My Custom Format - Heroic

I love playing my custom format with my family and friends. It is fun and... OP.

Starting life total is 20

Deck size is minimum 60 cards (no maximum deck size as long as you can shuffle without aid).

Basically the same rules as Vintage except...

Only up to 8 sideboard cards (because it already makes for an op format, sideboards make it more op so i'm limiting the amount of sideboard cards allowed.)

The only cards allowed are Mythic Rares, Rares, Legendaries (any rarity), and Basic Lands. Some cards are going to be banned or restricted, but I'll let you guy's decide. Post what cards you think should be banned or restricted and i'll add them to the banned or restricted list. You are allowed to use cards from all of Magic's history from every set and edition (not promos or sliver bordered cards).


All Ante Cards

All Conspiracies

Chaos Orb

Falling Star


All silver-border cards

Cards whose art, text, name, or combination thereof that are racially or culturally offensive are banned in all formats. This list is a work in progress. Click here for the list.

- Ancestral Recall
- Black Lotus
- Chalice of the Void
- Demonic Tutor
- Dig Through Time
- Fabled Passage
- Golgari Grave Troll
- Imperial Seal
- Karn, the Great Creator
- Library of Alexandria
- Lion's Eye Diamond
- Lodestone Golem
- Lurrus of the Dream-Den
- Mana Crypt
- Mana Vault
- Memory Jar
- Mind's Desire
- Monastery Mentor
- Mox Emerald
- Mox Jet
- Mox Pearl
- Mox Ruby
- Mox Sapphire
- Mystic Forge
- Mystical Tutor
- Necropotence
- Strip Mine
- Thorn of Amythest
- Time Vault
- Time Walk
- Timetwister
- Tolarian Academy
- Trinisphere
- Vampiric Tutor
- Wheel of Fortune
- Yawgmoth's Will


- Zendikar's and Onslaughts"Fetchland" Cycles
- Channel
- Flash
- Zirda, the Dawnwaker
- Yawgmoth's Bargain
- Mind Twist
- Deathrite Shaman


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