COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



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    Back on the Tsayami homeplane, they don't have much in the way of a sea within their known land. This lead them to ignore the oceans until now, which demand immediate attention. The most simple solution to exploring the ocean when you have not yet invented the boat is simple - you don't. However, the Lunespawn hiding in those dark depths must be purged, as the ones on the land are currently. The solution to these problems is to simply have there not be a sea at all. The battalion of Greater Way sorcerers have set an enchantment in motion - every day, they go to the sea to add a new strand of magic to the enchantment. It has now grown to not just be self-sustaining, but growing in strength. The freezing of the immediate sea around Tsayami lands has begun.

    (Going for some old-school Ice Age vibes with this one, complete with the cancerous mechanics)
  • Federation Flagship

    "Finally," Sarai said, "it's here."

    The ship slowly moved through the portal. Even though it was only halfway through, it was still an inspiring sight to the knight-commander. She was glad that the Federation had allowed the flagship to be sent to Nemain, especially in the face of the star spawn's new hunting grounds, as it were. The Federation needed a good ace in the hole, and this seemed like it would fit.

    A knight hurried up to Sarai with a letter. "For you, knight-commander," he said. Sarai thanked him and took the note. Reading it, she frowned.

    "Sent a squadron or two to keep the star spawn away from the harbor until we can get the flagship away," she said to the knight, who bowed and hurried away.

    The knight-commander looked back to the flagship and smiled coolly. As long as the Federation had this, they could be confident.
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    My entry:
    Vonclir Kirakins Heir

    -Kirakin is dead, yeah! But there is still hope! The Koreli can survive, but only if they accept a new god and new masters! -Eldritch Councilor says
    -But which new god? Do you know another sea god?
    -So be it

    The remains of Koreli Mystics untite under a new god, Vonclir. They join the armies of wendigo to destroy the angels, who brought doom on them. 

    Where's now the tide, 
    Once roaming?
    Where's now the god,
    once worshiped?
    He has gone,
    like a storm in the ocean,
    like summer rain.
    -Lament for Kirakin

    war card:
    Seaborn Drone

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    @RegalGorgon13, unfortunately this season is closed for new entrants.  Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but we're midway through this season already, and the injection of a new faction would massively throw things off.  If you want to be contacted for the next episode of Colonizers, you can simply ping HeroKP and ask to be on the list, or send him a private message.  As it is, your cards do look interesting, and I'm sure they would be welcome next season.

    Edit:... I'm stupid.  I'm sorry.  I somehow thought you were a new contestant.  Never mind.  Cards look awesome!  Keep up the good work.
  • @HeroKP I'm working on my entry rn but for the lore portion I was wondering how well my troops are doing against the forces of Nemian?
  • @HeroKP Same as what IzItTru said, but also how the war against the Wendigo is going.

    NOTE: I will be posting later today or tomorrow
  • @HeroKP I'll jump on this current affairs thing too - I'm wondering how the game of 5D chess is going.
  • Yeah... same actually.
  • My entry:
    After the Storm
    Zalzikam Sudden Storm

    Kentzantil whispered:
    -I know exactly to whom should we talk to become a sea empire. But you never know, where and when he appears. we must send an expedition to... Follow the storms! But who is insane enough to do it?
    -Me. I must lead my people in this important expedition! - Kamagiwik replied.

    They were swimming for weeks, but with no results. But when they were swimming back, a storm started, and amongst the roaming waves, Kamagiwik saw a giant serpent. It was Zalzikam. Later, he'll become the greatest naval power of the Dominion.

    Honour the Lost Gods

    Vision of the Lost Gods
    Our scholars found out that the Forgotten Gods are great masters. Now they are honoured through the Dominion as gods of Nemain. And they can send their wrath upon the angels, give visions(which are not highly understandable) and give gifts.

  • Entry:

    The sudden exploration overseas had quickly overshadowed any small battles, even the war with the Wendigo. All legions of angels had been recalled, sent overseas to find new land to colonize. The Rising Sun needed a victory and this was it. 


    (there are still a few bugs with this frame on .design)

    The exploration had succeeded, bringing entirely new information. A society, the exact same as the Rising Sun, had existed thousands, tens of thousands of years ago. The magic placed on the land, however, remained constant. The powers of angels who went into the temples increased drastically, and the Rising Sun was only growing in power.

    The main concern was associated with others gaining control of nearby land. To prevent this, the Rising Sun sent squads of angels, each armed with a new magic, learned from the texts of the First Sun Temple: Balefire.

    (Sorry there wasn't any interactions/dialogue of this. I'm very tired and don't have the energy to type an entire scene out.)
  • With the ability to assume control of most organic life, Harbinger doesn't hesitate to see what's what with these Lunespawn. Having found a decent specimen to indoctrinate, Harbinger wastes no time turning it against the enemies that may be.


     Archives Files 17.2394.8744

    It appears I have arrived just in time.  While the possibility of the skies being hostile is a concern, the seas being such is certain.  Our network of drones have already mapped what we needed to know; there is no reason for us to set out on the seas.  Normally I’d say the risk then is minimal, but with the declaration of war on Nemain itself, I won’t make such assumptions.  Scriba has made clear just how much these creatures can be changed to suit our purposes or our enemy’s purposes.  We’re far behind on this art.  Sea monsters can crawl onto shore and start to go kaiju on us.  I have arranged for a reinforcement of the walls, and will be in council further with Scriba and Eulogea to see what we should do.  I suspect we might take some of these creatures for our own purposes however.

    ~~Sentra, Protector of the Core

    Barrier of Steel and Gears

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  • Upon the Talniri shores the fleet was being brought into order. They would venture into the waters with an army ready to tame the lands beyond. There is strength in numbers and that is why the largest force yet mustered by the chief was being sent forward.
    Raise The Army

    Ever since the Talniri Clan had agreed to stop terraforming the lands the Tide Warped had been restless. They shaped land and moved shore and river alike but no longer could they under the Oath. New purpose had come along. They would create long corridors from one place to another across the mighty seas of Nemain. The sea would be calm across these places no matter how fraught with danger it was outside the leylines. A warped space that pulled on all the clear days of the future and past.
    Tide Warped Fathomnaut
    (Entry ^)
    The Talniri move across the world in warped paths that flitter in an out of time and space like the glimmering of an infinitely faceted gem.
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    War Lore:
    The Bloodmoon Prophecy

    The Bloodmoon prophecy tells of Encirh, the god who gave Kabibon his pact and thus created the first wendigo. Once he comes back, he will unleash his hounds to rampage across the land and hunt. Then, the moon turns crimson and he comes for the Great Hunt. Then, all the enemies of his will die and he will stay the only master of Nemain.
    Call For Hunt
    Kabibon was standing in his tent when a voice said:
    "You've done a great job. You will be treated well when I come to life. And now, call all the wolves. The Great Hunt shall start. First for the Angels. Then for the Qatha. And then for all who deny our power."

    -Come on, the wolves of the woods! It is the time! Hunt! Kill! Ambush the angels wherever you find them! Show your devotion to the God of Hunt!

    @ChoyBoi Good luck fighting an eldritch god who easily gives immortality and easily takes it!
  • (Sorry this took so long)

    The Children continue to with hold from to much sea travel as they have the Lune Spawn to deal with and the creatures have swarmed through the oceans. With the help of some magical architects that joined them on their quest for a new home a while back they construct shore line defenses.


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