Different Destinies

So disclaimer, this is a just for fun contest so there won't be real guidelines on rewards. A while ago I made a set called different destinies while experimenting with other card smiths mechanics and I was able to make a couple gems. The premise of the set was to make a base card, and then make two evolved versions of the cards, each showing different paths or events that happened to the card. Examples are as follows below.

(Reference #1)


(Reference #2)


Which brings me the task at hand. I wanted to see other cardsmiths show me their takes on the Different Destinies challenge. There are no deadlines on this, and I will try to drop a favorite on each entry made here up to 5 maximum. If you are reading this a couple years after the challenge, I might not hold too well to my promise, but for the most part I will do my best to favorite them. I would prefer not seeing unfun cards, so keep it realistic to some degree. 

I also challenge you to promote other artists mechanics by using them in your cards and giving proper credit to their creators. Bonus points if you can combine two mechanics from different cardsmiths in a way that creates something beautiful. Plus its a good way to appreciate, other cardsmither's mechanics. While I limited unfun cards, don't feel scared to get creative with your designs.

Happycardsmithing mates, and cheers!

(Mechanics and Attributions)

@jpastor - Illustrate, Dominance
@Tomigon - Ambitious
@Corwinnn - Dismember, Decree, Voidtouch
@feralitator - Manaweave


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