Which Nomad Town?

Hi. I was making a Legendary land, and got caught in between two versions. I favor the first, as I believe the second's a bit too overboard, but'd like to hear other's thoughts on it. Other suggestions are also welcomed :)


May be put on the battlefield at instant speed if you discard a land and enters untapped, but its mana-generation ability makes it not untap during your next turn.


May be put on the battlefield at instant speed if you discard a land and may generate double the usual mana if you make it not untap during its next turn, but it enters tapped.

PS: You may only play land cards on your turn and etc. Putting them from your hand onto the battlefield on other times through a spell or ability is acceptable though (hence Swell of Growth).


  • Honestly, I think the second is great. You get a nice land that can tap for two if needed, and can be placed a instant speed? I would play it. The first to me seems a little underpowered. You can cheat it out, but get punished for tapping for one colorless? It doesnt seem right.
  • The first but with no "doesn't untap clause" seems the most balanced. The second one seems grossly OP, since it can take you to three mana on turn one or four mana on turn two. There's a reason Sol Ring is house banned for a lot of EDH games.
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    Thinking back on it, having the first one discard a card as a condition to be put in instant-speed might already be enough of a deterrant to quick early ramp plans (you'll need a bunch of other lands in hand), not needing the "doesn't untap" part.

    I'm rapidly starting to disregard the second version because of the crazy explosive early ramp for no cost other than having another land in hand to discard and the optional guarantee just tapping it for {c}. Even considering it's worse than Ancient Tomb on the long run EDH-wise if you're tapping it for {c}{c}.

    So, still favoring the first one, something like either:




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    How about the land returns to your hand after you tap for two mana? It's supposed be a nomadic town, then it's on the move so fits the drawback and flavor. If it enters the battlefield tapped, it will be powerful but fair.
  • This is busted no matter which version it is because it gives you access to two mana on turn one. Very closely resembles Mox diamond and needs to be substantially reduced in power level.
  • I like both, but mainly the 2nd if instead of not untapping, you give it to someone else.
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    @TigerFang8 The problem would be that the second one would be a staple for being overpowered (e.g. nearly every deck would play it). And yeah, I believe I'll stay with the doesn't untap part removed from the first version.

    @Lastjustice I considered returning to hand as a drawback, but decided against it not to have it be a discard engine - I took the discarding another land and "flash", raiding and moving in quickly out of nowhere - as part of the flavor.

    @bnew07 It's a Legendary land; you can't have multiple on the board like most Moxes. Gemstone Cavern might be a better comparison.

    @Bowler218 Rainbow Vale-like mechanics are indeed fun, but I'm not sure if it'd fit with the Nomad Town idea.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I believe I'll go with @Lujikul 's on this one.

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