The Greatest Show in the Multiverse Contest **Circuit Challenge** (Winners Declared!)

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Welcome to The Greatest Show in the Multiverse Contest where each cardsmith designs up to four circus themed cards! They will decide what kind of show we will have! Clowns, acrobats, trained animals, musicians, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, and many others may join our show!


Post your entries before the contest's due date, which is two weeks from this day (January 24th, 2018). The judging may take a few days.

1. You may make up to four cards. They can be any type you want.
2. Cards can be edited before the due date.
3. Cards can be switched out before the due date.
4. Cards can't be made before the 10th of January (old cards are not allowed).
5. Each card must have something to do with a circus performance.
6. No unbalanced joke cards, but humor can be involved.
7. Credit the artist if possible. I may not look favorably on cards with the unknown artist.
8. Post a link to your card with your entry if possible.

1st Place
- 4 favorites of your choice or 2 favorites of your choice and a follow.
- 1 Circuit Point.
- Your choice of Honorable Mention.
- I will create a token from you.
2nd Place
- 3 favorites of your choice or 1 favorite of your choice and a follow.
- 3/4 Circuit Point.
3rd Place
- 2 favorites of your choice or a follow.
- 1/2 Circuit Point.
Honorable Mention(s)
- 1 favorite of your choice.
- 1/4 Circuit Point.

Also, the top 3 winners will get a glorious -TROPHY- and added to -HALL OF FAME-!

If you need help on posting images/links, check out this guide:
Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Let the show begin!!


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