Final Fantasy XIII Expansion

edited October 2019 in Custom Card Sets
This is where we can discuss the set and it's cards; which is playable on (FFE).

Always looking for contributors, including those who are willing to give me some feedback! Will definitely give credit!

Card Rules:
- Color coordination is spot on. I definitely will prompt updating your card to match the system I've got in place.

- Uses art only from the video games, and official conceptual and promotional artworks of the 3 video games.

- Fan arts can be used if given permission by its creator, but for usually only full arts, and tokens

New Abilities:
A.M.P. (white or black): Each {e}/energy counter/ you pay while casting this spell pays for {1}.

Shield, Shield II (white or black): Whenever this creature would take damage, reduce that damage by 1/2. This doesn't stack.

Opened void (black): Cards sent to the graveyard are exiled instead, including this card.

'Wounding damage' (red, or green): Wounding damage remains on creatures even as steps and phases end.

Pack mentality (green): When this creature enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a card with the same types as it, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put it on top of it.

Reoperate (colorless): Once only, you may cast this creature from your graveyard by paying {X} and X number of {e}.

Powerchain: (The first activation of this creature's activated ability has no {X} cost, until end of your next turn)

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