MTG Art Gathering (Closed)

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, we're really stuck and lacking artwork lately. As such, we were wondering if you know of any artwork that you find great, but don't see used much.

But wait, why would we do your work for you? Well, for the next three weeks I'm giving out premium subscriptions to the gatherers of some of our favorite pieces. As well as the standard prizes!

That and we thought it would be great to see everyone's art tastes. So try to use artwork that inspires you!

Artwork Ideas: (Really anything you like!)
1) Angelic beauty.
2) Undead, But Not Unfed.
3) Funky Un-style artwork.
4) Serene Landscapes.
5) Action Scenes.
+) Your Favorite Artwork

Prizes: (Given weekly for the next two weeks! - Thursdays)
A) First place.
- Premium subscription
- 3 Favorites
- follow.
B) Second place.
- 3 favorites
- follow.
C) Third place.
- 2 favorites
- follow.

Feel free to use any artwork found in your cards as well... :)


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