• @Beastakles here is what 17 is:

    You've found a triggered bomb!

    You have no other choice. You must choose to destroy another entry beyond the first entry of a cardsmith. Choose wisely!

    Your task: create a global board wipe card. It can be a sorcery or an instant.

    No lore has been added please conti ue with your provided lore.
  • @Vardrus here is what number 40 is:

    "Alter Reality"

    When you use this, you may force the cards creator to change any one thing of text on an entry that you want them to change on the card (except the cards name.) They have to reenter the card with the proper updates to the card (so edit the card or create a new version entirely if they cant edit the card). You may use this ability only once. Be careful on how you use it and good luck!

    Your task: Create a card that is capable of granting it's controller the ability to change text on another card.

    There is no lore added here, please add to the lore you have already provided so far!
  • @Revan here is what number 42 is:

    You have unlocked

    "End of contest?!"

    This isn't an item, rather you have discovered how many numbers there actually are until the end of the contest. There are in fact 75 numbers!

    Congratulations! You have also earned 2 favorites! Just list the cards you'd like favorited next time you post.

    Your task: Create a legendary permanent other than a planeswalker that supports your main character. This card should have your character's name in it somehow.

    There's no lore here either. Please add what you would like to your lore already provided!
  • Can I have number 8?
  • Herein lies the next chapter of Aldren's story.


    Aldren has been training Mila the young pyromancer to become a vital member of the Hibernarch cohort. Rather than teaching her to suppress her magic, he encourages her to dig deeper and find its source, thereby helping her to master it. In reality, Aldren is siphoning Mila's fire magic into himself through an amulet hidden in his cohort's eagle standard. The stronger she becomes in her mastery of fire, the more powerful Aldren grows...unbeknownst to Mila, of course.

    @sorinjace Is this what constitutes a global board wipe? Also, I will have my choice of destroying another smith's entry soon; I just wanted to expand the lore. How exactly do I "destroy" someone's post?
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    Keleth was enslaved by the Necromancer, and given the power to summon a vile beast, which he could use to animate the dead. But the thing took much of his will to control. Eventually, he mastered it, and made a moderately loyal servant of it. He sought out Silverfane Castle, seeking to make the betrayed keep his seat of accursed power.
  • More Aldren story. Cooked it up just this evening.


    Mila could barely hear Aldren’s command over the whistling in her ears. They rang like teapots ready on the kettle. Her vision was blurry with sweat, and her eyes stung beneath the salt. She raised her arm and wiped her face.

    “Again!” Aldren barked.

    The girl turned her head to see the captain, leaning lazily on his eagle standard, a look of disappointment and boredom on his face.

    “Please, Aldren,” she begged. “I can’t anymore. I need to sleep. And my hands hurt.”

    “You think those dogs and bandits will just wait for you on the battlefield while you take a little beauty nap? Wake up, child! War waits for no one. Now, again!”

    Mila’s shoulders slumped, and she turned to face the stone again. With an effort, she straightened herself and raised her fists, breathing heavily. She watched with a frustrated dread as the glyphs carved into the stone began to glow with a pale blue light and wisps of ethereal energy twisted forth from it like spectral cords. The cords wrapped around each other until the translucent figure of a warrior donning rusted armor and a pair of axes took shape before her. The spirit stood there, silent and emotionless, its eyeless face seeming to look directly at Mila and somewhere beyond her at the same time.

    Mila closed her eyes and imagined a pile of twigs catching fire, and the flame slowly growing to engulf the pile. Then she pictured the flame spreading beyond to the nearest leaf, then to another leaf, and another twig, and the base of a tree, then slowly up the tree, all the while burning brighter and hotter. She felt herself getting hotter, and the sweat once again trickle down her face. Her hands sweltered as if she’d plunged them into boiling water. She opened her eyes to the scarlet glow of flames erupting from her fists, and glaring at the spirit she postured herself into a fighting stance.

    The warrior remained motionless. It maintained that unnerving, all-seeing vigil, completely stoic to the adversary in front of it.

    This time, Mila thought. With a shout, she hurled a ball of fire straight at the spirit’s stupid face. It shot towards her foe with the speed of an arrow, but the spirit was quicker. In one fluid motion, it floated to the side and knocked the flat end of its axe against the fireball, sending it hurtling to the edge of the combat circle. It fizzled in midair into a flurry of sparks, sending a ripple across the circle’s magical barrier. Her frustration growing, Mila threw another ball, only to have it again deflected. In an instant, the spirit rushed forward with axes crossed. Mila had less than a second to roll out of the way, only just avoiding the sweep of the blades. Still crouched, she sent a jet of flame roaring into the warrior. It turned with lightning speed, shielding itself with its crossed axes. As strong as Mila’s magic was, the spirit did not budge.

    Mila’s hands screamed with pain, and she could feel the fire dim inside her. The stream of flame wavered, and the spirit thrust forth its axes and broke the spell, sending a scarlet wall back at the girl. Mila collapsed crying to the ground, her arms crossed and her body writhing in agony. The warrior raised its blades and lunged. Mila closed her eyes and waited for the axes, but they never landed a blow. She peeked her eyes open to see the spirit trapped in a circle of floating ice crystals, being forced back towards the inscribed stone. The closer the spirit became to the stone, the less defined its form grew, until it dissipated completely and the strands of aether sank back into the rock. The glyphs shone no longer, and the combat circle was quiet.

    Mila could almost feel Aldren shaking his head. She heard his footsteps scrape along the gravel towards her, but she kept her eyes averted, unable to so much as look at her mentor. Aldren knelt down, and spoke in a soft, low tone. “You’re afraid of your power, my child. But you mustn’t fear it. Stoke that flame inside you. Let it sear away all of your doubts. Now get up, and unleash what you are.”

    Mila lay there for a moment, sniffling and whimpering. Then she swallowed her tears, and rose laboriously to her feet. She spied the stone, its glyphs once again starting to glow, and she clenched her fists. She gritted her teeth and narrowed her gaze. She didn’t have to imagine a pile of kindling; her hands were already heating up. She saw the spirit materialize again, its faceless visage boring into her soul. This time, her own visage bored back, and the harder she stared the less material the warrior appeared. She could almost see the individual strands of aether comprising its structure, all the links and vertices in its spectral body. Her fists burst into flame, and she postured herself again.

    Mila shoved both her hands forward and sent a wave of fire at the spirit. The warrior crossed its axes and appeared unharmed by the blast. But Mila now saw her chance, and she threw out a volley of fireballs, one after the other, seemingly at random targets. The warrior parried and floated from side to side, until one ball nicked the edge of its shoulder, sending ethereal cords writhing out into the open air. Mila aimed for both the spirit and the strands, the warrior unable to block both. The fire singed away at the open links, trailing like lit powder into the warrior’s body, dissolving the connections in its spectral matrix. The spirit’s form withered, and Mila kept up the assault, fireball after fireball. She felt her whole body getting hotter, the zeal of her potential victory growing stronger. With a final deafening roar, a great storm of fire surged from her entire being to engulf the combat circle. The spirit burned away, the magical barrier tore apart, and the inferno swallowed up the outer wall of the barracks.

    Mila stood among the ruin, her chest swollen with pride, the fire completely burnt out of her body. She barely registered the freezing rain that descended over the camp and dowsed the blaze, or the blanket that was placed on her shoulders. All she could hear, like an echo through a tunnel, was the bellow of a dragon and the slow clap of Aldren’s hands.

  • @beastakles just mention the cardsmith and the card you are targeting. But remember the target must not be the only card the cardsmith made otherwise it dont count; they must have more than 1 entry for you to target their card.
  • @KanekiDemon here is what number 8 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Ravaged Ideas"

    When you want to use this item, specify what cardsmith it is for. Its only good 1 time so make it count!

    When you use Ravaged Ideas the targeted cardsmith can't use any of their unlocked items until their next 2 cards are submitted to the contest. Choose wisely!

    Your task: Create a mono blue planeswalker that can return permanents to their owner's hand.

    There is no lore for number 8, @KanekiDemon. please continue with the story you provided!
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/ig-87-marogcs-distraction
    Here are my fav requests:

    Marogc cursed. Halfway to Geonosis, he had had to stop for fuel. Now he was embroiled in a shoot out with a group of pirates belonging to Captain Derthani's crew. He turned IG-87 who was hiding behind a stack of crates with him.

    "Hey, Bucket-head, Shoot more!" the assassin droid burbled something, then obliged Marogc by unleashing a hail of blaster fire. One of the pirates went down screaming, a glancing blow to the shoulder rendering him useless. Marogc smirked.
    "Keep it up buddy," suddenly, a thought occurred to Marogc, "I have a plan, don't stop shooting." As Marogc snuck away from behind the cover, he turned to see IG-87 standing up letting lose with his gun.
    "At a boy," Marogc said under his breath, leveling his sniper rifle at the pirates, "Now, who to start with?"
  • @sorinjace Alrighty then, I choose pjbear2005's Battle-Scarred Dead to destroy (if that's an option).

    @pjbear2005 Please don't be upset with me for this.
  • @sorinjace And if that trigger resolves, then I will choose number 31 for my next task please.
  • Alrighty, i have an idea on what i want to do with the additional information, so let's do this.

    Day 72581

    Today is a good day, i knew it before it had started, it was raining slightly and it was quite cloudy, but i couldn't shake the feeling something good was going to happen.
    As i ventured into the unknown, i had no idea where i was, no map with me after all, it was refreshing, i arrived at this edge of greenery, it didn't look touched by human hand. I decided to enter it, it seemed like a forest, it had been a while since i last walked in a true forest like this, completely covered with trees and plants while stretching on for a large distance.

    When i believed it was noon i decided to take a quick break, enjoy the life around me for a bit, i hadn't found many animals, a few bugs and birds here and there but not many mammals. The primary reason i decided to take a break was because there seemed to be someone following me, i didn't sense any ill intentions so i didn't mind it much, but i would like to talk to it. Once i relaxed i called out to it, after reasuring it that i meant no harm, it, no, she came out, a dryad, quite a beautiful one at that too. She called herself Haze, it felt fitting, her body seemed to emit a form of smoke, it smelled sweet, it was most likely a form of poison. Harmless enough for the plants and trees, but lethal to most mammals. I wonder if that is why i haven't seen many around. I asked her why she was here and how she came to be. She told me about her birthplace, i believe she called it Hadira. She told me about her exile, for the way she was born and the danger she posed. She seemed happy to have someone to talk to, someone to share her stories of travel with. She traveled a lot before settling down here, to protect the treasure within this forest. We talked deep into the night, as i talked about my adventures and she about hers.

    Day 72582

    The sun arose once more, well, not that i could have seen it rise through the woods, and we were all but done talking as we watched the light appear through the leaves. I decided to get going, Haze asked if i wanted her to guide me and since she knows the forest better than me i was happy to accept. As she guided me through the woods i saw a rabbit running around, but as we approached it seemed to quickly perish and i felt sorry for it as well as Haze.

    She guided me to the edge of the forest, we might have just gone through it entirely. When i saw a glimpse of the light I immediately rushed towards it as beautiful as it looked. I was speechless, it was one of the most beautiful places i had ever seen, a lost bit of nature untouched by human hands of war. A huge valley filled with life and power, all types of animals running around the fields, many different plants and trees adorned the flats. Resources all but exhausted by the skirmishes of greed-fueled humans. As i looked around, Haze was no longer near me, not wanting to hurt these lands. I looked around once more, basking in the beauty of this location.

    I sit here now, writing, thinking, this might be the place. I have had this idea for some time now, to build a place for those who still wish to explore this world, to look for new places to go. A place where adventurer's can come together to share their stories and experiences, a place i could go home to, wouldn't that be amazing? Would this not be the perfect place?

    Dear journal, I might need to contact some old friends.


    Alrighty, hope you enjoyed, for the next bit i'd like to take #60 if you don't mind.
  • My task: Create a card that is capable of granting it's controller the ability to change text on another card.


    Continuation of the lore:

    Lucasha led Kaan to a small, seemingly abandoned house at the edge of the city. Inside, she told him to wait and disappeared into another room. Kaan looked around and was surprised by how clean it actually was inside, unlike the exterior let assume. Lucasha quickly returned and put a map on a table. "Alright, you are looking for someone who looks similar to you, who causes you trouble, right?" Kaan looked at the map and saw a few markings at different locations. "Not similar, but exactly like me, like a twin." She looked puzzled for a second. "Well regardless of similar or twin, I have heard of him, he is causing quite a commotion in Ghirapur, so i decided to investigate a little to find out more." She pointed on the map. "The marked locations are where i have seen him before. It is quite safe to assume that he is hiding somewhere around the market district." Kaan noticed that there were indeed way more markings than anywhere else on the map. "Then we should pay it a visit to see where to lay a trap.", he suggested. Lucasha nodded. "I agree, but you are in my debt after that." Kaan sighed. "I figured, nothing comes without a price, huh?" She simply grinned and stored away the map again. "Alright then, blue man, let's go!" He looked baffled. "Blue man?", he asked. "Well yes, I don't know your name and you are blue, so get used to it." Lucasha laughed and turned away. "It's Kaan!", he told her. She smirked. "Mhm, nice name. Come now, blue man." Kaan sighed again and followed her. She was weird... help was nice and all, but just what had he gotten himself into?

    @sorinjace - I'd like to take the number 33 next
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    @Beastakles your choice for card destroyed is marked! ( @pjbear2005 it wont delete the card from your account it just wont be judged for this contest at the end.)

    I will be back later to post the findings! :)
  • @sorinjace, I would like 75.
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    @sorinjace 66 here. Thanks. Btw for the second fase, i picked 34, just in case you want to edit the list.
  • @sorinjace i'll take n°59 please
  • Whenever the final phase is ready, I'll choose 80!
  • Lol @LostinStatic, its been revealed that the last number is at 75! :) Wonder how your creature will be by the end of the contest...?

    I will be back to post the numbers later guys, i have a doctors appointment to go to later and i got to pick up aryanf from her appointment too. Ill bbl.
  • I'll take 29 if it's still open, and @sorinjace I just start by making a legendary creature right?
  • Pfft, whoops, I guess I figured 80 was below 75 for some reason! I think I meant to write 60, so lets go with that!
  • @Koslen2 you can submit a creature of any type and it can be legendary or not legendary, depending on how you want to write the story to your creature. Like you can have it evolve if you hit the right number and if your creatures not a legendary the next version of your creature can become legendary (as an example.) Just when you drop your creature, provide a background story please.
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    @LostinStatic @IronCrusher already requested 60 I just did a recap.
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    First Phase of "Choose Your Own Saga! Contest 2019"

    1 - Vardrus
    2 - IronCrusher
    3 - BorosPaladin
    4 - murkletins
    5 - dibbydubsdubs
    6 - TemurGideon
    7 - LostinStatic
    8 - KanekiDemon
    9 - DoctorFro
    10 - Beastakles
    12 - DomriKade
    13 - ASubtleGhost
    14 - Vardrus
    15 - BorosPaladin
    16 - pjbear2005
    17 - beastakles
    18 - Revan
    19 - IronCrusher
    20 - kandra127
    21 - pjbear2005
    22 - Derfaulehelmut
    23 - spookoops
    24 - dechujoh64
    25 - Fallen Lord Vulganos

    Second Phase of "Choose Your Own Saga! Contest 2019"

    26 - ASubtleGhost
    29 - Koslen2
    31 - Beastakles
    33 - Vardrus
    40 - Vardrus
    42 - Revan
    44 - LostinStatic
    46 - IronCrusher

    Final phase of "Choose Your Own Saga! Contest 2019"

    59 - ASubtleGhost
    60 - IronCrusher
    72 - LostinStatic
    75 - Revan

    Feel free to pick from any of these numbers at this time as well guys. At the time of this posting, there was only 2 numbers left to choose from in the first 25 numbers.
  • @LostinStatic please choose a different number than 60 thanks.
  • ASubtleGhost here is what number 59 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Two birds, One Stone"

    You may use this ability any time, and you can use it TWO times. If you see something on another contestant's entry that you think needs editing, you can use this ability and "freeze" the entry from being judged until the cardsmith that created the entry edits the card to your suggestion. But please keep this as honest as possible, we are trying to help make cards the best they can be, no funny business please. ( I know you won't do that, but its wrote down on the paper here.)

    Your task: Create a card that redirects any type of action.

    The Spider Grayven Klenn is working for has a much more sinister plot in mind than has been revealed, please add this to your lore and continue with your creatures story!
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    @Revan here is what number 75 is:

    You have unlocked:

    "Time Bomb"

    There is a time limit to the contest now, no matter how many numbers are requested, the contest will end January 31st 2019.

    Your task: Create a creature that can destroy or exile all creatures on the battlefield. It must work with your main character's colors (think edh/commander.)

    Unfortunately, there was no lore, and this number really sucked. So I am giving you 5 favorites to make up for it! Choose the 5 cards you want favored, and I will favorite them for you. Please post them here.

    Continue with your creature's story!
  • @Vardrus here is what number 33 is:

    You have unlocked

    "Christmas Weed"

    You may use this item at any time. If you see a card that you think needs more bling to it, you may create your version of it at any time. If you do so, the original will be knocked out of judging for the contest. Choose wisely!

    Your task: Create a shapeshifter creature that can become a copy of any type of permanent temporarily to your choosing. It must work with the colors of your main character.

    There is no lore here, please continue with your story!
  • @Koslen2 I can't find your creature you submitted, or did you not get to that yet? I can't reveal what 29 is until you submit your creature, and the contest was just exposed it ends January 31st to give you a heads up. :)
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