Worldcraft Part 1 (An Alternate Earth)

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Hello! I am trying to get myself back into the fun that is this website, so to do that, I'm doing something I love more than anything, telling stories!

Worldcraft is going to be a saga based on Earth, but not ours. It will take place in different eras of the world, and will be a battle for control by different cardsmiths.

How it Works:

Each person entering will create a Legendary creature who inhabits one of the civilizations on the map. Through challenges, those characters will gain or lose popularity and followers. The more popular you grow, the more power you will get, and you will rise through the ranks and possible gain land and power.

The story is created by me and the participants of this challenge, and will be determined mostly by the interactions between competitors and how the choose to take on challenges.

How to Enter:

Create a character with CMC of 4 or less, choose their location of origin and write a bit of backstory for them based on their location. Then all you have to do is wait for the challenge to start. You may create lore cards or writings for your character if wanted.

This challenge will start when we hit 12 entries, or, if it blows up, the best 12 entries will be entered. Don't fret though, if you don't make it into this challenge, or are eliminated, once the next part of the challenge starts, you will be able to enter.

This first part will be taking place in the cradle of civilization, the 4 Major Successful River Valleys

Here is a map of the different civilizations.

Ehia - Kind of like Egypt, desert terrain. Religious group. Led by Religious Leader, The Mohha (Currently Mohha Shil)

Meloni - Less developed, but more knowledge based. Led by Head Scholar (Currently Alisea) and King (Currently Orin)

Inoro - Persian style architecture/ Gems and rocks. Warrior society. Lead by Sota Baron (Currently Aito Ma)

Hunrin - Chinese based area, Merchant/Trade society. Lead by Emperor (Currently Dinmeso)

Keep in mind that different civilizations will have little to no communication with eachother, and make sure to have fun!


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    Here's mine:
    Ukhal is an Ehian sphinx, but it's mother was a Inoroi* Manticore. Due to its mixed blood, Ukhal was shunned by the Mohha and the other sphinxes, and so lives in a secluded cave in the desert.
    Ukhal received an inheritance from its mother, a treasure trove containing a number of items used to summon Genies.
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    Daardie was born into the underbelly of Hunrin society. As a child he ran petty errands for the crime lords, quietly moving up in the ranks. In his later years, Daardie grew to be a prominent fence, and merchant for what ever anyone is in need of.

    Lore Cards
    image image

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    For the Meloni faction:


    Lore: Though actually an artificer at heart, Ozier was born in a merchant family who lives under the rule of the king Orin. One day, he finally able to enter a prestigious academy of the kingdom, in which the famous Alisea herself as the headmistress, due to a lucky prospect from the family's trade.

    And within the branch study artifice, Ozier preferred to choose to focus in the art of transmutation, a magical study that focuses the art of turning non-living matter into another form of matter, roughly said. Perhaps a penchant among the merchant families since he thought he could transform rocks into gold. But the process is not that simple of course since he would need many ingredients and alchemical procedures. But he also discovered that the creation of golems was also fascinating too since the rock constructs provide him with cheap workers and sentinels, a study he learned under the mentorship of Alisea of course.

    After all of his scholarly hardships, Ozier becomes a successful merchant lord with a large trade networks spanning not only inside of the kingdom, but also in many parts of the plane too.
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    Jahangir grew up in the middle of Inoro, where there wasn't much to do but to learn how to fight. He beat all of his peers in hand-to-hand combat, and figured out how to improve previous failed battles. He quickly climbed the ranks of the Inoro army to eventually become a warlord. The thing is, he has a strong hatred against magic, claiming they are inhonorable unless against another mage, which their aren't that many where he grew up. He will only use anything he can physically carry.
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    Okay, it is a matter of honour that I enter this. This might be the most fun thing to happen here for a while. However, in my incoherent search for a card to enter, I may have jumped the shark a little. I tried to subvert the expectations you had for this, but I may have broken the guidelines instead. So please, check out my entry for the Meloni faction, and if it straddles the bar just a little too much, just tell me, and I'll make another.




    The stout Gobra smiled her wicked smile. As she crawled out of her cave, she saw a convoy of horses riding into the valley, as the pale sun rose through the bitter, purple sky. She never doubted it would come. It was a convoy from Meloni, as could be instantly seen by one who could look. The King and Head Scholar needed their help once again. Inside, her sisters were already preparing the morning brew. Ground koaphi seeds and pickled bat eyes. Her favorite.
    "They finally showed up!" - she murmured contently while waddling back into the cave's maw. "'Bout time, 'bout time!" - grunted her younger sister Begudri. "Any longer and the moon would go into the wrong constellation, and that would just ruin the whole ritual". The eldest, Zenugo, said nothing. She was a hag of few words, not spilling them on any old occasion. Yet she would speak that day.

    Alisea travelled far. Orin refused to listen, but soon he'll see. He never fully accepted Alisea, always considering him to be inferior to his cousin, the previous Head Scholar, the person who cast a shadow over his entire life. But now was the chance to prove his worth. To prove his judgement.
    A few months ago, when the three hags came to the palace in the City of Water, Orin laughed them down, considering them foul madwomen who could do nothing more than fancy tricks. But a lot changed since then. Word around the realm spread about the mystical powers of the hags, and the one source that Alisea listened to that the kings never did was the people. And then the attacks came. An improbable alliance of two barbarous hordes, one led by Kajdal Khan, and the other by Orkin Khan. And now, an alternate approach was perhaps needed.

    As he came to the mouth of the cavern, the Three came out to greet him together. Begudri, Zenugo and Gobra. After a brief moment of silence, Begudri was the first to speak. "Who goes there?" - she barked, with a voice that chilled the Scholar to be core. "Envoy from the seat of the Meloni Realm, the one you reside in. I speak for the king." - that was a lie. King Orin had not approved this operation, neither was he aware of it. He was sure that Alisea was on leave. "I recognise you" - grunted Gobra. "You are the one who sat in the palace, at the feet of the cold man. We offered our services already, and yet you refused".
    "I apologise for all my realm. We made a great mistake. We are truly sorry."
    "PROVE IT!" - Gobra snapped. "Prove you are sorry".
    This was the most important part of the trip. Every child in Meloni knew how to please a hag. You had to give one three objects that you deeply cherish. Without saying anything, he went up to his guards, and one handed him a leather pouch. Within it, three things. First, Alisea's family sigil. Losing one was a great dishonour. Second, a branch of a tree that was part of the forest he frolicked in as a child. And lastly, a sacred white mouse, with a bright blue spot painted on its forehead. To kill one without reason was a great crime.

    Then at last, Zenugo spoke. "We accept your gifts. The Meloni empire has undone its great offense". Then, the three hurried in, Begudri beckoning him with hand gestures to follow. Inside was a great pot of a bubbling, frothing, fuming greenish-gray liquid. Inside, something was stirring. First, in went the sigil. It started to rust almost immediately, rotting quicker and quicker, eventually falling apart into dust and dissolving. The Three stirred with grins on their faces. Then, the mouse. It started to squeal horribly, like it was being boiled alive. To be fair, its fate was much worse. Its very skin began to shift and change. It was as if the soul of the creature itself was being scalded. After a while, the squeaks stopped as it either drowned or was ripped apart by the liquid. The liquid was frothing too much to tell. The witches themselves cackled all of the way, as if the creature's agony both pleasured and nourished them. And then, the branch. There, the cauldron started to smoke. And while Alisea would realise much later, at that very moment, the forest the branch came from was consumed by an infernal wildfire.

    Suddenly, the liquid cleared. And in it, the Scholar saw a map of the world. There was Meloni, standing proud, there were all the Khan hordes. In reality, there were fewer than they expected. And all of their locations perfectly mapped out! With this, the raiders would be defeated in no time! There were also three other, stranger, unknown empires mapped, one to the west and to to the east, but he paid no attention to that, because the map started to zoom in. It finally came to the size of a tent, in the camp that Kajdal and Orkin slept. And just like that, their tent was by blazing lightning struck. The two Khans were no more.

    Needless to say, Alisea was seldom disrespected from that point on.
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  • Hunrin merchant -


    Minamoni was born to a rich Hunrin family in the northern region of it. He lived a well-educated and prestigious upbringing, until his family was murdered by assassins from a jealous rival merchant clan. His parent's fortune was left to Minamoni, and as a young teenager on the run, he travelled to the southern area of Hunrin. He then quickly used his inherited fortune to buy the allegiance of several merchant groups, and steadily rose through the ranks, before becoming the head of a trading group. He established a huge web of contacts and trade routes all over the plane, and resides in a well-guarded palace currently.
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    Shirames was once a pure and innocent princess, living her life inside the palace of the Sota Baron. Her beauty and nobility gained her the nickname of "Gem of Inoro". Because of her fame she saw many battles unfold just to claim her hand, hence why, one night, she left the Palace and wandered away, on a piligrimage.
    During her travels, she then stumbled upon an ancient wasteland, the ruins of a lost palace. Being now alone, and with no intention to go back to her life as a prize, Shirames explored the ruins until she found an ancient relic, the Staff of the Sands: an item so powerful it could manipulate both the sands of the desert and compel the spirits bound to the soil. This is how her new life with the newfound powers as the Wasteland Princess begun.
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