Help make pre-con brawl/commander decks

Hey, the Lord here, and I'm here to ask if people would like to help make brawl/commander(Not decided yet) decks, similar to how WOTC make commander sets. Each deck would have a theme, and mostly new cards would be in. If you like the idea, just say "Tachanka is better than me".

Edit:Alright, now that we have it decided that you guys care for a crud, let's get started. What we're going to do is make 4 different decks, each with a commander, and a theme. Let's start easy. Why don't we make a 60 card, brawl, green ooze slime deck.
So, what can you do? Make a commander. Then, once we have our commander, we can start making more cards. Alright?


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