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    My only entry Sorinjace... It is an AFTERMATH card.
    So, in reality, the cards would be together on one with one on the top and the other turned 90 degrees.
    With All Hollows Eve being a "Sinful" day and All Saints Day being holy why not do both when your contest is ALL HOLLOWS EVE.
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    @Ranshi922 @Arceus8523 @sorinjace Cheers to you, Arceus. That's some real flavor right there. Ranshi, it ain't over till it's over…which is in one hour. Time for my über-last minute entries!


    Also how did you get the pumpkin set symbol? I'm so jealous…:-)
  • Time to explain my entries!
  • that would be last hour, not last minute
  • last minute would be tasteful and extremely dramatic :)
  • Core, I am gonna need you to maybe delay by ten minutes. This might take a bit...
  • @ShaperKyon that symbol was either made with mtg set editor or
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    Sect Dex, the Mad
    Halloween started with the ancient celtic belief that before the start of the new year, which to them was on November 1st, the realms of the dead and the living were closest. Nihilism is defined as the belief that nothing waits for us after death. My card Sect Dex in a sense embodies nihilism, specifically a branch of it where the possibility of ghosts is accepted, but it amounts to what's the point? They are still as alive and as dead as us, just without the ties of flesh. A bit of a tie in to that idea of close worlds.

    Ranshi, Vying Snollygoster
    Kids love candy. Vampires are nowadays a halmark of Halloween. Kids who are greedy, such as me in the days of trick or treating, would be willing to resort to questionable methods to maximize their payloads. Hence a vampire willing to go to any length to win.

    Corey, Mindful & Macabre
    You will now let this card win on account of unbiased coincidence...
    This is a cool card that while not technically, it screams necromancer. Not to mention that scaring people such as you would on Hallow's Eve is easiest when you have Mind-Japery at your disposal.

    Jack O'Lanturn
    Ok... I thought I was being clever by making O'Lantern into a Irish sounding name, but turns out... well you'll find out... This is still an interesting take on Jack Skellington, as can be inferred by the name of the file online, Jack, and the recognizable swirly hill in the background.

    Spelleater Skaab
    This spell is a) a Zombie, and b) turns tricks (instants and sorceries) into treats (haunts, by process of eating, as seen above)
    Not really much else to say... 0_0

    Grotesque Poltergeist
    This is a spooky ghost that hurts the players. It combines that sort of allure that comes with the spooky; you just have to look, even though you know that you won't like what you see.

    Harvest Festival
    Who doesn't like a good Halloween party? Throw in a bit of cultish imagery, and you get Harvets Festival!

    Gan Ceann, the Headless
    I will hopefully be more concise this time...
    The story of the Headless Horseman, one of the most iconic Halloween related pieces of modern mythos, is based off of the a Dutch ghost story of a black clad rider who carried his head in his right hand. That man was referred to most frequently, as Gan Ceann.
    The origin of Jack o Lanterns is that a Irish drunk named Jack was on his way home when he tricked the devil into climbing a tree. Jack carved a cross in the bark, trapping him. In exchange for freedom, Jack was promised to never go to hell. Jack, assuming that this meant free passage to heaven, lived his life not giving a care in the world. He was denied entry and went to talk to his ol' pal the devil. The devil, keeping his end of the bargain, exiled Jack from hell, pitching flaming coals for good measure. Jack put said coals into a turnip, which was used as the first jack o lantern.

    A Dance With the Damned
    I have literally only 3 minutes before the wifi shuts down. Basically halloween parties lead to debauchery and mischief. This card implements both ideas in a card that if I do say so myself, in a way that is very pleasing to look at.

    Mischief Night
    Mischief night is what the eve of Halloween is called in my parts. There were too many eggings so it became a really big deal to do that on Halloween, so people started the night prior. How quaint.

    Empty the Tombs

    Foghar, Harvest Druid
    As mentioned above, Halloween is to keep spirits that are overlapping from getting too close. That's why Foghar destroys creatures, creating spirits, representing the spirits of the dead (obviously), then exiles them, providing life to their controllers as a sort of recompense. It's a tricky card that is a treat to play. (There is more lore but I already might not make this in time before the wifi stops...)
  • Alright, and with that, the time has arrived... NO MORE ENTRIES! Judging will take place starting tomorrow, I will need time to judge as there was so many wonderful cards submitted. You guys definitely delivered in this contest, this will be yet another difficult contest to judge!!
  • How long will you be?
  • As long as it takes @Ranshi922, hopefully not too long! :)
  • Well this... I have minimal hope but uh, still hope!
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    For my third entry, I wanted to bring some tricks and treats to All Hallows' Eve... with random chance! Meet Sabrina, Dice Witch. She loves playing D&D, but knows that not every MTG player caries a D20 at all times, so she settles for D6... for simplicity you see. She loves Halloween so much, her loyalty numbers are all based on numerology related to Samhain and All Hallows' Eve (aka what we now call Halloween). Also with her is Cat 327, so named because its apparently the 327th cat token made on MTG Cardsmith.

    image image
  • @RayearthIX, entries have been closed. He' judging...
  • oh! XD I though @SorinJace was accepting entries until Halloween... Darn... Please consider my last entry! XD It's better than my first two (imo)... unless you really like my first two, in which case, whatevs! :P
  • I love the dice idea!
  • I can't at the moment @RayearthIX but I'll favorite your late entries for your time and work. I normally would accept the entries, but judging has already started and there are more than just me involved in the judging stage. Thank you for your patience guys as I wait for other judges results to get back to me! :)
  • Oh... I saw you commented and I was buzzing with anticipation, @sorinjace. Hurry up.
  • @Ranshi922 can't rush perfection! Jk. No but seriously my portion and another judges portion are done, I'm waiting for more results to come in. Please be patient as this was a big contest for some!
  • And it just happened again... except more so because you mentioned me..

  • @KrampisZman This contest is closed for judging.
  • Sorinjace, any closer to be finished with the judging?
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    Well @Ranshi922, I haven't heard back from the guest judge so I will have to go off of my judging and one other judges choices. I might ask for a 3rd judge tonight for extra brains here. I had asked @jpastor for help but he's gone fishing or something lol. It's ok, sorry this is taking longer than my usual closings, I wanted to do this contest fairly and as right as possible.
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    @Ranshi922 Considering that 1st place is getting a sweet prize and a 1 month premium for this being a nonofficial contest! :) I wanted to be as fair as possible.
  • Understandable.
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