisoned him because everyone he fed upon became a horror and his hunger was insatiable.

    I want to make a cycle of 3 cards similar to this. what do you guys think?
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    This is the first card I've made on this site, This is also the first card for a 2-Block set I'll be making.

    The creature depicted is the herald of one of the great cities on the plane of Ghruama, a plane of dark pine barrens and frozen plains. The Herald of Boreal Mists is the herald of the city of Dracourt, a city devoted to the creation and preservation of artifacts and technology. Everywhere the herald goes, and icy mist accompanies it.

    There will be four other herald cards for the other four cities featured in this block. What do you think?
  • Hello @Star_Weaver,

    That is a very interesting card, Mechanically, there is nothing wrong with the card. My only two pieces of advice would be to change the mana cost from 2(u/g)(u/g) to just 2(U)(G), because hybrid mana costs require that the abilities on the card must be the color identity of both colors. Although shroud is both blue and green, tokens is primarily green.

    My other piece of advice would be to shift "As long ... gain shroud" to a new paragraph, mainly because the ability is separate from the main one.

    Cool card!

    Here is my card: Home
  • Hey There @Gelectrode,
    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to fine tune the card.
    As for your card, It's an interesting concept. Don't really see anything wrong with it (Though I could be missing something, in which case sorry about that). Anyway, Really like the card.

    Here's another one of mine: Pine Barren
  • @Star_Weaver,

    So, you sac your Pine Barren, search your library for a Forest... then what? Pat yourself on the back because there is a Forest in your deck? :-)

    I would advise that you have Pine Barrens tap for (c) and to be able to tap and sac itself to search your library for a forest card and put it into your hand. It is simple, balanced, and fun!
  • @Gelectrode
    What else would you do? I like to find it and say "aha! It is in here" and then grin as my opponents all look at my like "what is wrong with him? Haha
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    The first card I created in this site, after a few redesigns (by way of deleting and recreating the card since I can't afford a Premium account :/). I designed it as a way for BGx to hose decks like Tron and Valakut. Used to have hexproof, but that felt kinda unfair. And yet, it could easily come down too late and/or be removed too easily without doing anything, which is why I added the ETB ability.
    EDIT: (Edited YET AGAIN because I made a typo, sorry! >_<)
    I designed this one as a speed bump for control decks against aggro. The "can't have time counters placed on it" part is to avoid problems with proliferate. I believe it could show up in a Dominaria set related to Teferi, or maybe Karn...
    A strong card for Jund, being at the very least a quick clock, and at its best a disruptive menace threatening to run away with the game. A scourge across Tarkir AND your opponents, ha!
    Another card for BGx (guess my favorite type of deck :p), combining Scooze's early-game spot grave-hate function with a threat that can eat entire graveyards AND run away with the game.
    A straight improvement over Spatial Contortion for Tron decks, and a way for Mono U Tron especially to get rid of problematic stuff.
    Remand 2.0. Not much to say here.
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    Check this out:

    My first entry:

    Claiming close relation with Sivant and even to be under his direct orders, the "Tax Collector" of Fireview Square does quite well for himself. Phony documents and big words usually are enough to procure for his pouch some additional coinage. Those that struggle are quickly halted by one or more of his bought off ruffians.

    "As you're well aware" he's been known to say "when you procured such a trade you subjected yourself to a rather strict term of use. Did you really think your chicken of equal value to those eggs?"
  • My first one (too!)

    will accept every comment (but please be constructive).
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    @kyslove, lot's of little things to fix on your card. I will highlight what I see as errors.

    "As an additional cost to cast Total Implosion, Sacrifice target creature you control.
    Total Implosion deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is the total toughness of ______sacrificed creature."

    1)The S in sacrifice should be lower-case.
    2)You don't need to specify that the creature being sacrificed is one you control. Because you can't sacrifice creatures that you don't control.
    3) Why did you use the word "total"? Is that necessary to differentiate it from "base defense"?
    4) I think you need to add "the" between the words "of" and "sacrificed".
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    @Gelectrode, not really, since it needs to hit the battlefield, survive until the next turn, then attack and not be blocked in order to work its magic. I think it's rather UP as it is right now, and that it would be better with some form of evasion, like flying, intimidate, shadow or just plain unblockable. With that, it would be almost comparable to Bob as a frail creature that NEEDS to be answered before it utterly screws your opponent over.

    All in all it's a pretty cool way of disrupting the opponent when it DOES work, and a very interesting concept. Good on ya!
  • @kyslove, besides what @MrRansom has already said, you don't need to target a creature to sacrifice it. This is a clean way to word your card so as to avoid hexproof, shroud and "change target" shenanigans.

    Also, I'd take a page from Scapeshift and make the "additional cost" be part of the effect, so that you only have to sacrifice a creature when the spell does resolve, or else countermagic would cleanly screw you over.

    And finally, I'd let the user sacrifice any number of creatures and deal damage equal to the total toughness of the sacrificed creatures. Fair enough for a 4cmc red sorcery IMO.
    I need opinions on if this card (as well as formless in general) is balanced.
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    This is the most liked card on my account, so I would like your feedback on it.
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    These two card are related. think about lilliana and the raven man but in a friendly relation

    Saru is a kami who gives Meng its powers in exchange for free travels across the multiverse. As a card i think he's balanced working as a weaker version of Parallel Lives

    I hope you guys help me with Meng's -2 ability. i think it's original, but it's broken? it's underpowered? you guys want me to clarify anything?
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    Here's a thing.
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    A legendary thing creating copies of itself seems... dumb (with the possible exception of some wizard creating apparitions replicating himself to confuse people). Also, thing would get really weird if multiple players were running it.

    I mean no offense by that statement!
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Completely true. It originally wasn't legendary, but then I changed it so it could fir in for the number one cardsmith challenge thing.
  • I'd laugh if @Braxis came back...Sees notifications...And there's about 300 of them XD
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    Pretty proud with this one, although I did make a mistake. In case anyone doesn't know what it does:

    1. Good sideboard teck against infect/aura hexproof deck.
  • Albeit with a wholly different purpose, that card reminds me of this:
  • @KJMartin It's a good idea, but it becomes too good at preventing combat tricks, equipment and auras in general, not just vs. infect. It wouldn't be a tech card, it'd be used on every control/combo deck that just wants to hose over a more fighting-type deck while they stall for their wincons.

    I'd recommend changing it to focus on a single creature (since it's a throne). Something like "You may choose not to untap [cardname] during your untap step.
    T: Target creature has protection from its owner for as long as [cardname] remains tapped."

    That way, it's still a good tech card, but it requires you to supply another card (like Bonds of Mortality or Glaring Spotlight) to deal with hexproof.
  • @ShadowKnight1224

    There were many other examples, but when dinner calls one must always answer it.
    I think you haven't got the idea of the flavor right - the idea is how this throne is the throne of the new king/queen of Paliano, and this monarch's throne is like a symbol they won't mistreat the citizens.

    I think it's balanced: it costs 4 mana after all, and the decks that it's tech against (bogles, infect, affinity) want to have won the game by then, or at least be almost there. And your example seems horrifically underpowered, btw.

    And, @Faiths_Guide, I confess, I like your idea so much I sorta half copied it XD
  • @KJMartin

    Must be a difference in metas. I consider 4 mana "ruin a good chunk of deck strategies" to be overly strong and not tech or niche at all, but rather an auto-include in any deck that won't be hosed by it. But hey, this thread is for feedback, and I gave it. :P
  • @ShadowKNight1224

    Sorry. But we're allowed to have arguments, as long as there not full blown '*^&%$ *%&$£&%^&^ you!' kind of arguments.
  • No worries! If it works for your metagame, go for it. :)
  • @KJMartin, that is a really cool idea! I don't think it is too overpowered mainly because Infect/Bogles kill T3/4, and it is truly clever.

    How about this?
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