Double Jumpstart

Hey everyone!

I'm a fan of Jumpstart, and I wanted to make another contest, so here you go!
Here's the idea:

Two Cardsmiths work together and each make one deck leader (rare or mythic card), smaller creature, and instant or sorcery for their jumpstart custom deck. Then they put the cards together to make a jumpstart combo.

So for example...

Say me and some other cardsmith decided to make our combo Nobles and Dogs. Each of us would claim one half of that, (Me, Dogs and the other cardsmith, Nobles) and then each make one deck leader, a smaller creature, and an instant or sorcery for their jumpstart combo.

Planeswalkers are allowed as your commander as long as they are related.

Joke cards are allowed as long as that is your focus.

Your deck leader can be legendary or not, it just has to be rare or mythic.

When you comment with your side, be sure to @ the other cardsmith so I can know that you are partnering.

Sheep/Demons by @KorandAngels and @LordTachanka123
Saprolings/Oxen by @SNAPcreator7 and @Vert


3rd: 2 favorites for each cardsmith.

2nd: 3 favorites for each cardsmith and a trophy card.

1st: 4 favorites for each cardsmith, a trophy card, and a follow for each cardsmith. (If I am already following you, another 2 favorites.)

This contest will be judged at the end of August.

Only 3 cards per cardsmith.

I will award places to the cardsmith that makes the best combo (Wether one side be nothing like the other, or the sides are similar)

Try and be as original as you can, and

Good luck!



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