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    Your task: Create a legendary nonbasic land that will work well with your character.


    ...As the assassin was standing over the dead mothers body he could hear the faint cry of the babe inside. At that moment he realized he could not go through with the killing of the innocent child. He stole her away and smuggled her to the temple in which he had been raised himself.

    As Musa was explaining this to O-Ren, she began to wonder how he knew all of what had transpired. She eventually found the time to chime in and ask this very question. Having already expected the question, he looked up sorrowfully at her and explained that he had been the assassin that were tasked to kill them.

    Musa went on explaining that after that fateful evening, he had done his best to use his abilities to help for the good. He too had spent years on the run and hiding from the Syndicate, but also hindering their progress in any way possible...
  • @sorinjace, did you remember my request for 18? Just wondering.
  • IronCrusher here is what number 46 is:

    Your creature found an abundant supply of food!

    You have unlocked

    "Hunter's Feast"

    You may use this ability at any time during the duration of the contest. When you have no more cards to submit to the end of the contest for judging, you may specify you want to use this ability, and all of your cards that was destroyed or you was forced to sacrifice will return to be judged as if they was never targeted in the first place. Only use this when you have absolutely no cards left for judging at the end of the contest!

    Your task: Create an instant or sorcery card capable of giving you or any number of player's life in any way you choose!

    Yienva had discovered during her exploration on Earth an area that had plentiful supply of food and water, a resource that had gone scarce some time ago during the heated battles that the humans of Earth had with each other. While some of the lands looked ravaged, others apparently was untarnished by the outcome, and Yienva had discovered a very powerful and resourceful area. So powerful in fact, that she may call this home. It appears that no one has been here for some time...

    @IronCrusher can you please continue the lore with this portion included? Thanks!
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    @Revan here is what number 18 is:

    Your creature ran into trouble!


    Marogc and Tila "fight" each other. Marogc survived the fight!

    Your task: Create an instant or sorcery spell that destroys a target creature of a specific creature type.

    @Revan Continue the lore you have provided but with an evolved version of Marogc!
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    @ASubtleGhost here is what 26 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Blatant Thievery"

    You may steal 1 other cardsmiths entry at any time except for their main character. Use this only once during the duration of the contest!

    Your task: Create a blue card that allows you to gain control of something, it can be of any card type, be creative!

    No lore was provided, continue with what you have already written please @ASubtleGhost, thanks!
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    @Derfaulehelmut here is what 34 is:

    Your creature may have gained an ally!


    As your creature was on their journey, this creature surprised your creature from out of nowhere. "I will assist in protecting you on your quest if you would have me, Hisji, for I have heard of the Gnomes of this planes, and I have great admiration and respect for your race!"

    What will you do @Derfaulehelmut, will you accept this creature's offer to travel with you on your journey, or do you deny? Their assistance may help to keep your creature safe from other cardsmith's abilities to destroy your creature or other cards you have submitted in the contest! If you deny their assistance, your creature and this creature may have to "fight"!

    Your task: Create an artifact that supports your creature's creature type, and is capable of exiling and returning it to the battlefield at any time.

    Please continue with the lore provided above added to your lore already in progress!
  • @sorinjace, sorry to burst your bubble, but Marogc is a 3/4 with first strike so I believe he wins the fight.
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    Ug! Your right! Sorry @Revan.

    Ok so Marogc survived. Please see the change in my comment posted above to you! Congratulations, and sorry that was a mistake on my part. :)
  • @sorinjace What was 17 again?
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    My task: Create a three drop planeswalker that has one passive ability:
    My choice, a creature:

    Background information on Lucasha:
    Lucasha, a girl from Kaladesh, developed her magic abilities at a young age, which was a problem for her family. The only good thing was, it wasn't pyromancy. Instead, she had the power to confuse people, alter memories and even attack or in the worst case, destroy their minds. Thanks to this ability, the authorities never found out about her and even her family forgot about it due to accidental outbursts of the magic young lucasha wasn't able to control yet. As she grew older, she gained more control over her magic and started to actively use it on people to test her abilities, which didn't end well that often. In the following years, she started using her powers and her growing beauty to influence others and use them to her advantage. However, the Consulate slowly figured out who was behind the mysterious crimes and started pursuing her, yet they never found her. In order to save the family she still somewhat cared for, she left her home and sought shelter in the underground, using her magic to survive and stay off the radar. Ever since then, she started to use her abilities for theft, g information and sometimes even to kill.

    Continuation of the Lore:
    Kaan lookes around but couldn't find or hear anything about a mage causing chaos, so he started asking more questionable citizens. He heard about a powerful mage involved in crimes and decided to wait at the locations that mage had been seen.
    The sun had already set, when he saw a hooded person sneak around some kind of house, probably a market hall. The person looked around and raised their arms, probably to cast a spell. Kaan quickly checked for other people and when he saw no one around, he created spears to surround the person with. "Show your face!", he demanded. To his surprise, the person followed his order and slowly took off the hood. To Kaans surprise he didn't see himself, but a young, attractive woman. He tilted his head. "Who are you? There was supposed to be a powerful mage here." The woman chuckled. "Rude! who said that i'm not a powerful mage?" Kaan began to feel a slight pressure in his head. That woman most definitely was the mage he was told about. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his forehead and lost his focus on the spears. The woman walked towards him. "Who told you about me? Why are you looking for me?" Kaan wasn't able to process her words due to the excruciating pain and was only able to answer after she had realized that and stopped the assault somewhat. She asked him again and this time he explained his situation to her. As sudden as the pain had appeared, it disappeared. Kaan sighed in relief, since the woman seemed satisfied. "I actually heard of him", she told him and turned around. "I feel generous today and you are a fellow mage, so i'll help you. Follow me. My name is Lucasha by the way." With those words, she walked into the darkness. Kaan hesitated for a second, then got up and followed her. At least he now had something to work with.

    If i can already choose a new number, i'd like to have 40.
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    Grayvan woke up, startled. The inn was plunged in darkness, the candles and fireplace cold. He adjusted his inhuman eyes, to have a quick survey of his surroundings.

    The innkeep hadn't dared to wake him up, so he found out he had fallen asleep on the counter, his close-cropped beard stinking of cheap wine. Grayvan rose, wondering what had ...

    And then he heard it again. And it wasn't some dream as he had thought. It was a low, soft chittering, only mildly annoying for the mundane perhaps. But to him, it rose to a shrill wail, and then to a deafening screech. He rushed to the door, scaring a cat. Outside, it was silent. Except for the noise. Grayvan looked left and right, almost desperately, to find its origin. He found it, resting peacefully in the middle of its web.

    A spider. Grayvan crept forward, his faced only inches from the tiny creature. The sound suddendly stopped, making the man's heart skip a beat. It was immediatly replaced by a cold, metallic voice, that slithered into his ears like a snake. A voice he knew all too well.

    "Klenn", it echoed, as the arachnid's beady eyes shone like eight small dying stars.

    "I'm listening", he quickly answered, as a cold shiver descended his spine.

    "Excellent. You have wasted enough time in this miserable place, it is time you moved on. If I send you here, it is to ... acquire something. As you know, the Eldrazi have left their mark on this place. Twisted landscapes and creatures, but also ... fragments of sorts, solidified manifestations of the void they call home, pouring like ... malevolent raindrops through the breaches Emrakul tore in this plane's reality."

    The voice paused. Grayvan waited, his gaze locked with the spider's.

    "These fragments have laid dormant since the Eldrazi have been ... secluded. Except one has awoken, without explanation. Yoon informed me of it ... a few days ago."

    "Baazan Yoon ? He's here, on Innistrad ?", asked Grayvan, hopeful. Baazan was one of the very rare people he could truly call his friend.

    "No. He has ... his own agenda. Yours will bring you to a ... soreceress of sorts. She too sensed the fragment and claimed it. It defies my knowledge ... retrieve it. It is your mission, Klenn."

    A flash blinded Grayvan, and he saw a blurred vision of someone running in a dark wood, clutching ... something. Something that pulsed with eldritch energy, almost sentience.

    He blinked, and the night was quiet once more. The spider crept towards a moth that had been caught into the web.

    Grayvan had been a herald, a knight, a merchant, a messenger, an assassin, and much, much more.

    "And now I am a thief. Stealing from the Gods of the beyond themselves, he muttered, looking up at the pale moon. To sate my own".

    The spider lunged, sinking its fangs deep into the moth.

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    Tila dropped to the ground exhausted. She looked up at her foe with fear. Behind his helmet, Marogc smiled. Since she was in fear of him, this would be easier.

    "Who sent you?" Marogc grated. Tila looked at him for a second, then, shuddering, she answered.

    "I think you already know the answer to that," She looked at him with pleading eyes, eyes that seemed to say "Don't kill me, please." Marogc sighed.

    "That's not good enough little miss," he turned to IG-87. "Would you be so kind as to give her a little incentive?" The assassin droid chirruped happily and ignited his flame thrower. Tila's eyes grew wide.

    "You...y you...w w wouldn't," she stuttered, "Captain Derthani will kill you." Marogc chuckled.

    "Oh, Capitan Derthani? Just the man i'm looking for." Tila gulped. "If you know him, you know where he is, right?" Tina was silent. Marogc shrugged, "Finish her." IG-87 stepped closer. Tina gasped,the intense heat started to curl her hair and singe her clothing.

    "Geonosis!" she screamed, "He's hiding on Geonosis!" Marogc stopped and turned around.

    "One more question. What is your relation to Captain Derthani?" Tina looked puzzled.

    "Why, I'm her daughter." Marogc nodded. he turned to IG-87.

    "Kill her."
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  • @sorinjace, I would like # 42 please.
  • @sorinjace so I should make the knights on her side?
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    Astrella. A goddess of the old kingdoms, patron of the world’s untouchables. She was usually depicted as a woman with weathered fingers, moth-eaten rags, signs of disease and a loving smile. Ame liked the sound of this goddess.
    She sat on a rough bench at the back of an uncovered carriage, feeling the rocks beneath the wooden wheels. Luck was on her side when a sympathetic human found Ame walking the same path he was heading down. ‘To Port Heron’ he said, offering Ame a ride despite her odd clothing and weapon. The creature heading the carriage, known as a horse, was foreign to the Oni and she spent a long while inspecting it from the front seat before retreating to rest her motion-sick tummy in the back.
    Ame was surprised she could understand the human, having grown with the assumption that the Oni language was unique and separate from any other, much like her own people. However, she learned to be thankful of this as the old man began chatting to Ame, who was dreadfully homesick just six days on the road.

    His name was Ogren and he told Ame a few tales during their long hours of travelling, including the story of Astrella. Ogren said that the lake they were due to pass in a few hours’ time was called Astrella’s Rest; named as the place the goddess was struck down and buried when her evil husband Buho grew tired of her. The man refused to describe the lake further, calling it a sight to behold.
    And behold Ame did.

    The great lake, circled by risen peaks, dense forests and flat grasslands was a vision of perfection held in a moment of time. The rainbow-coloured clouds reflected off the serene surface, casting the illusion of iridescence, creating a scape of tranquillity that Ame felt could illuminate the world. She was dumb-founded, lifting her wide-brimmed hat to see as much as she could. This was Astrella’s Rest, grave of the humblest, the most beautiful and the most benevolent goddess of their world. Even in death, she demanded nothing of the world and offered it all she had within her.
    Her blade, hidden still in its scabbard, grew heavy on her waist. Her eyes glazed.
    Words floated in her mind.

    “Port Heron.”
  • @sorinjace

    Ugh, sorry to bother you about this but think Alexine's story is to jumbled up and messy. Since I haven't gotten too far into it, is it possible for me to put in a new character and start over. If it's too much trouble I will just figure something out with my current story.
  • @pjbear2005 sure go ahead! Just what ill do then is keep the cards as entries you've already made but they wont count as your main character anymore, if they make it to the end of the contest without being destroyed or etc. ill judge them along with the other surviving entries. I think thats a fair deal. But when you drop your new card please drop a background story with it.
  • Guys can you help me out here and repost your number requests if i havent hit them up yet? Thanks!! Ive been busy so thatd help thanks.
  • @sorinjace sure thing, I chose 40
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    @sorinjace absolutely, I picked 42.
    Here is my updated Marogc.
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    Hisji took a look at the human. There was no reason to not trust that person. But in the other hand, his people will not put up with slavery anymore. At the end, he looked dexterous with his bow, and gnomic army lacked tremendously of long distance force.

    "You are very welcome to join us, sir" said finally Hisji to that man.

    Bit by bit, the gnomic leader become aware that his people revenge spirit was slowly decaying. As if they just wanted to change their lives and live in peace in his brand new fields and activities. Revenge was a word whose meaning was letting its place to a new word: Peace. Hisji was reluctant to this kind of truce, but he will definitely listen to the will of the gnomes.

    "Come with me, sir. I will show you our new humble community settlement"

    The good thing about that new alliance or a new attack of the darves was, that in the worst case scenario, the Marigold would never allow anyone to harm a single gnome.

    It was almost a miracle to find such a precious flower near the fields.


    Tips on grammar/wording/balancing are more than apreciated.

  • @sorinjace

    Okay I will. Thanks!
  • @sorinjace I have not yet received number 17.
  • So what do I have to do with my character?
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    @KanekiDemon As far as I can see (I just checked the list again) you didn't choose a number yet, soo I'd suggest you start with that. You can find the list with all the current numbers on page 5
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