Welcome brave souls, to my 25th contest,ALL HALLOWS EVE


This contest I would like to celebrate my 25th contest and my favorite holiday, Halloween, and so I came up with a very ghoulish contest for all of you to participate in, if you dare!


For this challenge, create cards that can be related to anything deemed appropriate for HALLOWEEN in the name or rules text or flavor text. Examples:



1) New entries only September 21st or newer only please.
2) No Magic the Gathering art
3) Credit the artist, include the artists name.
4) Maximum of 13 entries per cardsmith. (In honor of Friday the 13th Films)
5) Cards can be of any type.
6) Flip cards, transform cards are counted as one!
7) You may delete or edit entries until the deadline of the contest has been met.
8) SPOTLIGHT FRIENDLY. If you find a cool card that could fit here, post the card and its cardsmith here! This wont count towards your maximum entries allowed! (make sure you specify it isn't your card and you are "spotlighting" the card.)
9) Submissions due by the end of the day on October 25th, eastern standard time, USA.

Prizes for winners!

3rd place receives 3 favorites a trophy and their name mentioned in the hall of fame!

2nd place receives 4 favorites a trophy and their name mentioned in the hall of fame!

1st place recieves 5 favorites, a trophy, their name mentioned in the hall of fame, a 1 month gifted premium, and oh this:

An mtgcardsmith playmat of their choice!! Let me know what playmat you would like, and I will hook you up! Please pick from whats available at the time you win your prize!!!

*If you live overseas, the prize will be a $20.00 gift card.*

Good luck to everyone, and remember,
urgg... argghh! - sj :)



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