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    Another one!
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    Slightly updated:
  • New post:
    Rudy Siswanto (MtG Artist) said "Aw this is awesome!"
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    Guys, I just finished my most complicated piece yet!

    Check out the most recent post here:

    For the high res piece along with lineart and timelapse, go here:

    It's based on an excerpt from "The Valiant Little Tailor" by The Brothers Grimm:
    "They went on together, and as they passed a cherry-tree, the giant laid hold of the top of the tree where the ripest fruit was hanging, bent it down, gave it into the tailor’s hand, and bade him eat. But the little tailor was much too weak to hold the tree, and when the giant let it go, it sprang back again, and the tailor was tossed into the air with it. When he had fallen down again without injury, the giant said: ‘What is this? Have you not strength enough to hold the weak twig?’ ‘There is no lack of strength,’ answered the little tailor. ‘Do you think that could be anything to a man who has struck down seven at one blow? I leapt over the tree because the huntsmen are shooting down there in the thicket. Jump as I did, if you can do it.’ The giant made the attempt but he could not get over the tree, and remained hanging in the branches, so that in this also the tailor kept the upper hand."
  • Not intended as spam, but could some of my faves provide feedback?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Do you mean about the Valiant Little Tailor?

    I really like the work you did on the trees, the light work especially with the dark ominous trunks and the translucent-looking leaves ^^ The shapes are also super interesting, they feel twisted and alive!

    I wasn't sure what was happening with the giant though, I had to refresh my memory about the tale to really get the situation. It's because of the perspective, it took me a minute to realise that he was oversized, maybe a scale bird or something would help with that? To me, his expression looks confused more than scared so at first I understood he got catapulted in the tree x) Also, it's a minor detail but the brown of his loin cloth doesn't contrast much so I really thought he was butt naked at first xD

    Still, I really like the overall composition, especially how the big central tree bring the eyes from the colourful tailor on the foreground to the giant above, I think it's really effective visual storytelling. Also, I ended up understanding the situation just by the context of the tale so it's definitely a strong concept you have =D
  • I use Rudy's art all the time @Faiths_Guide!
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    Great constructive feedback; thank you very much!

    There is a scale bird and a nest (although it is small), and I also put a wagon on his wrist and a tiny shield hanging from his belt, but I'm a novice at heavy perspective tricks like this and I just rushed headlong into the piece with no reference XD The image can be enlarged and zoomed into on ArtStation.

    I was going for a confused look on the giant since he can't figure out how the tiny tailor allegedly jumped over the tree when he couldn't. He isn't scared since he can reach the top boughs from the ground. The artstation post contains the excerpt from the story in the description. I don't think I'd ever read it until I started the ArtStationJAM OnceUponaTimeJAM challenge and began working on the art.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Ah I see, my bad, from the tale I assumed the intent was to show the giant hiding in a tree at the sight of the tailor! That's why I commented on the expression, makes more sense now ^^
  • @ningyounk
    That's an easy mistake to make without the original text! I've added the excerpt above.
    I think it is a fine piece of work and given context, makes more sense now. Perspective is a difficult concept to manage sometimes, but you did a good job. I like watching the process too, it's fun to see that added in there. It's like a bonus!
  • I guess maybe I should've given his "pants" a color to stand out a bit XD

    Thanks very much!
  • I recently finished a caricature of Adam Savage:
  • I saw! Great job!
  • @Ranshi
    Thank you very much!
  • Here are the characters so far:

    Left to right: Pomeroy, Zamon, Djake, Bear, Heist, and Stinger (a manta ray canine).

    Definitely check out the submission if you like the lineup:
  • A bit of a story along with a concept for the cursed chest have been added XD
  • Thought I'd try to gauge interest over here where I've known some of you for a while.

    I haven't created one as of yet, but would anyone be interested in my Patreon if I created one? I think the focus would be on writing novels with a side of related artwork (and perhaps fan art from time to time).
  • @Faiths_Guide I would totally do it if I was an adult, sadly I’m in 8th grade :(
  • @shadow123
    I appreciate you letting me know all the same!
  • No problem! I love looking at your art and I also loved your story bits in the Tournament of Champions!
  • Many thanks
  • Started a preliminary color test image:

    I also took Zamon a step further:

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    Think I've mentioned this before, but Drop is a neat website that hosts group purchases to bring the price down on various items (including MtG)! I just bought a set of 6 high quality chop sticks. If you're interested in checking out the site this link will give you a $10 reward after you make your first order:

    Edit: It looks like the site might not sell MtG product anymore.

    Oh, I also finished my ArtStation challenge submission:
  • @Faiths_Guide Hm, your characters are so m u s c u l a r that they can fit into a JoJo universe.

    ( a y a y a y a i intensifies... )
  • Never heard of JoJo, but pirates do tend to be muscular.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    I see you're also a man of culture as well.
    (P i l l a r  M e n  t h e m e  i n t e n s i f i e s)
  • Stinger looks nice

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