Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



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    Power: 13
    Constitution: 8
    Intellect: 14
    Wisdom: 10
    Charisma: 15

    Story: Etanki is the last of an ancient elemental tribe of Izneg, that once ruled huge territories using two icy artifacts: Morningstar of Izneg, which is molten in a volcano, and the Evenstar of Izneg, which is Etanki's family relic. All Etanki's family was lost in an ice storm. Since then Etanki couldn't find a place to live until she has found Eringrav, an icy cavern complex, where she could feel comfortable.

    1. The Evenstar of Izneg
    2. A greatsword

    Special ability:
    Etanki has a pet an ice Ketsuni named Igri. (Do I need to make a card for the pet?)
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    @Tommia Cards done! Lore coming once I get some shut-eye.

    Also, I am going to explore why he is a Fae in the lore as well. If you deem that description insufficient, I will remake Vemmby to just be a Spirit.

  • @HeroKP I don't doubt they're a Fae a bit. I just know Fae isn't an actual creature type XD
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    Vryx Obin 3RGB
    Legendary Creature - Demon Werebird Ranger
    Vigilance, Haste, Trample, Reach
    Whenever a legendary creature you control dies, transform ~~
    Vryx, Reliquid Demon
    Legendary Creature- Demon Werebird
    Vigilance, trample, flying
    When ~ transforms, create four 2/2 Black Vampire Soldier creature tokens with vigilance and lifelink

    Str15 Con14 Dex13 Cha12 Int10 Wis8

    Silver Hunting knife

    @Tommia am i missing anything?

  • Owu. A closed island. To any who accidentally glimpse it from the outside, it seems utterly chaotic. Yet it is not. The astute inhabitants of Owu know that it is not. It is a but a very complex system of interactions, all tied together with an infinite number of intrigue and strings. And if anyone knows how to pluck those strings, it's Vemmby.
    A mastermind trickster. A whisper in your ear like no other. He waits for the pieces to be in place, then makes one move, and watches it all collapse. He then stands out from the rubble, all the more influential for it. Yet he does not do it alone....

    You may, when wondering in the woods of Owu, come upon a great tree with blue twinkling lights. It may be getting dark, so you may be tempted to lay under it to rest for the night. You will drift off into the calm, silent night, dreaming of your love, awaiting you in faraway lands. Upon waking then, you will discover that your love is no longer your own. Another image floats in your mind, one you will follow obsessively as long as he wills it. Who may 'he' be? Why, Vemmby himself of course. Tonight, he rests in this tree. And all who pass under his tree will become but pawns in his great game.

    You ask me to tell you a tale of his exploits? This one is a favorite of mine. This happened when he came up across a formidable, yet conquerable enemy. Elrytta - a minor fae duchess was refusing to adhere to his... demands. As a response, Vemmby let loose her personal menagerie to reap havoc on her realm, as well as... altering them, to add a little sting to the already awful situation for her.

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  • Once Etanki was walking around the Eringrav and saw Igri, someone who can understand an ice elemental like Etanki. Since then they traveled together. 
  • @Tommia

    Did I miss anything, or is Vemmby ready to join the roster? Is the lore I provided sufficient to the understanding of his character?
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    Note: Any info here that's canon in-game is public information! Pay attention!

    The Name of the Game

    So... some of you are probably wondering what the main goal of this saga is. Obviously, as is the goal with every saga, you should try to still be alive by the end. However, this saga... isn't as simple as that. See, there's a pantheon of gods, which have been corrupted by the main, god, which was actually the demon of the plane in disguise. Man... you just can't trust anyone these days, can you?

    Option One: Averting the Prophecy

    These... are the Six. Those of you who have seen Zythl, Sith, and Faer will notice something... off about each of them; Sith didn't need much corruption, but without Sprot, he's had to take on some "additional duties". As for Zythl and Faer? Well... I'll let you see for yourself.

    The duty of these gods was originally to protect the people from Khantsievth, but he somehow managed to sneak his way into the pantheon... your first option would be to bring waste to these guys, and, not just that; you's also got a prophecy you need to avert.

    • The Arcanum will buy them time, carrying the helpless to their new future, mere weeks before it comes to fruition... - The Gods plan to leverage the Arcanum’s instability to cause a time skip. You will need to find out why the Arcanum is so unstable, and a way to mend it.
    • The angels and demons finally share their ground to fight their makers, but they are far too late... - You will need to find a way to unite demons and angels to fight in the holy war, BEFORE the time skip occurs.
    • As anarchy breaks out, three new threats among the living leave them powerless to avert their fates, all of them unassuming, but all of them powerful...- Three major characters must die, but which ones? These characters seem like they are not major threats, but they will supposedly be capable of causing mass destruction if left unchecked. (An evil character might assume an alliance with one of these characters as a gambit for survival)  - One of these targets have been identified. A werehyena.

    Option Two: Join the Six, and Help Fulfill the Prophecy

    Just like making a pact with a demon, you'll have to read the fine print. Your servitude may be dangerous, and you'll have to pledge eternal servitude, but the rewards will be bountiful; first, you'll have a great gift of power bestowed upon you, and second, your job would be quite simple; kill all who oppose the Six, prioritizing those that seek to fulfill the prophecy.

    Option Three: Be a Profiteer

    Not everyone on Stitia remotely cares about the end of the world, and some have shunted it aside. Others, however, have embraced it, and seek to profit off of it while the good guys do all the hard work. In these hard times, anyone is willing to get down on their knees and pledge their support to any tangible higher power, whether it's an elf clan promising peace or a demon rewarding people power. It could even be as simple as becoming a mercenary, sworn to none and making bucks off people's suffering, or as complex as using your power as, let's say, a lich to influence people into becoming you follower, and amassing an army. The choice is yours.

    Option Four: Something Else?

    Stitia is an open world sandbox, so you don't even have to make any significant story contributions to the story to actively participate. Heck. You can even make a significant impact in the process! Serial killer? Desperate thief? Wasteland survivor? Something else? The choice is yours...

    Anyways, I'll get the character compilation finished up, and then get us started...
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    Well, you know what Verth's gonna do. I'm going after the evil werehyena Timothy
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    once I figure out what the heck's going on... I'm probably also going after Timothy. Or the Arcanum. 
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    Option Three sounds exactly like what I envisioned for Vemmby. There MUST be a way to take over AT LEAST one country when this all blows over.
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    @Tommia I'll probably be doing the angel-demon unification from option 1.
  • @Tommia

    I'll be doing option 1 since I am a good person at heart :smiley:.
  • Option 1, along with figuring out his past
    Also, I'll only be able to respond on Tuesdays @Tommia
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    @Tommia  Eclipsa of Day will be doing Option 1, but Eclipsa of Night will be doing Option 2, or option 3, if 2 is not possible.
  • @Tommia Warren will probably try to discover what the lantern does and where it’s pulling him (so option 4)
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    @Tommia awesome stuff, quite exciting! I'll be honest, I'm not completely sure what Pherasa would be doing yet, as she doesn't know much about what's happening at the moment. Anything can happen really, which is quite exciting.
  • Vemmby


    Stat block:

    STR: 10     INT:14
    DEX: 13     WIS: 12
    CON: 8      CHA: 15+1*

    Whereabouts: In Owu, causing mischief

    Healing Method - Leyline Predator

    In order to heal, you must rest at leylines located around the plane. This is very risky, as many monuments and other significant structures are frequently built on leylines.

    Character Bonus - Master Manipulator

    Your charisma score increases by one. Additionally, you gain access to a menagerie of beasts and allies to use as you see fit. Lastly, allies you gain through magical manipulation won't betray or abandon you unless they are being manipulated by someone else.

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