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  • @CS101 I like this, fits in snugly with Kaldheim and the new Lorehold stuff. I thought to myself, "maybe it should see cards exiled from the graveyard as well," but swiftly realized that would be super busted.

    @TerryTags At first glance I was put off by the sheer verbosity of the card, but as I read it, I kept liking it more and more. It's so very "Un". I like that the exiled card becomes the counter so there's no need for to waste time with finding a suitable replacement. Adding to that, the bodily interaction is great and adds an element of dextrous skill to the game.

    My card:
    Sometimes I get in touch with nature and goofy thoughts like this come through. 

  • @SiphiliSx
    First of all, there's a minor formatting issue. I'm pretty sure the second paragraph should go above the first. 

    In the second ability, there are two wording issues. The trigger should read 'When you cast {CARDNAME}......" The rest is unnesecesary. In the first sentence of the trigger, instead of 'exile top three cards of your library' it needs to say 'exile the top three cards'. That's just minor, though.

    Flavor-wise, where's the main focus of this image. I assume it's the figure on the ladder? Well, for me, this should be an enchantment, not a creature. Plus, who does the owner of this card know the figure is an aetherborn? It's confusing.

    I'd up the p/t to 2/3. It seems quite underpowered at the moment. 
    Now, I assume that my feedback's going to be argued about. 

    Here's my card:
    Fell Beserker
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    @TheDukeOfPork I like the idea of this card, but I think that it would be hard for opponents to tell if you actually drew it that turn. The way I would solve this issue is to have it say something like "When you draw this card, you may reveal it. If you do, it has foretell {1}{r} until end of turn."

    Other than that, it doesn't feel too much like a blue card, but it's very interesting nonetheless.

    Here's my card. I know the mana cost looks very wacky, but I think that the biggest problem with phyrexian mana was that it gave something like a green pump spell to a boros aggro deck, without actually requiring a forest. I turned the colorless mana into phyrexian mana because of that problem:

    Blood bolt

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    Looks good! The only potential issue I could even remotely see with it is the 3 damage version being able to hit the opponent. But I don't think a modal version of Lightning Strike is going to break Standard or anything anytime soon.

     Here's the card, sorry If I messed up the html stuff:

  • Reviews on the cards on this current page:

    Psychedelic Cartographer: A fine card, however DukeOfPork's feedback isn't applicable. A card can enter the battlefield and still require it to be cast - Coal Stoker, Cyclone Summoner, Feasting Troll King, Radiant Performer, eta. "When You Cast" triggers are generally saved for Eldrazi stuff, Cascade, Copy on cast, or some other cards like Genesis Hydra and Prossh that care about the amount of mana spent to cast it. The power level feels just right - you get a 1/3 body that digs for some lands, and can immediately add mana to cast some removal. It's far from pushed but also far from bad, which is just right for power level.

    Fell Berserker: Way too weak, and has issues of foretelling as already mentioned. It's either a 3 mana 2/2 with Haste, or conditionally a 4 mana 2/2 with haste. A 3 mana 3/2 with Haste already exists in Kaldhiem and doesn't require 2 colors. I also agree that it doesn't feel like a blue card.

    Blood Bolt: An interesting concept, if a tad bit pushed for standard. Would be fine in a format with a lack of a mass of burn spells unlike Guilds of Ravnica / Ravnica Allegiance standard. 

    Syll, Mercurial Engineer: The card works and fufills a purpose of cheating into play big artifacts / enchantments or getting value from recurring them, and turning cards like Coveted Jewel into draw engines which Boros would usually lack in commander. Could be made into a 1/4 because of how desperately Boros needs good commanders, but that's up to personal preference. 
  • Yep, there's the bullseye.
  • NVM what I mean.
  • @Potato13 - You may now post your card
  • I won't post a card - anyone else can post a card instead. I'm more of a feedback person.
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    okay I guess ill post my card then
    Fiery Judgement
  • @WarriorCatInAhat Unfortunately, for me to give feedback, I need to actually see the card.
  • oh I think it might have glitched

  • okay it's fixed
  • KK.

    Awesome concept! The only thing I would note is that this seems quite overpowered. Maybe {6}{r} would do it. Sorry if I get anything wrong, it's quite hard to focus with this music going on!

    This my card:
    Proelium Bloodboiler
    Favourite and/or feedback!

  • @TheDukeOfPork

    I absolutely love Viashino and this one is no exception. It’s got a good fusion of red & black effects, nice balance, it fits a Rakdos theme well. The only visible problem is that it can be either very underwhelming or quite powerful. I don’t really see why you’d ever cast it without paying the 2 life. The name is absolutely killer though.

    Here’s my card. It’s inspired partially by the Shiv mechanic in Slay the Spire. Thoughts?

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    @RandomFandom thank you for your positive feedback.

    Maybe 'pay 4 life' would be better? Thanks again!

    About the name 'Proelium' means 'battle' in latin.
  • @TheDukeOfPork No, I meant the more powerful version is balanced. Without it though, you’re paying 6 mana and two colors for a legendary 4/1 with haste. Very underpowered.
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    @RandomFandom Interesting card concept but it slows down your deck as you are replacing a draw for 1 damage,  plus the logistics of sleeving several token cards and then removing them after the game can be a bit annoying.
    You should have the token cards draw a card to replace itself once used and also be able to target creatures to be more flexible for combat tricks.  Then I can see situations where the blockers have been declared and then you throw your knives out and finish off the opponent's creatures as a surprise then replenish your hand.
    I do like that it synergizes with storm, prowess, magecraft and other cards that cares about damage dealt to opponent like spectacle or bloodthirst but having it not replace itself is a huge drawback.
    My card
    You like playing poker?
  • @BT9154, Rize is an interesting card. I like the chance involved in its ability and I'd definingly base a deck around him as my commander. I also like how you quoted me in the flavor text. :smile:

    Here's my card:
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    @Zaheer_The_Grim Looks like a competitive EDH commander for a discard/madness deck. Although it's also great for a 1vs1 format too, if properly build around at least. 

    Can't really say much, though the free looting for each turn seems pretty nice, if not broken when added with something like Alhammarrett's Archive, hm.

    Here's a card of mine, so is this a color pie break? I know High Tide exists, but apparently blue doesn't get anymore ritual cards since forever.
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    @Void_Retainer A great card, except for a little color shift, I think it should be green, because convoke and mana gain are usually green, maybe white. So, my suggestion is to make it 5UG, and change the ‘add u’ to ‘add g’. Actually this card would look very nice in Quandrix decks.

    P.S The art works very well for the name and the card’s mechanics.
  • @RegalGorgon13. Wow, I like the mill/reanimate synergy between your partner cards. While looking at then I noticed they both rely on snow mana too. I think the first one could possibly be one mana cheaper (but it is also just fine how it currently is) and maybe give Naghar some kind of ability like deathtouch? 

    For the lifegain legendary, looks pretty solid. It's nice it can trigger on its own too. I will say, that "look at the top X cards of your library. Then, you may reveal a creature card with mana value up to X from among them, and put it into your hand." ability looks like it would be very strong in a game of commander. Overall, nice work.

    Ok, here's mine, been tinkering with this one for a while.

  • @Liwg

    very interesting planes walker. I can see her being insanely frustrating to play against, and a prime target for being focused down ASAP because of her third ability. At the same time, she's surprisingly fragile in terms of defenses, which keeps her from being overpowered. Definitely a key component in a control deck, but not game-creakingly powerful. Pretty good.

    Here's mine: it's a bit rusty, since i haven't been making cards for a while, but I think it's okay-ish.
    Tumarian Cunning Enforcer
  • @stormbreath, there are a few capitalization issues, though I feel as though this would need red and blue, seeing as the effect when blocked is traditionally red, and hexproof is not a mono black effect.

    I'd also raise the CMC by one, but that's just me.
  • I'd like some coverage and feedback on the mono red card in my cycle of cards with my new mechanic, Perdure.


    The mechanic is made for Sorcery cards, though I suppose it could be put on instants too.
  • @Ranshi

    Thanks for the advice. I've been out of the card creation loop for a while, so my knowledge of the color pie has grown a bit rusty.

    Your card is pretty interesting. In all honesty, this reads like a more expensive Tormenting Voice, but you get the chance to get Tormenting Voice every turn in the late-game.

    Perdue is extremely weirdly worded. I understand what you're going for, and I can't really see any way to simplify it, but I'd try to figure out some way to put the "encode spell on the Essence token" earlier in the text block if I were you, but that's just my opinion.

    Here's my next card:

    Hirotaka Vengeful Wanderer

  • @stormbreath, you’re right that it’s weirdly worded, though I can’t put the encoding in the reminder text earlier, seeing as that’d be more confusing since it wouldn’t have yet specified what the Essence is. Right now it’s in the order of operations for the execution of the effect.
  • good point. I don't see a way to simplify it without getting rid of some specific triggers you might want(cast a spell in particular)
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