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  • @cadstar369 It might've been good if Bondseeker's triggers were "may" triggers.  Hatchlings have a mandatory trigger, but they're almost universally considered desirable, and you get to choose when to activate Leech Bonder and Daghatar. There's no potential to inadvertently kill your own X/1 or shrink your own creature with a +1/+1 counter under the wrong circumstances with those cards.  Not sure if the possibility of that happening is an intentional drawback for Bondseeker.
  • @jpastor the biggest difference is that, in your version, casting a RW spell would remove only 1 counter, whereas having the two triggered abilities removes 2 counters in the same situation. (Hybrid mana was a big theme in Shadowmoor block.) There's also some implications with effects that affect abilities on the stack, but I don't think there were any such effects floating around in the surrounding sets.

    @Jadefire it would certainly be a strictly better card if the triggers were "may"s, but I do like how leaving the triggers mandatory forces the player to think a little bit more about their actions and the order of execution. (Personally, I find it more engaging and interesting when there's the potential to have situations arise in which your cards' abilities backfire.)
  • @jpastor Oh I didn't know that.  I had assumed I was done after the first season I was in wrapped up.  I'm okay with remaining in, but you should remember that I make sets so that might change how you analyse my cards.  Also I'll let you know when I switch to new accounts so we don't have you skipping over my active account (RIP cards for @TGBCGakurenZelthorn)
  • Was it a good enchilada tho?
  • @jpastor Great to see the videos again! Love the feedback!

    Just for fun, here’s some of the context around Vincent: He was the Lord of the Pit to whom Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar was indebted. Instead of her soul, she bet that she could provide him with a new dish every meal for seven years and seven days (hence the Food tokens), the recipes of which she wrote down in The Underworld Cookbook.

    This is why Vincent damages you if you don't feed him, and why when you discard him to The Underworld Cookbook, you still get the opportunity to cast him and are left with exactly enough Food to satisfy him for a full turn!
  • @jpastor the Herald cycle was based on all the mtg Leyline cards wizards has made. I was actually kind of disappointed when you missed out on the first cycle with more mainstream leylines like Leyline Of Combustion and Leyline Of Anticipation.
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    The name is pronounced "Soo-lay-munn", more or less. You can google the pronunciation if you want, I don't particularly mind.

    Small note:
    A card with the Era mechanic enter with an era counter for EACH player, so it takes 6 total mana to remove it in a 2-player game, 9 in a 3-player game, et cetera.
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    Week 6 - Top 10 Cards

  • Welcome back to active status @sorinjace! You'll be allowed to participate in the major league next season!
  • I look forward to seeing more of your weekly highlight videos @jpastor.  This definitely helps since I don't have the time to watch many more videos beyond my own division.  I've already added to my favourites from among your selections.
  • Agreed, love the highlight video
  • @jpastor just want to let you know that training isn't a custom ability. It appeared in the Midnight Hunt/Crimson Vow block this year.
  • @theirintheattic Thanks for the correction, it's already been noted in the video comments on YouTube.
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  • Hello everyone - 

    A-League - Week 7 (Check the time stamps if you only wish to view your match.)


  • The video doesn't seem to be working.
  • Yeah, sorry about not publishing anything new. I had a hectic weekend, moving out of my dorm after a nightmarish finals week.
  • @jpastor you're misreading Kako, you can have at max 3 cards in exile at once
  • oh
    I see now
  • @hileandr
    Just ordered a new mic. HAHA Maybe it will arrive before I record matches today!
  • @jpastor We can only hope!
  • IN! C Division.
  • @jpastor is there a B-League video?
  • @East2West
    I'm recording it shortly!
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