• @DoctorFro here is what number 9 is:

    You've unlocked


    Use this ability only once and any time during the contest to destroy another cardsmith's entry, but only if they have at least two (or more) entries, and, just like in the game of magic, the entry cant have hexproof, shroud, or be indestructible already without cardsmith items, and it must be a permanent type card. A cardsmith who has the ability to stop your card may do so, so choose wisely!

    Your task: Create a creature with lieutenant keyword ability from edh commander format that would work well with your character youve submitted!

    Please continue with more lore with your character!
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    @murkletins no prob, ill pm you asap, this contest is going to be fun but very tiring and time consuming. I havent been feeling well and guys thank you for being patient with me, i dont have a computer so its slow for me to get on here. Also ive been busy, and tomorrow get this i have to go get a root canal at the dentist and thats before a job interview! Sigh.... I'll just be glad when the pain in my tooth is finally over.

    @Revan @dibbydubsdubs thank you for your concern! It wasnt anything bad i had to get an ultra sound done is all.

    I am working on the entries in order of the comments please give me time guys thanks!
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    @Kandra127 please only pick one number i cant move forward with your choice until i know for sure what you want. Ill come back to you. :)

    @dibbydubsdubs whats the number you chose? Or did you not choose yet, i dont see it here.
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    @spookoops here is what number 23 is:

    You have unlocked


    You may choose to redirect a cardsmiths choice at anytime to another 'target' so long as that target is legal and of the same type (so if it targets an entry of a certain type, it can only be used to change the target to another entry of that same type.) Use this only once during the duration of the contest!

    Your task: Create a legendary nonbasic land that will work well with your character.

    Please continue on with the lore you have provided already for your character! :)
  • @Revan i cant grant 20 or 18 until i know what @Kandra127 wants. If he picks 20 i can give you 18. If he picks 18 then youd pick something else please sorry for the confusion! Ill get back to you as well soon as Kandra responds.
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    @IronCrusher here is what number 2 is:

    You've unlocked


    You may use this at any one point in time during the duration of the contest, you may request for me to favorite any 5 cards of your choice! They have to all be asked at one time though; and please remind me it was for your unlocked cardsmith item "Favoritism!" Congrats!

    Your task: Create a card that benefits each player on the battlefield, but gives its controller extra incentive for playing the card.

    Please continue with more lore for your character! I am reading everything just so you (and everyone else) knows! I love what you did with the diary/journal. This number didnt have a scenario though unfortunately to add to your lore, but maybe you'll get one on the next number you pick?
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    @Beastakles no prob! Yes take what happens and run with it. Not all numbers add to the lore though, so if that happens, i simply ask you to just add more lore to what you already had posted.
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    @BorosPaladin here is what number 15 is:

    Your creature ran into another creature!


    Markus and Aisha was out and about, Aisha having her fun while Markus was along to protect her when Aisha decided that she wanted to explore more of Ravnica. Sighing, but with a smile on his face as only Aisha can manage to make Markus muster, they gather their gear and start to head towards the woods along the outskirts heading into Selesnya territory. Along the way, the pair was met by a wandering Angel.

    "Would you guys like my assistance in guiding you?" This Angel asked. "I know a great deal of these woods you are ignorantly going to pass through. You may need a guide. Or, you can deny my assistance, but i can't promise that you will not make it through the woods safely. Choose wisely!"

    So @BorosPaladin, what will you choose? (Apparently your apart of the Ravnica planes as well.) The choice you choose could shape your characters future in the contest for the better or the worse!

    Your task: Create an instant or sorcery spell of any kind that will raise any number of creatures power and toughness in any way possible. It can be +3/+3 until end of turn, or put +1/+1 counters on creature(s), etc. Whatever you deem fit! The only catch is, the card must be playable with your main character as if it was in a commander/edh deck. (So if your commander is only white and red in its color identity, the spell can only be those colors and/or colorless.)
  • @sorinjace You got my request for 17, right? I'm just making sure that in all my posts yesterday that comment wasn't lost.
  • I will be back later to post for your number request @Beastakles I did overlook 17 to be honest, I apologize it got busy on here for a sec. After my dentist appointment and job interview I will post later for ya.
  • What do I do after I write my story?
  • Can I say 20?
  • The escape spell:

    Kaan was in a euphoric mood when he finished his elixir of immortality after not too much of a time. However, his satisfaction didn't last long. He was used to being looked at with suspicion, anger and a bit of fear, that's how mages in Kaladesh were treated after all, but whenever he went outside, the people seemed to grow more hostile towards him and sometimes even dared to throw objects at him. He couldn't think of any reason for them to act that way, since he hadn't even gotten into contact with many people. At first he ignored it, but that changed when forces of the Consulate appeared in the city near him and asked the citizens questions about him. What could he possibly have done wrong?

    It didn't take long for the soldiers to find him and he found himself arrested for multiple crimes commited in Ghirapur. Before they could get him, he summoned his weapons and incapacitated the soldiers. "Better one crime than many!" And with that thought, he took off to Ghirapur to find his clone and prove himself innocent. And he had to do that quickly.

    Getting to the city uncaught was more difficult than it seemed at first, since his appearance wasn't exactly inconspicuous. However, with a few spells and a coat with a hood, he managed to enter without any problems. His only problem now was that Ghirapur was a large city and he still didn't have a clue where to start searching for his clone. (I will add more eventually, idk how much is required and i don't want to annoy with a novel xD)

    --And if it isn't taken yet, i'd like the number 1
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    @dibbydubsdubs 18 and 20 are in limbo we have to wait to see what @Kandra127 wants. You can choose another number besides 17 and 1 if theres any left, i have to go see myself. @pjbear2005, you request for another number. @Vardrus got you down for number 1, ill be back later i just got done with the dentist and now waiting to do my job interview, then i go feed Aryanf some mcd's, then travel to get to the library where i can pump cards out and workon contest(s). Ill be back later, promise! :)
  • image

    “It is with great honor that we accept your company on this journey.”

    Markus was polite and courteous towards the angel in a way he had never shown towards the nobles back in the palace, Aisha was sniffing flowers. The angel was happy to guide the two through the forest, and to provide healing magic whenever the princess managed t fall and injure herself.

    “I told you not to wear a ballroom dress.”Markus said dejectedly.

    “I want to!” Aisha cried out, stamping her foot with a pout.

    “Besides don’t I look pretty like this.”

    The young princess stated twirling around in her torn dress covered in mud, before looking up and giving a radiant smile despite the dry tears on her face.

    “You look very pretty.”

    Markus replied absently while he peered through the bush, an arrow always knocked on his bowstring. The angel waited till the princess had wandered off after a rabbit before turning to Markus.

    “I’ve been meaning to ask, but you aren’t a normal knight are you?”

    “What gave it away the nine year old princess?” He replied without leaving his charge from his sight.

    “No, everything about you is abnormal. Despite being a royal guard you have no heraldry, not even that of your sovering. Your armour and weapons are practical instead of ceremonial and ornamented yet they somehow seem to be of better quality than what a normal knight wears. You seem very accustomed to the bow, an unchivalrous weapon and you are very comfortable in the wild.”

    He paused before answering. “As expected of an angel, most people see the armour or the princess and forget about the rest, your right I am not a normal knight. I’m not even a real noble, my parents were both powerful adventurers and they raised me during my childhood, they taught me more in those precious years than I ever learned from any knight in the palace. But as they got stronger and stronger I started to see them less and less as they took far more dangerous missions further away. Eventually they entrusted me to the palace while they departed on their more lengthy expeditions. I started to spend less time from them and while I treasured the little time we had together I started to feel more and more distant, until they took a subjugation request even they could not accomplish and died along with most of their party to a giant dragon. That was when the people in the palace stopped seeing me as an asset and more as a nuisance, which is why… “

    Markus turned away and,after a moment of silence said.

    “The past is the past, I am a knight of the realm unlike my parents, were they had freedom I have responsibilities and duty. Although I will admit when i’m with the princess I sometimes feel like i’m living the adventures my parents told me stories about.”

    It was at that moment that the two guardians heard a cry from deeper in the forest.


    Markus jumped and noticing that his charge had left his sight started running into the forest while muttering.

    “What kind of mess did she get me into this time!”


    I would like # 3 please.
  • @kandra127 thank you for clearing the air :)

    ok so brb guys
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    @Vardrus here is what number 1 is:

    You have ran into a creature!


    You have a choice to make: Either destroy another entry from another cardsmith who has more than one entry in the contest, or you may choose to create another creature to support your character. If you do so, please apply lore to this character and have the character be of the same creature type, or at least supportive of your main character's creature type. This is optional, and is not considered your task if you create another creature!

    Your task: Create a three drop planeswalker that has one passive ability.

    There was no lore to number 1, please continue with the lore you have already submitted!
  • @pjbear2005 here is what number 21 is:

    You've unlocked

    "Key to the City"

    Key to the City triggers automatically. Congratulations, you have found the number that will grant you 5 favorites and open up the next 25 numbers in the contest!

    Your task: Create an artifact that will allow you to search for basic land cards without being sacrificed.

    There is no lore under 21, please continue with your lore already in progress!
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  • @sorinjace
    I shall choose number 44!
  • @kandra127 here is what 20 is:

    You've unlocked


    You may destroy another creature card that another cardsmith has submitted, but only if they have more than one creature card submitted. This will not effect their story/lore but only pull the card from being judged at the end of the contest. You can only use this ability once during the contest!

    Your task: Create a creature with lieutenant to support your main character!

    No lore has been provided for 20, please continue with your characters story you have provided thus far.
  • @dibbydubsdubs here is what 5 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Knights of the Round Table"

    Your creature has run into a group of Knights! They don't look mean, but they don't look friendly either.

    Your task: Create an instant or sorcery spell capable of creating 5 (or more) Knight creature tokens any way that you see fit. The colors must be at least one or more of the colors of your main character if possible.

    dibby please add these Knights to your characters story/lore and continue with your story!
  • heck yeah!
  • card soon. maybe tomorrow.
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    @BorosPaladin here is what 3 is:

    Your creature ran into trouble!


    "This is the end of the line for you, Knight!" The vampire attacked your creature, but since your creature had befriended the Angelic Cicerone, the Angel intervened. The Angel died, but was able to protect your creature from harm.

    In the Angel's last dying words, she said "I am granting you the power of protection since I cannot go on with you no longer. May you survive to wherever you are going, and seek out the Selesnyans for help. Tell them I sent you." With a slight drop of the head to the side, the angel died.

    Your task: Create an aura that you can enchant your creature with, granting your creature the power of protection! Be creative, and design this any way you would like, protection from whatever you would like.

    Please continue with the lore with this included BorosPaladin!
  • @LostinStatic here is what 44 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Rampant Growth"

    You may drop a land card already created in your collection if you have one as a submission into this contest a card that would work with your main character preferrably if possible. Otherwise, create a nonbasic land card that you can drop for an entry!

    Your task: Create a sorcery or instant spell that will allow you to search your library for any type(s) of land cards, basic or nonbasic alike.

    No lore has been added, please continue with the lore you have already provided please!
  • image

    Well, i enjoy writing the Journal, so i'm going to continue doing that, since there isn't much happening with my character right now i'll write Entry #1.

    Entry #1
    Hello Journal? Is that how you start with writing in a journal? I honestly don't know. A lot has happened, i can't organize my thoughts properly, so i thought this might help, i hope it does, let's start from the beginning or, what i think is the beginning.

    Day 1
    It felt weird, like something just disappeared, the feeling was soon followed by panic, i had to move, get to the source. When i arrived, it was already done and nothing could be done, it was a scene that will never leave my thoughts, seeing him, my creator, dead on the ground was a shock, but something felt off, there was no anger, no grief, i saw the being that killed him, before it disappeared, i recognized the feeling then, curiosity. I sat there at the body for days, most of the others disappeared without a trace, like they could not exist, which should make sense, but felt off, yet i could only think about that being, what it did here, where it went, how it got here and how it left.

    Day 2
    After waiting, i realized i could not get the answer here, i said my goodbyes to those who were left, i can only assume they thought i would disappear as well, but i'm still here.

    Day 3
    As i walked i realized something i never thought of before, this world is beautiful, how could i not have seen it, but i knew why, i could only look at him after all, that made me think about wether his existence, was truly for the best. There was nothing i had to do, no obligations or duties, for who provided them was gone, so with nothing left to do i only had everywhere to go.

    Day 4
    As i walked i came across a group of humans, they looked baffled when they saw me, when i think about it now it only seems logical, i was after all, not human. When i approached they stumbled back a bit, i stopped and looked closer, they seemed to be hunting, equipped with knives, bows and arrows, i was wondering why they would want to hurt an innocent animal but remembered that humans need to eat. I tried hiding my wings, it worked, they still seemed uneasy and cautious, i wonder why. Before i could ask any other question the leader, i later learned that his name was Dan, started yelling: "Who are you and what are you doing here?" I understood why they asked that, they do not know me, i answered: "I am Yienva Vianne, I am here to learn." They started mumbling among themselves. When they were done, they turned to me and asked what i wanted to learn, i answered: "Everything." I asked wether i could help with anything, since i did not know what to say otherwise, they didn't seem like they wanted to accept my help, but when i asked if they could take me to where they lived when they were done and answer some of my question they obliged, they asked me to wait, so i did until their return, on the way to their village they told me their names: Dan, Senna, Nik, Kaliro and Fels, they felt like a good group of people. When Fels asked about my wings, i was unsure about what to say so i tried to dismiss it, the group didn't ask any further. When we arrived, the group introduced me to their elders, they told me about their cultur, their habits and their people, when i had no more questions they seemed satisfied despite me taking so much of their time, i was thankful.

    Senna gave me the idea to start writing this journal, i believe it was the right decision, when i first talked with people it was new and exciting, i had never spoke with humans before only to them in the name of Him, i am still unsure wether his departion was a good change or nor, but i fear for my sense of guilt that i belief it to be a good thing.

    ~~ End entry #1

    Both this card and this wall of text took longer than expected, but it was fun to do.
    Either way hope any enjoyed it, i will continue with entry 2 at some point, since her adventures in her first village are more numerous than just arriving.

    Anyhow, i'd like to take 46 and i hope that gives me something to write about that isn't the past.
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