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  • @Abu_Jafar - Those are both issues being worked on
  • can you add old card borders and no expansion symbol and white borders.
  • Can we finally get some proper gold land frames?
  • Can we get Devoid card frames
  • Vehicle Frames... Check
  • Is there a way to make a creature with 0/0 for stuff like Modular?
  • @spookoops Making a 0/0 creature is possible. You tick the box to add power and toughness, then enter it in the normal fashion. The difference is that it'll automatically untick the box every time you re-enter the edit screen, so you just have to remember to press it every time (or at least on the time just before you publish the card).
  • @MemoryHead, WOOT, it works, thank you...
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    Can we get legendary land frames, and multicolored land frames?

    Edit: I was also thinking, though am quite sure you will not be able to pull this off, about shared sets. What i mean is, much like private messages, you can give an invitation to other people who may want to help you make a set. Both people can add cards. If one person has premium and another person doesn't, then obviously it'll work where one can edit their own cards. Like I said, this may not be able to happen, but I'd just like to put this out there, @Corwinnn
  • Proper multicolored Theros God frames would be nice...
  • I was thinking of a feature that substitutes in the card name into the rules text automatically. This is because sometimes I want to change the name of a card, but have to go back and replace all instances of it, which is slightly annoying. What I am hoping for is something like when I type

    CARDNAME has first strike as long as it's attacking.

    Then when I generate the card, the generator automatically replaces CARDNAME with the actual name of the card.

    I'm not sure how it should interact with editing the card later though.

    (P.S. Thanks to @Corwinnn for pointing out that this is literally one of the first few discussions on the page, which I have blatantly missed : P) 
  • I agree with all of @The-DM's suggestions, and all of @LyndonF's.
  • @LyndonF - I am occasionally the Master of the Obvious!
  • Could we perhaps have a feature where the artist credit shows up in the side box of cards?
  • @Corwinnn I thought it would be a good idea to add a feature that automatically adds the reminder text for keywords, because it really annoying to have to type the whole thing out, especially with keywords like dredge, and conspire which are really long. Also it would be nice if you could add your own keywords, for you and other cardsmiths to use.
  • you know what would be really nice?

    Companion Frames. And possibly the Ikoria set symbol. (It looks very nice.)
  • @Corwinnn Can you guys add the M21 core set symbol?
  • @Corwinnn I have two things:

    1) A card I made within the last couple days was deleted without me doing so and I have premium so I am not sure why it was deleted. and 

    2) I can't add cards into a set while in the set. If I am on the card then I can do it through there but not while I'm in the set layout thing.

    Admittedly I don't particularly care that my card was deleted because I can just make it again but I am still curious why it was deleted. The second one is my primary concern.
    Thank you.
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father - I suspect it was the art? That artist is not fond of his artwork being used, so expect it will probably disappear again if it's requested to be removed.
  • The set thing happened to me as well... Not sure but we'll need to look into that!

  • Okay, that makes sense. Thank you.
  • On the topic of card removal @Corwinnn, can we get notifications when a card of ours is removed? And for what reason? Not that we should be making the cards in the first place, but just in case we don't think something fully over.
  • I can tell you that your past and future cards have been and/or will be removed for violations of the Terms of Use agreement, or because of a direct request for removal based on a copywritten piece of artwork. You also shouldn't have/best not do it again or we'll send someone over to collect your Wii and give it away as a prize in the next Colonisers challenge Colonisers 7 Battle For Kazoo
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    You mean: Colonisers 2 (+5), Electric Kazoo
  • In all seriousness, I wasn’t meaning my cards(To the best of my knowledge, none have been deleted) but for others who say that they accidentally deleted their card or something, and then remake it @Corwinnn
  • We do that most of the time. The one's who get nothing are the ones who just make a few offensive cards and then disappear
  • Hey if you're offering to give me someone else's we, I'll take it. I don't have one, however so you can't really take it from me.
  • What I would like to see is extended art frames.
  • Can we get more land frames?
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