My current set: End of Eleria.

I'm currently making a set called End of Eleria. The set takes place on a new plane, where the Eldrazi were once successful, but never finished their meal. On what remains of this wasteland, the populace argues over whether to stay and attempt to restore the land, or leave and take their chances against the blind eternities. Thanks to the fact this plane is partly destroyed, Planeswalkers find themselves planeswalking here by accident fairly often, because of this and those who want to leave the plane, Planeswalkers are revered as rulers of the land.

Returning mechanics include: Adventure, Rebound, and awaken.
New mechanics: Stabilize, Rebuild, and Loyal (as shown off in this post)


  • this'll be interesting
  • Some of the color archertypes, specifically the enemy color pairs.
    Blue/red- Instants and sorceries, using stabilize.
    Green/blue- Card draw payoffs.
    Red/white- Benefits for casting spells from exile
    Green/black- Graveyard with a land subtheme.
    White/black- Lifegain with vampire tribal.
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