Planeswalker Update Suggestions (Community sourced!)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I thought it was important to make a thread for which features we want implemented in the planeswalker editor. So I decided to make this thread to compile all requests!

I'm gonna give a couple of examples and have the community add to it in the comments, so this can be a full analysis. Some features are more plausible than others and we understand that not all can be implemented. But this

Feature Requests (Functional):
1) Mana symbols available in card text.
2) Other symbols available in card text. (Eg. tap symbol)
3) Legendary and nonlegendary options.
4) Variable loyalty starting count. (Eg. X)

Feature Requests (Templating):
1) Template for four ability boxes.
2) Variable sized ability boxes.
3) Multicolor planeswalker borders.

Feature Requests (Formatting):
1) Option to make flip planeswalkers.
2) Option to edit planeswalkers.
3) Ability to make planeswalkers on mobile devices.

If you have any ideas to add to this list, please post them into the comments. It would help greatly!

Thanks for reading and happy smithing!


  • Multi color planeswalker frames (or the ability to make full art walkers)
  • Being able to easily edit them with a premium account just like the regular cards already are.
  • @Tbeast430 @Sorinjace
    Will add these to the list momentarily.
  • Agreed bc currently when I try to edit it become a normal card
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    The ability to customize how many skills are available, as there have recently been 4 skill walkers
    Also being able to create planeswalkers through the mobile site. (The whole reason I haven’t made many is that pc access is restricted for me and i work from an ipad
  • Maybe not just mana symbol in the text box ?? creating token with a tap ability is a plausible scenario. (tap symbol might be included in your first point but i wanted to make sure)
  • @Ranshi922 @icyyou
    Will add momentarily as I missed those!
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    That would be awesome. When I design a planeswalker for custom set, I need to edit it 10 or more times to make it balanced, and if it hits the popular section every time I update it, it annoys people.

    One thing that isn't on the request list is the ability to change the size of each ability box. For example, Gideon, Champion of Justice has very large space for his 2nd ability, and small space for his 3rd ability.
  • @Tomigon yeah that would be cool @Dechujoh64 and I agree. (We are looking this over during breakfast. He says hello to you too.)
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    The ability to put text on the bottom below the third ability.

    Such as this...

  • @Dechujoh64 Hello!

    I think that counts as "Template for four ability boxes"
  • I thought it might, but I wanted mention just to be safe.
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