For the characters without a card... (Contest!!)

Once upon a time, there was a goblin named Furt. He was beaten, attacked, and used as ammo. One day he got mad and sent a complaint to the man above, Richard Garfield. He said. "How come I am constantly being sacrificed and injured but I don't even get a single card?". Richard replied "Hmm... because you are underappreciated. I shall make it up to you." Then, Richard gave Furt some flavor text on another goblins card. Furt still hopes for the day when he will get a card.

And that day is today: 
Goblin Lookout

This Month's challenge: Find a character on any magic the gathering cards flavour text, that has not recieved their very own card yet, then make them into a legendary creature (Like above).

Rules: Create a legendary creature for a character only referenced in flavor text.
 If the creature has a title in the flavour text (Example: Noble Warrior), you must also use that subtitle.

You must include at least one card referencing your character with each entry

No joke cards (Although you can make a non-unset card for a unset character.)

Unlimited entries

Prizing:      1st Place: 3 favourites of your choice + a trophy card
                   2nd Place: 3 Favourites of your choice

                   3rd place: 2 Favourites of your choice

I hope you will all enjoy my 4th contest! Judging will commence at the end of the month, so let's get smithing!


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    Bump! Also, nice entry!
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    Liefellen, Quirion Exarch was referenced on TWO cards, and he still didn't get any love!  I thought it would be neat to give him BOTH of the abilities from the cards that referenced him.  In fact, I really LOVE the idea that he can turn one of your lands into a creature by paying a {g} and tapping him, and THEN you return that forest you just tapped for a {g} to your hand and untap Liefellen to do it again!  That's TWO 2/2 lands in one turn (but you bounced a forest to do it ... so, that's not over powered, I guess.)

    Anyway, here are the two Quirion cards which referenced him, from way back in the the Visions block:

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    If we can have multiple entries, I've got another here to enter.  If not, please use my first entry Liefellen, Quirion Exarch as my official entry.

    I really like the flavor of the card "Hundred-Handed One" because it's literally from Greek and Roman mythology.  The Centimanes ("Hecatoncheires" in Greek) were beasts with 50 heads and 100 arms who were mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. 

    This is the original card with Harthag within the flavor text.  I couldn't tell by the Craw Giant card if his name is supposed to be pronounced Hart Hag or Har Thag, so when I redesigned him, I changed his name to reflect its pronunciation. I also removed the keyword "rampage" and just assigned that ability to Har Thag as a static ability without calling it rampage.

  • @TerryTags, really nice entry! There is no limit to the number of entries you can have. (I should probably put that in with the rules before I forget.)
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    This is fun! (Sorry for the multiple entries)

    Based on "Calmont, Aysen bureaucrat" from the following cards:

  • Can't believe he's been mentioned just once, but here's a card I made for a similar contest recently and now prayed that this character is actually mentioned somewhere outside of th Ixalan story.

    Mentioned here:

  • Been on a jeskai monk card craze as of late. Found this guy through some wiki browsing.

    Mentioned in these two cards:

  • It's weird that Wizards haven't given a card for Runo Stromkirk yet.

    Runo Stromkirk

    Stromkirk CaptainStromkirk CondemnedWeirded Vampire

    Runo Stromkirk is the progenitor of the Stromkirk line of vampires on Innistrad.

    In life, Runo was a high priest who worshipped pre-Avacynian gods of the sea and storms. As a vampire he established his dominion at Drunau in Nephalia and supported master craftsmen and commissioning buildings, towers, and ships, while funding any vampire-friendly efforts by alchemists and magisters.

    Runo has developed a significant interest in the coastal cults of Nephalia. He has worshipped (protected by his glamer) alongside cultists of the Kralmar and the Gitrog, and thrown sacrifices into the waves for unnamed entities. His spiritual craving has not been satisfied yet, for he has not settled down with any one cult. Some humans revere him as a prophet.

  • What is the stance on cards that just have vanguards?
  • Sarlena of the Northern Verge
    (link embedded in the description)

    Based on several core set cards, for example:

    Celestial Purge
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    @ThatOneCat , I would say since they technically have a card, they do not work for this contest. They have to only have been seen in flavour text, they can't have any kind of card. Apologies if that ruins an idea you may have had for an entry.
  • Oh, It’s fine. I was gonna do Gix, and at this minute I’m looking for good phyrexian birth priest art (looking for Sitrik.)
  • Super Bump!!!... Also, three days until judging, let's see if anyone else makes any submissions.
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    Avaricta oversees and directs the virologists and biomancers of the Progress Engine in charge of perfecting phyretic infection. She is mentioned in two cards.

  • "Thangbrand Gyrdsson, Kjeldoran Patrol" is mentioned on "Deathmark" from Coldsnap:

  • Before I forget, the contest is now closed for judging. Results should probably be out sometime tomorrow.
  • Well... Tommorow came! (Only two months late, my apologies.) 

    So... that means i have the winners!

    In 3rd place, we have @Stryk3r, with Avaricta, Gitaxian Sective. I found the card to be a very phrexian like card, so it perfectly represented who the character is and matched up with the flavour text she was in.

    In 2nd place, we have @Ilmarinen, with Runo Stormkirk. Runo is a very unique card and definitely would be an interesting choice for commander. The human creating abilities definitely seem to line up with the fact that some revere him as a prophet, so good job there.

    and finally, In 1st place we have @TerryTags with Liefellen, Quirion Exarch. This card definitely has some unique interactions with both of his land abilities. I also really like how you merged both of the other Quirion abilities onto him, which makes a very synergistic card. Well done!

    The winners can either message me what card they want favourited or just post the links below, and once again... sorry for the wait.

    Other than that, I hope you all will try my next challenge, and happy cardsmithing!

  • Slightly biased with this one as my girlfriend's name is Disa. So whenever I came across a card with that flavor text, I would say "Found you!" She's been mentioned on cards of every color so I made her all color. Stole Golos's abitlity so I made him the flavor text.
  • I realize im super late but don't care. Haha you could start this contest again anytime.
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