Faiths_Guide - Reverse Challenge

Credit to, and permission from, @strongbelieves for this challenge!

Check his (the original) out over here: Reverse Challenge.

This challenge is pretty straight-forward. Unlike most challenges and contests where the creator puts forward criteria for you to design a card around, I want other people to put forward criteria for me to design around. Post a basic card idea using less than ten words, don't request anything that couldn't possibly be a real MTG card (like things from other games) and I will try to make a realistic and balanced card around your idea. The 'winner' will be the person whose idea resulted in the best card, prizes and end dates and such TBD.

(I, of course, reserve the right to refuse/ignore any request.)

If there's any suggestion I have a particularly hard time thinking of a good design for I'll let the one that left the comment know and ask him/her to make an alternate suggestion.

I'll also try to address entries as fast as possible but I don't expect to be able to do more than a few a day so please pick and choose your ideas carefully since I'd rather not create cards for the same person multiple times in a row.

The cards I create for your requests will be saved here:

People I've designed for thus far:
@modnation675, @Gelectrode, @meadowsatsunshine, @Platypusburger, @Corwinnn, @Odogom, @obsidianhoax, @Cybernekit, @Brainifyer, @Jyagaimasu, @BradXmagic, @0wlb0y, @Toodz111, @Hinges, @zephramtripp, @hivelord3, @Lujikul, @zizick123, @Decaldor, @sanjaya666, @FizzyGig, @ImagineThat, @unicornsareevil13579, @brcien



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