(Ongoing) Tommy’s Cardsmith Party Games #1: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!



  • I don't think crazybrain is coming back to CS. It was mostly because I kept pestering him about it, but he's now doing his own thing.
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    Serenade is a fun word.
    1. a piece of music sung or played in the open air
    1.entertain (someone) with a serenade.

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    Coming atcha with the funky fresh- I give up.

    Here’s a list of words for inspiration. (Feel free to use words other than this!)

    - Vernacular (noun): (in a Language) Commonly used (everyday) vocabulary
    - Karambit (noun): Hooked, Claw-like knife
    - Armistice (noun): An agreement between opposing sides in a war to stop fighting (for a period of time); a truce
    - Allegory (noun): Something (a story, poem, or picture) that has (or can be interpreted to have) a deeper (hidden) meaning
    - Goad (NOUN): A spiked stick used for driving cattle
    - Goad (VERB): To provoke or annoy
    - Ordain (verb): 1. To make a priest or minister
    2. To order/decree (officially)
    3. To determine something (by fate or God)
    - Careen (verb): To tilt or lean over -OR- To move quickly or uncontrollable in a direction
    - Capricious (adjective): Given to frequent mood or behavior changes
    - Vacuous (adjective): Having/Showing lack of any thought or intelligence.
    - Ethereal (adjective): Too light or delicate to be of this world.
  • Any way to edit the main page to make it clear that anyone can use any word as long as it’s rare or interesting?
  • The original post might be too old to edit, but if not you should be able to edit like any other comment on the forums.
  • That didn't help.
  • I don't know how to win a trigger.
  • @KorandAngels Basically, for example, let’s say no one uses prizes, and Ranshi’s Demon goes off. Your Waste Not would become the demon... meaning you’d get one for the next deadline.

    But if something mundane, like the Fireworks, gets used, well..,
  • I'm in!
    Parse. Got the perfect thing.
    Gimme a sec
  • Wait. That was page one.
  • @DrakeGladis Welcome to the contest! Here’s your free prize!

    You get:
    - A Magic Chest (Rare, Triggered) - Keep this with you. You’ll need a Magic Key to open it, but it contains a Mythic Rare prize! Magic Keys can be earned from completing challenges or events, or as a rare prize.
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    BOOM! We just hit 5 unique entrants for this deadline! Let’s see if a month of premium will be up for grabs...

    (Definitely not going to a random number generator for this coin flip...)

    BAM! image

    Well then... good luck to everyone! One month of premium is up for grabs this deadline, and my personal favorite entry gets it!

    Remember! 5 more unique people and I’ll flip again!
  • I still don't understand the prizes.
  • @KorandAngels Your prize, or all of the prizes in general?
  • Thank you for the prize. Can't wait to open it.
  • Psychopompic
    Of or relating to pyschopomps.

  • @KorandAngels Basically, this contest has been going on for months, and there are people that already won prizes. I’ll also give out prizes for free on occasion, but the best way to earn a prize is to win a category at the deadline. Categories you can win in are chosen at semi-random each deadline, but “Most Favorites” and “My Favorite” are frequently chosen.

    If someone has an Activated Prize, such as Ranshi’s knife, they can use it at any time. For example, Ranshi can use their knife at any time. Damage and destruction works like it does in Magic. If a creature or planeswalker takes damage equal to its toughness/loyalty, it is destroyed. Entries that are destroyed, exiled, or banned are not considered for judging.

    As for Triggered prizes, they trigger when designated. For example, The Purge will trigger at the end of this deadline (like an ability!)

    As for your prize, the moment any prize gets activated by someone else or triggered, you get one. If multiple would trigger at once, you get to choose one.

    I hope this helps. If you still need help, just message me.
  • But what does the effect mean? This isn't an actual game of magic.
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    *tick* *tick* *tick*

    I hear a strange noise- oh wait. That’s just another time bomb.

    No one has contributed or commented in the past 3 days. The deadline will now come a week sooner.

    This will happen again if we get no more entries by August 9th, and the deadline will end with only one winner if we get no more entries by August 13th.
  • @Tommia, are there any entries that I can knife out of the running?
  • @Ranshi922 Sadly, no. Remember, your Demon’s Rage will go off at the end of the deadline though!
  • What’s that do?
  • Wait... how many entries are in right now?
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    @Ranshi922 - Demon’s Rage (Mythic Rare, Activated or Triggered): Summon an all powerful demon to do your bidding. The demon will destroy up to three entries of your choice, two entries of ‘it’s’ choice, and one other random entry. If you do not call upon the demon within this deadline, it will act upon its own will, destroying ten entries of its choice. Demon’s Rage cannot be sacrificed or destroyed, and its effects cannot be prevented by any item or event.

    Update: If there aren’t at least 12 entries you don’t own, it will destroy two entries of your choice and one entry at random

    There’s Ten entries so far, plus a trump card that counts as an entry
  • The deadline will be shortened again if we don’t get an entry today!
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