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    Fight! - First Battle Horse Racing

    The race was disputed. While it was not possible to use the armament, the horses stood head to head and the participants stared fiercely at each other. The first laps in the arena, the fans went wild. Finally, the knight-judge signaled to leave the arena. Elph took the lead early in the race, followed by Arya fiercely.
    Within the city, there were many guides and signs for the way. They soon realized that there were a lot of curves and the attention needed to be doubled so as not to take the wrong path. The thopters kept going and it was difficult to get around. Gradually the crowd of fans in the arena was left behind and mixed with the cheers of encouragement from people in Haruvan's houses and sidewalk. Elph was unable to cope very well with the turns and was overtaken by Arya and let Aki, Evelyn and Karyel get close. Ouen was last with a smile on his face and avoiding the crowds of the knights. The race would be long and when they entered the forest trail, nerves would break out. Karyel's hand itched to draw the sword.
    Whoever was following the race was also fascinated with the thopters flying over everyone. Within the Bardón arena, Miljivan, Guil and Barim paid attention to every detail. The mentors talked to each other about the skills of their apprentices and commented over how each one was dealing with horse racing. On the screen it was clear that Arya had gotten the hang of it and Karyel the spirit of the tournament by pulling his teammates to get closer to Aki, who did not hold the pressure and was overtaken by everyone but Ouen. All this before half the race and the trail gradually came into view of the knights.
    Near the entrance to the forest, the thopters close to the knights began to make a sound, slightly frightening the competitors.
    - Hello Hello. Dear knights, from the trail you can use your powers and weapons. Remember that you are being watched, so no death or serious injuries. Whoever falls off the horse will be disqualified. It is also forbidden to leave your horses. Good luck to everyone.
    All the knights looked at each other with enthusiasm and thirsty for fighting. Finally they entered the trail.
    Karyel drew his sword and spurred the horse to get closer to Arya. Arya sensed the knights presence, but she was already prepared with the sword resting beside the horse. The first blow was delivered from afar by Karyel and easily trimmed by Arya. Both horses slowed and almost fell to the side. No one gave in and an exchange of blows echoed in the forest.
    Farther back Elph flapped her wings for more breadth, but was soon surprised by a blow to the hand by Aki. The knight was thrown to the side, but the wings flapped strongly to prevent the fall and the feet trapped in the cell prevented the fall too. The problem was getting back on the horse. Aki knew she had a clean and accurate blow and took the sword when she noticed one came back over the trees. Looking up Evelyn's owl scratched Aki's hand, which dropped the sword on the floor. This act delayed her by returning to collect the sword.
    - Are you okay? - Evelyn said while helping Elph to get on the moving horse - Get some rest. I'll try to get to Karyel.
    Elph nodded, slowing her head. Something was wrong and it practically stopped the horse. She couldn't move and didn't understand. Did Aki's coup have something paralyzing? she thought without much to do, just to see Aki and Ouen overtake her. Her mind seemed in a trance.
    Meanwhile, Arya and Karyel fought fiercely. Arya began to feel part of the veins in her hands and on her face. The red color of the blood was clear. She hoped the blood magic wouldn't get in the way of that moment. She didn't remember having absorbed blood recently, but the power didn't seem to be contained just in the sword. Evelyn finally arrived to help her mate. Surrounded Arya spurred on the horse trying to get away while occasionally hitting the air.
    The trail was coming to an end and Karyel and Evelyn were not intimidated by Arya's strange expression. She seemed to be in pain and red veins appeared on her face. The sword began to flash slowly. Karyel soon noticed that something was strange and shot to speak to Arya.
    - Be careful what you do. I'm not on your team, but you need to calm down. We are not in an arena fight. This is a horse race and if you blow your sword, we will all fall off the horses ... or worse.
    Arya didn't want to agree with the opponent, but she didn't budge.
    The trail ticket was over and the knights ran exhausted for the last few laps in the arena.
    The tournament had its first champion team.

    That were...
  • First Battle - Circuit Points - Horse Racing - Winner!

    @Red_Tower,  CassZero@AboveAndAbout

    Karyel, Evelyn and Elph were the first winners of the circuit. Don't forget that they still faced the other two teams before the eliminations took place. The table with points will be posted later, but with the classification below it is possible to get a sense of the individual rank.
    They are not yet authorized to make a card with CMC 5, but they can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you feel necessary. @AboveAndAbout, Karyel learned a lifelink if you want to use it.

    Unfortunately, in the end the victory did not come, but there were still two more duels before the eliminations. You can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you think it is necessary

    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.


    Brief repercussions of victory

    Guil and Barim greeted each other and revered the audience that was in delirium. Karyel, Evelyn and Elph celebrated a lot while the others were unhappy with the defeat. Karyel even wanted to say hello to Arya, but she didn't dare go near the girl with the clenched fists as if she wanted to fight someone for what had happened.
    - It wasn't supposed to happen. Because I can't master this power - Arya said to herself looking at her fists - I won't let that happen again. Next time I won't give in and I'll blow everything around if I need to.
    From a distance Ary spotted Ouen, who did not seem concerned about defeat. She went to meet him.
    -You really are a great knight, Ouen - she said with contempt - I saw how you fought to qualify so far. If I remain passive like that I prefer that you stay away from me. Just don't forget that this is a challenge in teams and any hindrance affects our score.
    - You are very euphoric - Ouen raised his hands to his chest as if he wanted to avoid a fight, always with a smile on his face - We will win the next ones. I'm not good with horses so I took the opportunity to enjoy the trip. It would be useful in the next one.
    Aki came close feeling tension in the air. She didn't know if she would have the strength to break up the fight, but with so many knights around it seemed unlikely that the fight would last long. Her hand ached from the scratches that Evelyn's bird made on her.
    Arya just spat near Ouen's feet and hurriedly left without looking at Aki.

    Preliminary classification (table will be done better with more results)
    1st Karyel, 2nd Evelyn, 3rd Arya, 4th Aki, 5th Elph, 6th Ouen.
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    (How you are going to handle your stories is also important to add chances of winning in the next matches.
    Remember that at the end of the circuit, two teams qualify for individual matches, so losing one is not a sign of total defeat yet.)
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    Karyel Righteous Defender

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  • Barim's Team

    Before the next training session, Barim shakes his head in shame before his apprentices.
    - I apologize for the defeat in the first challenge. I feel like I couldn't help you, especially knowing that two of you, Aki and Arya, need magical support. I apologize for not helping with these skills.
    Ouen intervened.
    - There is nothing to apologize master. In that short time, you taught us many skills. As much as I was last, I was comfortable riding, something I hadn't been able to in a long time - Ouen placed a right hand on Barim's left shoulder, which he raised with a calmer expression.
    Arya, with her arms crossed, turned her face without speaking while Aki just thought about the story of Barin she had heard in the halls, and then she fired.
    - Master, so is it true that your family is cursed? - everyone turned their attention to Aki - I mean ... your family had very strong powers with wind and fire and that caused envy in many, right? From what I heard, if it wasn't meddling, that curse was done here, in Haruvan, correct?
    Barim just nodded. After a long break from everyone, he started training. Aki had only confirmed what she already knew, but what she wanted to know is whether it was possible to break the curse.
  • Second Battle Team Duel - Introduction

    Two days after the first challenge, it was the turn of the teams of Namy and Demetriz to show their strength. The physical duels were the most awaited by the audience, due to the surprise factor and free use of powers. Rarely do the organizers release the duel before the individual eliminations, but this time they wanted to give a taste of euphoria and enthusiasm to the audience.
    Namy has always been known for bringing brutal competitors to these events, but as her team was chosen at random, she was still afraid that everyone had understood the spirit of a duel in the arena. Demetriz was more calm and strategist in these matches and that gave an added flavor to the fight that would follow. Bardón knew that and Miljivan just hoped that Demetriz would not do anything dirty this time.
    The tournament would be a little long. All teams would face each other in previously planned challenges to highlight everyone's strength.
    After some time of preparation, the knights entered the arena.
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    Second Battle - Circuit Points
    Team Duel


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    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
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    Aki sat down in Haruvan's library, her teammate Arya sitting nearby. "that did not go well..." Aki commented. She began to think on how she could do better... and break her new mentor's curse. 
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    "Of course it didn't. We weren't prepared, and my magic acted up." Arya sat back in her chair, curling her hand and letting the magic surface. Staring at the red orb, she continued.

    "Next time, I won't give in, and we'll win. Even if it mean killing anyone around me."
  • Aki stares at Arya for a second, thinking carefully about how to respond. "I've been down that path before Arya. It does not end well." She thinks back to the times her "curse" nearly overwhelmed her. 
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    Arya sighed. 
    "Well enough about magic. How will we beat our competition the next time we face them? Do we know what the next test is?"
  • "I don't believe it has been revealed yet, but I'm all ears"
  • Gor, in his life, was a nobleman of an evil king's army. The king was Uhajlhlie, a wicked king with only one agenda: turn every knight to his side, and his quote was: "There's nothing to lose, so I'm gonna do what I feel like doing." When Gor discovered his agenda, (by breaking into his crypt) he ran and sparked a revolution. The king and his army chased after him, and after killing every last one member of the uprising, killed him too. Gor's tomb was in the crypt of Uhajlhlie, kept hidden to prevent doubt.

    Disturbance of the Tomb

    Gor was handsome in his life, attracting many spirits to feed on him. When he rose, he set out to slay Uhajlhlie. And he did. But it didn't end there. When he tried to return to his tomb, he couldn't rest again. So he rose again, seeking refuge elsewhere. And that led him to haruvan.

    Well, CassZero, here it is. Is this okay?

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