Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



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    Strength: 10

    Dexterity: 13

    Constitution: 8

    Intelligence: 14

    Wisdom: 12

    Charisma: 15

    I really hope this is OK. I tried my best to catch up on Stitia lore, but if I am breaking any boundaries, do please tell.

  • **Lore coming within an impending timeframe**
  • @HeroKP, I'm upset that Vemmby is not MTGCS, can't give likes and comments. I find the formatting to be off target, no spaces between abilities. That being said, I love, love the activated ability Vemmby brings to the table, so much that it might be considered a busted mechanic. But, never the less it is an awesome idea.
  • @HeroKP, you want the link to the official Stitia set symbol?  We have one....
  • @spookoops @DrakeGladis

    Thank you both for your input. I am very glad I could generate interest. MTG.Design is down at the moment, but once I have access to it again, 

    - I will work out the spacing issues
    - And I will add the set symbol, which I found already, but thank you anyway

    I am already excited to participate!
  • I'll make one for chapter 2 soon enough. Just... behind. On a lot of things XD
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    @spookoops @DrakeGladis What does one think now?
  • Better formatting, and of course still loving the activated ability
  • @spookoops

    My gratitudes. It means a lot.
  • Oooh... that's cool.
  • Yes on the formatting... I don't see why the last ability is triple black though...
  • @DrakeGladis

    Because the ability comes from a place in design space not fully explored, and as such has not been properly assigned to a slice of the colour pie.

    With this opportunity to make it to any colour I want, I chose black to represent to sprinkle in some additional schemy flavour.
  • Hm.  Interesting.
  • When will start?
  • @KorandAngels Tommia's working on it. Give him a little bit of time. He's kind of busy at the moment
  • @KorandAngels I've been quite busy. Took a breather day yesterday, working on Colonizers today. Probably not going to make the time I planned on having this done by, so my new estimate is Thursday the 5th. I'm not firm on this, but I'll try my best!
  • @HeroKP That card looks good, but you might just want to keep it as a spirit. Once you have the lucky item/significant possession and significant event you'll be ready!
  • @DrakeGladis (Enerew), @EpicBoss99 (Verth), @ChoyBoi (Akira), @IronCrusher (Pherasa), @KorandAngels (Aerus), @IzItTru (Warren), @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua), @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan), @fire12 (Eclipsa), @CassZero (Patinix), @Abu_Jafar (Alfred), @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla), @spookoops (Carisle), @HeroKP (Vemmby)

    Game Mechanics - HP and Damage

    Everyone knows that every Saga is filled with challenges, and every challenge has a consequence for failure. Normally, that'd be an elimination, but Stitia isn't like other Sagas. There's a massive story spanning months, an active world, character interaction. It's less a Saga and more its own Roleplaying Game, so how to players get eliminated? Well, while this time, there will be elimination challenges on occasion, the main way to be eliminated is by HP. Players will have 10 HP from the very start (including those players from Chapter 1 who are damaged).

    Whenever a player works on a challenge, it gets a score. With our new, more stringent scoring system, it'll be scored from 0-10. If a player fails a challenge in a situation where a chance of significant harm or injury is present, they'll take damage, which reduces their HP, the normal being 1 damage for each incomplete point under target the card is (for instance, if a card gets 7.5 or 7 if the target is 8, they'll take 1 damage. Yes, we do decimals here). If your HP is reduced to 0, you are fatally injured, and if you have no companions that can get you to safety, you die. Additionally, you'll die instantly if you take an amount of damage equal to twice your current HP or more, so best to heal up.

    Speaking of, each character has a specific way to heal, which will be disclosed to you when I do my character compilation. For the most part, healing magic is no longer effective on those not on Khantsievth's side, so you'll probably have to stick with old-fashioned remedies, first aid, or whatever your character has up their sleeve >;3.

    Also know that NPCs and followers have HP as well. The standard starting health for an NPC is 5 HP.
  • Well then.
  • A timeline of significant events that happened during the last chapter of the saga. You do not have to read this, and not reading it won't have a negative effect on your ability to participate. NOTE: DO NOT METAGAME!
  • Woot, go Byro...
  • The Character Compilation has begun! This is where I'm going to be surprising everyone! Even though I'm taking inspiration from D&D, there's a reason I didn't have players add things such as race bonuses. I'm adding my own background bonuses! Here goes nothing...
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    Enerew Mistborn


    Stat block:

    STR: 8     INT:14
    DEX: 15     WIS: 12
    CON: 13      CHA:10

    Whereabouts: Last seen in the Stitian Underworld, pursing a kidnapped ally.

    Healing Method - First Aid

    You must seek professional medical attention in order to heal, which will deprive you of valuable time if you aren't careful.

    Character Bonus - The Mistborn II

    You have access to an airship and devoted crew. As long as you treat both well, you'll have allies to aid you in combat and a ship to travel faster.

    • Lance (Enchanted by Nohel)
    • Flintlock Saber + Ammo and Powderhorn
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