Another bad format idea. (i'm just really bored)

Campanions: Mtg format

Companions is a team based mtg format. With each player 
taking up a role to win a war, with your companion, you can utilize
cards to support teamates and friendly creatures.

Each player can hold a minimum of 60 cards, to a max of 120 deck
for each team (that is if it's a 2v2, this can raise for each subformat)

a limit of 4 clones of a card, unless it is a basic land.

2v2 - 3v3 - 4v4


General, Assassin, Defender, Support

Subtypes: General
        1 Stratagist
        2 Berserker
       1 Mercenary
       2 Land destroyer

       1 Armorer
       2 Builder

       1 Magician
       2 Mechanic
       3 necromancer

( 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 allow more roles to be used. Each player must choose 1 role)

Role rules:

Support: They can not use offense based cards. But can aid team cards with spells
enchantments, or instants. Can only control weak creatures (this rule applys to all subtypes
of support subtypes)A Knights Hospitaller and his medical drone  worldbuilding

Magician: heal players. You can sacrifice 2 life to add 1 life counter
to a team player once per turn. and boost damage for other creatures.
Crow The Evil Magician  Wiki  Overwatch Amino

Mechanic: A artifact based role, used to give bonuses to artifact creatures. Or bring
back artifacts from the graveyard to battle or hand.
Harsh Realities - Steampunk Mechanic by pixieface on DeviantArt

Necromance: Bring back creatures from life, sacrifice things, and build up armies for your team.
Necromancy  Superpower Wiki  Fandom

Defender: Use defensive spells to keep your teamates from dealing damage, use tough creatures
that deal little damage to block ect.

Armorer: Add toughness to creatures teamates control, give buffs to cards like hexproof

Builder: Use artifacts for construction, build large walls to defend from the enemy team.
(Defenders can not use cards that have lots of power, but can use ones with high toughness)
Shield Knight 35e Prestige Class - DD Wiki

Assassin: uses creatures with low toughness but high power, uses instants that exicute
cards quickly. Has the access of abilities that let there creatures get past enemy lines such as
menace or fear.
Watch Dogs Legion DLC has a playable modern day Assassins Creed assassin   PCGamesN

Mercenary: Rids of the scum, exiling certain cards. uses tougher creatures than assassin but still weak.
and uses spells to kill off smaller creatures.
A medieval mercenary  by Anna Lepskaja  PuttyPaint

Thief: specialises by destroying resources such as lands, or stealing things from opponent
Medieval Thief Art Page 1 - Line17QQcom

General: Commands a balance between tough and powerful creatures. Uses minor spells and magic.
But has the best resources in forms of legendary lands. And is the main negotiator with
the enemy general to talk about peace treaties.
Medieval General Page 1 - Line17QQcom

Strategist: Similar to a combo deck, the main goal of this deck is a steady rise with
a burst of power when playing cards to beat the enemy.
Total War Three Kingdoms shows the romance of strategy  game preview   Metro News

Berserker: Main goal is destroy everything in the path. And is mostly brute force creatures with
strength related abilities such as trample or indestructible.
Berserker  Viking warrior Fantasy warrior Fantasy character design

Rules of roles and sub-roles apply to only them self. The main goal is to make a team related
format that gets each player an important role to aid in a fight.


  • I think you're trying to turn mtg into warhammer 40k.
  • maybe i am. maybe i'm not. i might be, even though i never played Warhammer 40k

  • edited April 30
    Maybe not Warhammer levels of complexity, but Korand has a point. The only time that deck requirements differ from deck-to-deck is in a format is with commanders and companion cards. However, these varying requirements aren't really a problem, so it doesn't make those formats too complex.
  • ima be real. i'm just trying to make something fun.
  • @GloomyAndSunny1_0_1

    That's very understandable. But you don't always need a lot of complexity to have a good format. If you look at something like pauper, the only deckbuilding requirement is that you can only use commons. Every other normal magic rule applies. If you are trying to make something too complex, people may not want to try it since it seems too confusing.
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