• Ok. Well in that case, they are one and the same. I also read that some places it's called cabbage night.
  • You should have a different background. It would eb the white/black one.
  • @Ranshi922 (Concerning Spelleater Skaab) If you're building a deck with it you're not going to play instants and sorceries except some removal and counterspells for the first few turns. After the Skaab resolves, you're going to start playing your giant fatty demons and your opponent will lie helpless, all their instants and sorceries sitting dead in their hand, as you swing in for massive damage. If you need some chumps just make Haunt tokens.
  • Ok, but at that point you’re revolving your deck around the fact that someone won’t shut it down
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    The thing is, most ways you would normally shut down a creature are with instants and sorceries. You could use activated abilities of creatures or artifacts, but creature destruction is rare for activated abilities. Perhaps a planeswalker could do it, or a Deep Freeze-like aura. Any way, Spelleater Skaab, with the right cards to complement it is incredibly powerful and very hard to answer.
  • I can think of various enchantments that would do the job. Abilities too.
  • All right, it's ultimately your choice. I was just giving my own opinion.
  • Thanks anyway! I just figured that it would need to be in a specific context to be as good as you say.
  • Well time for a big upload.
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    Boom! Nothing to see here. Move along. *deleted*
  • Next up is a goofy light source know by tens of people as a Steampumpk Lantern!

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    And now we have the caller of cuteness herself, the Darkveil Summoner!


  • Here we have a pair of scarecrows with the corrupted souls of farmer in them. They certainly reap what they sow. Please welcome the Fear Sowers!

  • Oh look! Some cute little slime. Oh. Is that a corpse it's eating? I guess I'll call you the Gravebane Ooze!

  • "What 'ave ye dun with my pun'kins?!?!!" I guess you sowed some Sprouting Evil.

  • I'm sure almost everyone has moved to a new place at least once. I've never seen someplace moving somewhere else! Come back here Golem of Restless Graves!

  • Who doesn't love a good holiday? Lets all celebrate The Night of Hallows Eve!

  • And now I bid you ado. This is my final performance. The last bow. I present to you The Last Night!

  • @pakashara You posted The Last Night twice…
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    Okay here's my fun little set of things. I know not all of them are original designs, and if you want to exclude those from judging feel free to. The reason some of these are reprints will make more sense in time.

    I'll also throw in these to bring my entries to 13
  • *Screams something away from mic. You choose not to listen as you imagine some unpleasant, self deprecating words are being used*
  • I thought I had a chance of winning... until NOW!
  • @Ranshi922
    You still do. I mean, like half of my entry is just flavorful reprints so they probably won't count.
  • Maybe...
  • Welp, I am going to make a 13th card with more culture
    then I am going to try to boost my odds by declaring why each makes sense and why it might be able to win! }:T
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