• I will send Erica the video, being I can't access imgur on this...
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    Ok oh @Ranshi922 I'm sorry I don't got discord I have an Obama phone
  • I sent it to erica
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    She's asleep, and I found some old sketches of mine I'm about to make cards with in a set, these drawing are from 2006 to 2009, respectively. I'm just thankful they survived through the years.
  • cool I look forward to seeing them. If you would be able to check the email u gave me a while back, I could attach the file
  • Idk how but I can try! It may have to be until late tomorrow after my appointments and work. I don't get off work until close.
  • ok... if there is a will there is a way... I am going to try a thing...
  • I get to clean U-Haul trucks and trailers and equipment tomorrow, (I'm still in training.)
  • do u know of any non imgur, non deviant, nonartstation sites where i could share the file?
  • i just sent it to john who i saw was on discord to send to you
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sorinjace!!! (In the nick of time)
  • Oh wow! @Ranshi922 that's so awesome, thank you!! I didn't see it earlier cuz i was busy creating the first of the cards I'm making using my sketches, the folder is up if you want to check it out just go to my profile (it's the 1st one up there.)

    Thank you!
  • I already saw! I was working too... on less fun stuff though... can I pm you about some things?
  • Please let me know what you think of the cards @Ranshi922, I'm hoping people will like them. I have a few more to do but not right now I'll let you know when the last one is made for that set.
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    The first of a few entries I have planned. This is based on Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. Any advice for wording or balancing is appreciated, especially with "Malevolent Soulbond". For Halloween, I'm just thinking spooky/scary sort of things. If that's wrong, let me know.

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    I'm almost sorry @Sorinjace, but the idea of Gissa knowing about this holiday makes me oh so happy.
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    Also, to sate your Dimir nature a little bed-sheet who isn't happy being called such
  • image

    When I think about the phrase "All Hallows Eve" I think of paranoid villagers and spooky witches. So I combined the two!
  • Haha these are all too cool!!
  • ya' know how video game companies wait til school starts to release all the big games? Well it feels a lot like that... image
    It might just be my paranoia, but whenever I am swamped in work to do or work to catch up on, there's an awesome thing... then i either miss out or I screw my grades over...
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    "After hours of toiling to make a terrifying creation benefiting of this 'Hallows Eve', I finally understand its appeal." - Geralf

    I think mine may have went from haloween'ey, to just spoopy. I dunno. Is that a bad thing @Sorinjace?
  • Not at all, @Shadow29870 if Assembled Vexation is 'spoopy', then its alright by me! XD
  • Hehe, thanks @Sorinjace. Just makin sure. I'm trying to balance the mtg-ness of the cards and the halloween aspect.
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    Scrolling through the cards
    Woahwoahwoah, wait. No one's made a trick or treat card? I'm not the best at this but, well, we need one. Here it is!

  • yes, yes, yes, Spirit of the Eve is spot on @Shadow29870, nnnoooiiiiccce!
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    Aww, thanks @Sorinjace! Anything I could do to make it better? Also... I may have upset nature. Again. See?

  • Yup, im playing dimir, surveil is gonna rock this prerelease this weekend!
  • Considering I get enough in the box to make a dimir deck!
  • I CANT WAIT TILL THE PRERELEASE!!!!!! BOROS OR IZZET THE WHOLE WAY!!!!!!!!! unless i get a important.
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