Does everyone else love planeswalkers as much as I do?

This is a little contest I'm setting up for fun just to see what kind of planeswalkers people have been creating. New mechanics are also great and encouraged, as long as it's described on the card or the comment. So, yeah, let's see what kind of cool ideas people came up with for planeswalkers!


  • I really dig the way these planeswalkers are set up!! I like that they get loyalty through other things rather than just their abilities. Plus, the art's cool!
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    If you want to browse my large gallery of Planeswalkers and signature spells, most are here:

    Alice has one all her own: 

    Mortium Majesteria describes a new concept related to a planeswalker, a "Harbinger".

    So to answer your question.
    Obviously yes. 
    At least, if not more.

    Far to many to submit retroactively, but If I make a new one with an innovative ideal in the next bit I'll drop it here for consideration.

  • That was a lot more walkers than I was expecting. So, there's a lot to say here. First and foremost, I like Tibalt, Hellfirestarter, because you actually made him busted. I'm all for that, since Tibalt is one of my favorites. Oh,and the other Tibalt is pretty good, and almost busted. Next, there are a few of  Jace's in this set, and I wanna talk about one of them.The Ninja Master. That's one thing I thought I'd never see! It's also the first time I've seen a common walker, if that was on purpose. I'm realizing that this comment is gonna take like 6 hours to read, so I should probably stop. If I had to give any advice, it's just to higher the cost on some of the lower cost walkers. I've done the same thing where you make a planeswalker like 3 mana and accidental make them completely busted. But, that's about all! That was a lot of fun to read through. And I can assure you, I read all of them. 
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    Could I post a planeswalker I made with a different card creating site? (MTG doesn't do planeswalkers as well.)
  • Of course! Oh, and sorry for taking so long to answer.
  • I tried resizing the card so that it wouldn't be gigantic, but this is as much as I can do it without it becoming unreadable.

    Art by Tristan Merrill, (It had just been a casual making of a card at first, so I didn't worry about delving into trying to figure out the artist.)

    On additional note, probably add another two colorless mana to it's CMC.

    The last ability definingly isn't worded the best, what I had been trying to do was when one died, its ability activated twice, but I had no idea how to put that into correct wording.
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    The only thing I was gonna say anything about was the CMC, but other than that, it seems pretty solid! 
  • I'll throw this in for you to look at.

    Nicol Bolas World Shaper
  • When I first saw that, I legit thought it was a real planeswalker! The only thing I could say is that the abilities seem more fit for someone like Ashiok, but it also fits Bolas surprisingly well!! I like it!
  • I really like planeswalkers! Here's some I've made.
    My own character:

    Pre-existing planeswalkers I made new cards for:

  • Here's a card for an idea I had where the stress of melding caused Brisela to spark. She's very broken but for a ten mana planewalker she can afford to be.
  • Well, it's been a few days since I've been on the forum, so sorry about that! And there are a few planeswalkers to go over here! So, I'll start at the last one I didn't get a chance to talk about, and work my way down!
    Onman- The only thing I would really change, if anything, would be his base loyalty. I'd just raise it to 5 or 6. Other than that, It's really solid!
    Maxman- The only thing I would change about Maxman is make his X ability only affect your opponent. Again, solid, though!
    Vizaro- The first two abilities are really good and balanced, the only thing I would really do for the last ability is make it so your hand doesn't have a maximum size. That might make his last ability too good though. 
    Ajani- The only thing I would do to him is make him a 4 drop with 2 colorless.  
    Angrath - This isn't really a nitpick, but, Angrath's last ability reminds me of Sorin, Solemn Visitor. I had to say something about him, but I have nothing! 
    Brisela- I would honestly say to amp her up! Especially her first ability. I would probably exile 2 creatures. Since we see Karn, a 7 drop, exile one, I think it would work well. (Although his is a minus ability)
    I'd like to say some things at the end here. First of all, all the Planeswalkers I looked over were really cool and designed well. So, you don't have to take anything I say to heart. And, I didn't mean to make anyone butthurt by my critiques, so, feel free to bash me for it!! So, yeah, this is all just for fun, don't take it too seriously!! 
  • Now, I haven't played Undertale, or what I think is Undertale, so, I won't get any references that may be on this card. The only thing I would say is that's it's very hard to transform him, which was probably the intention... So, yeah, other than that, really solid!!  
  • This is one i made for a custom Ramos theme deck. The image is from google search i just added some rainbow colorization to it and a custom border.

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    Here was a second one i made for that same deck.  Tried to encorporate phyrexian 'X'
    mana.  The wing covers the name, but it's 'Ramos, Divine Mechanism'.

  • you left out the parenthesis in the first ability @121092 also shouldn't that be italicized? also need a comma after upkeep.

    But I like it!
  • @jpastor

    Thanks for letting me know.  ^^ I'm bad at proofreading these before I submit them.  Glad you enjoyed them.
  • I don't know if it's very overpowering or too weak or just fair, but here is.
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