Adventurers of Aeris (Character and story centric Saga)(sign-ups)

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Oi, greetings to ye, welcome to the Tilted Stern! Come, have a seat, ya look weary. What can I do for ya? Trouble, around here? Just about every day there’s some squabble going on with a gang or someone tugging on the stick up the Bullburg family’s arse. But real trouble? No mate, Aeris is a fairly quiet town compared them big cities. And most of all, despite our problems, we get by all the same. But come on, if ye tell me about yerself, maybe I can help point ya in the right direction. I’m well connected as they say.

Welcome to my first Saga! This is a character-centric, story-focused saga set in small/medium sized town named Aeris. The central theme of this will be around a group of (mostly) well-meaning individuals coming together to deal with the problems of the town. I’m talking about robberies, gang fighting, family affairs, political turmoil, and generally just a bit of this and that.

This Saga may not be for you if you aren’t interested in:
Long-form cooperative storytelling and roleplaying
Character development
Posting a minimum of once a week to the forums (within reason)
Occasionally underpowered Magic cards.

If the previous did sound interesting to you, than that is the general gist of what’s going on here. Following this introductory post with rules and themes, there will also be a short story/lore post. You’ll be encouraged to pull from it some as you develop your character for this saga. With all of that said, let’s get into the Smithing meat and potatoes if you will.

First and foremost, old cards ARE allowed, but I highly encourage new cards to be made, and they’ll have to be made going forward. But if you have a character you’re dying to use, I’ll allow it, but encourage you to try and tie them into the lore if possible.

These are the cards I’m looking for:
A legendary creature with maximum converted mana cost of 4, and no more than 3 colors. Please no X mana cost creatures. This is your character for the saga.
2 instant/sorcery cards with max cmc of 6, with no greater combined cmc of 8. Must be within your colors.
Up to one artifact or enchantment, with a max cmc of 3
Up to one other creature, with max cmc of 3. This does not have to be within your colors. This slot if only for secondary background characters and things like animal companions.

Additionally, you are allowed and encouraged to make as many story cards as you’d like. There are no major restrictions on these, but they’ll only count towards your character’s story, and nothing else.
I'd also like at least a paragraph of information about your character when you post them.

You’ll be given points (and favorites) according to: grammar, flavor, mechanical cohesion, powerlevel balance, and realistic card design. After a given storyline/challenge, you’ll be given additional points (and favorites) according to the overall quality of the cards (see the previous for things I look for here) as well as how well your character is represented by them and how well it matches the story and what your character is trying to accomplish in the story.

Furthermore, these points will also be usable to acquire new skills, items, favors, and more during the adventure.

Feel free to ask questions, message me directly, or join the slowly blooming MTGCS discord server


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    Story and Lore Post (1)
    Aeris is a small to medium sized town settled on the mouth of Lake Clarendon and the Garamond River established roughly 200 years ago (give or take). Baron Fargo Clarendon currently rules over the town, although the Bullburg family and its brewery hold much influence over the town and its affairs. The river flowing down into town means they're never short of supplies, but the economy struggles if the roads to other towns becomes unavailable or the river current becomes too strong. Still, this town is fairly quiet, tucked away among the hills and forests of the area out of the way of most conflicts.

    Area Map

    Town Map
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    E E E
  • @KorandAngels I'm going to add this to the rules because I didn't consider it, but I'm going to veto your card because of the X cost. Also make sure to post the supporting spells at the same time.
  • Ah mana cost limit. I didn't notice that part.
  • I also didn't notice that I needed so many supporting cards!
  • You only need two instants/sorceries, but you have some optional additional cards as well.
  • Are MSE cards allowed? Assuming so until stated.
  • Yes, MSE is allowed. I encourage making cardsmith versions if possible.
  • Cards coming soon!
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    @Red_Tower Question, can I make my legend a Planeswalker?
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    image imageimage


    Jack always had a wandering mind and soul. Never a man to be committed to any one thing, Jack quickly realized he was really good at doing most anything he tried. He spent the majority of his life bouncing from place to place and school to school. Jack was never a person to seek out conflict, but he would never turn his back in it when it arose.

    Now Jack is found taking a respite in the city of Aeris, excelling at the odd jobs he finds around and working the occasional bounty when needed. He currently resides on the shores of Garamond, floating between the Brewery and Smithy, since those are what he likes most...

    Stormdancer is Jack's eternal love, his companion, his wife. Nearly opposites on all aspects, their spirits are highly compatible, and there passion is deep.
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    I look forward to hearing about your character, it looks very interesting!

    And although it was said, I'll just clarify that right now no planeswalkers are allowed.
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    Here are my starting entries. Thanks for hosting this challenge!

    Actual Entries:

    Main Character (Two faced!): Mercy, Born of Kindness / Mercy, the Loss of Faith
    Starting Instant 1: A Great Night for a Hunt
    Starting Sorcery 1: We're all Family Here
    Starting Artifact: The Lonely Vessel
    Animal Companion 1: Moa, the Loa Buu

    Custom Mechanics For Entries:
    Companion (You may have this creature card begin the game in your command zone. As this creature leaves the battlefield, you may put it into your command zone. You may play this creature card from your command zone by paying {2} for each time it was cast from the command zone this game in addition to any other costs.)

    Companion [Version for instant and/or sorcery cards!] (You may have this instant or sorcery card begin the game in your command zone. As this card leaves the battlefield and the stack, you may put it into your command zone. You may play this card from your command zone by paying {2} for each time it was cast from the command zone this game in addition to any other costs.)

    Nurture {specific card} (Search your library for the specified card and put it onto the battlefield under your control. Then shuffle your library.)

    Nurture {specific card} from {specific zone} (Search the specified zone for the specified card and put it onto the battlefield under your control. If you searched a library this way, its owner shuffles it.)

    Philanthropist (If this creature card would leave the battlefield, its owner may return it to their command zone instead. It’s one of its owner’s companions if it isn't their commander.)

    You may revel in a player. (For as long as you could revel in a player, you may look at the top card of that player's library. You may cast that card if it's a nonland card. You may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast spells this way.)

    Story/Lore of Mercy and her companion:
    Mercy, otherwise known as Merse for their habit of peering into lost souls. In the future hellishly yet angelically riding riding a Hearse. But onto her past, she was conceived as a beloved child between an Angel and a Demon of secret origin. As such she is both an Angel and a Demon, in short a Chimera. Henceforth, she attains her abilities through both of those worlds. She has been born full of compassion for life only looking up to things. But in the future she will find a time when she loses her faith and dredges some dark times. But regardless she comes right back to clarity in due time.

    Mercy's companion Loa, is a stray animal lost off the beaten path who ends up being found and nurtured by her new companion, Mercy. Destined to be the best of friends!

    Mercy's Summary: Is a female Angel/Demon Chimera born of an Angel and a Demon. Split between hope and despair she searches for the right path. Forever waning between both worlds.

    "Fingers crossed I shut my mouth
    Thoughts they're creeping through my teeth
    Drip, drop, the night is loud
    Silence seems to drown me out
    Box my thoughts and give me some relief"
    - SAFIA, Counting Sheep

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    Former workers of the lumber camp, Algor and Shren abandoned their duty of hauling wood to pursue a greater calling: The fine art of mercenary work. Found they were good at it, too. Between Algor's brute strength and Shren's mental capacity for improvising, they made a near unstoppable duo. Fast forward two years later and they're browsing the help wanted board for the latest job, having graduated from paid murder to a willingness to do more respectable jobs. Doesn't mean they aren't still willing to get their hands dirty, though.

  • @Red_Tower, sorry, I meant Legends that flip into Planeswalkers? Also, Story blurb coming soon...
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    "Do I really have to make a really sad backstory? Meh, I'm just an ordinary thief anyway. Yes, you hear that, so please just move along..." The annoyed elf just waved her left hand while her eyes was shining with blue-ish light.

    "Yes.. yes of course. So, here's your drink, milady." Answered the stout innkeeper as he finished the bubbling alcoholic beverage. All while blinking rapidly.

    And the elf tossed a gold coin towards the dwarf innkeeper.

    "Just take the tip, my good sir."

    "... Good enough for me." The innkeeper just shrugged, still with a half-dazed expression.

    image image image image
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    Here goes. Lore later.
    Imprison by michaelmvm

    Imprison (When this creature enters the battlefield, exile target creature your opponent controls. Its owner may pay its mana cost at any time to return it to the battlefield under their control.)

    image image image
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    Meet Jou, an eager bard who takes every opportunity to play his heart out. He struggles to make a living in the streets, however, and performs frequently in the tavern. He’s sweet, and well intentioned, but when he challenges you, he’s surely serious. The only people that follow him and play with him are his younger brother, the singer to his music and his girlfriend, Sandra, an incarnation of music. As he heard “money” be mentioned, he decided he wanted in.


    Him playing:


    Him fighting someone musically for cash:


    His beloved lute:


    His brother and his brother’s girlfriend:

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    Aler hails from the Manalands, a place where pure magic is created by the gods themselves. When the Erlen empire invaded, he fled with his sword in hand. What he didn't know is that he went straight into an Erlen town. He now fights in guerilla warfare against the military based in Aeris.
  • Wow this is getting more popular than I thought it was going to. I was originally imagining around 6 people, and we already have 7 with two or three more having shown interest. I may end up splitting the party into two groups if that happens, does that sound cool with everyone?
  • @Bowler218 You need one more instant or sorcery by the way.
  • Vazast is a renowned mercenary skilled with both blade and bow. Until now he has never failed to complete a job no matter what it was. The people who met him could only describe him as having a gloomy aura around him and that they couldn't get a single word out of him, since he was always shrouded in silence and told everyone to leave him alone with just one sharp look. His silence also is what made him a renowned mercenary, since his clients mostly didn't want anyone to know about their requests. However, despite his appearance he is rather passive and won't take action unless directly targeted. Vazast usually only cares about himself and works alone, which is also why he doesn't see any advantage in communicating with others, resulting in him talking one word sentences or orders if absolutely necessary or in order to gather information. He was traveling around the country, doing one job after the other and eventually landed in Aeris, after his client got assassinated before he could be paid, resulting in him looking for new work in a new town in order to get some money. (might add a little more later)

    Vazast himself:

    Several jobs he had:
    image image

    When he uses his sword instead of his bow:

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  • So we currently have:
    @spookoops with Jack
    @murkletins with Mercy, otherwise known as Merse
    @Lujikul with Algor and Shren
    @sanjaya666 with Aewyn
    @ASubtleGhost with Baazan Yoon
    @ThatOneCat with Jou
    @Vardrus with Vazast
    With complete entries.

    @Bowler218 with Aler who is missing a card.

    And @EmolgAn @KorandAngels @TezzeretofCarmot21 have all expressed interest in joining.
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