Realm of Defenders Contest (Closed)

Greetings, cardsmiths! In every battle, taking out your enemy is your main objective, if you plan to keep them away from your precious realm. But what would there be left to save, if your realm has already been stormed and raided by these enemies during the battle?

In this contest, tremendous glory will be given for those who present the greatest additional-creature-blocking cards! While other forces devastate your enemies, the cards you bring here should make sure you won't have the same fate!

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Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

1. Each entry must be a creature card that can block multiple creatures by a passive or an activated ability OR a noncreature card that allows creature(s) to block multiple creatures.
2. Each cardsmith is allowed to submit up to 3 entries.
3. Only one old card is allowed. State that the card is old if you submit one.
4. Cards can be edited and switched out before the due date.
5. No unbalanced joke cards, but humor can be involved.
6. Credit the artist. They worked hard on their artworks.
7. Post a link to your card with your entry.


1st Place
- 3 favorites of your choice.
- 1 month of Premium Subscription.
- I will create a token from you and add it to my set of Victorious Cardsmiths!
2nd Place
- 2 favorites of your choice.
- 1 month of Premium Subscription.
3rd Place
- 1 favorite of your choice.
- 1 month of Premium Subscription.

The winners and honorable mention(s) will have their entries favorited. The top three winning entries will also get a -TROPHY- and added to the -HALL OF FAME-

The contest will be closed for judging on 27th of July, 23:59 EEST. The judging will take a few days at least.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Defend your realm before it's too late!!


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