Photoshop is fun



  • just put Omnath’s  face on Jace Mind Sculpters face and give Jace goblin legs and I happy
  • I have brought an abomination to the world, Jace the Omnath Goblin.
  • it's not... that bad I guess
    on second thought no, it definitely is
  • so I'm trying to make a planeswalker card using this art, but because of the way art on planewalkers arts work, only a top part of the art is visible

    could you put like... a blank black part below it just as big as the ability block on planeswalker cards, so that when I make the planeswalker it shows the whole art? this might be too hard though, sorry
  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    That's probably easy. I'll do that tomorow
  • could you do it for this art too?
  • Alright another abomination
    Photoshop Oath of Kaya and make it so Kaya’s head is Liliana’s, and that her hand is a Sandwich
    If this doesn’t look like an abomination I swear I will be happier.
  • @Omtegu You know, it's much easier for Tomigon to do that if you provide the pictures.
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    thank you very much @Tomigon !
    Soros the Vengeful

  • #CursedPhotoshop
  • @Tomigon Oh....My....Goodness. Lill-aya-which?
  • Now I just need any basic island made with any basic mountain hehehe and then I will make “ Cursed set 2022)
  • It is possible to make her hair slightly pink and with a slight age expression (around 45 - if that is possible since appearance is
  • your good at this!

    for my photoshop skills, i know how to absolotuly ruin any picture.
    and turn them black and white so it works on our printer better.
  • @Yonkers11
    MtGCS helps me to improve my photoshop skills lol
  • That was some really impressive subtle aging you did. So much more detail in the face now! And how do you do the color change on the hair so perfectly? I've been trying to do some haircolor changing myself recently and it feels like it takes forever to "key out" the hair to adjust the colors, and sometimes it still looks super artificial.
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    All I did for her hair in that art was-
    1) Select the area of her hair.
    2) Click this thing

    3) Slide some bars.. (Hue, coloration, saturation, etc..)

    It literally took me less than a minute.
    If I'm not happy with the result I overlay some colors.

    Sometimes things look artificial when you use a color that was never in the art. In that case I recommend you to change the colors of environment a little bit too. A good way is to select the areas of the color of your choice(YouTube tutorial->[Click]), and change colors of those areas

  • Could you edit the butterflies from this picture...

    ...Into this picture?

  • edited April 2021
    Butterflies be like
    :::flitter flitter flitter:::
  • Hoomans be like

    That's either very pretty or very deadly....
  • That video tutorial was super helpful actually, thanks! Don't have actual photoshop so I'll have to see what my selection of programs versions of some of these things are (if they have them). Thinking about picking up Affinity Photo since it's pretty cheap and seems to do everything I personally would need out of a program.

  • Could you change the girl's hair color to white, make her skin paler, and potentially make the clothing she's wearing black/dark grey? Like the image below

  • @MonkeyPirate2002
    No, I can't. Sorry.
    I don't know how to change colors of the area where it's very dark, like her hair. I think it's impossible, because darkness and brightness have no color.
    And some orange color on her skin are reflections of those lights, so I don't know what to do to make her skin look paler. 

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